The language of schoolgirl spanking stories 5

In schoolgirl spanking stories the schoolgirl is the star. Everything centres on her sensations and perceptions. We get told what she feels and thinks, and what drives the story and makes it sexy is what she experiences and what she thinks about it, especially her decisions about when to obey and when to be defiant. 

Mirror with cellphone

Mirror with cell with selfie

For example, I haven’t described Cindy at all – who describes themselves in their own thoughts? – but I’ve mentioned that she feels good about her breasts, and I’ll probably mention that she doesn’t feel too insecure about her stomach. But that’s all you’re going to get, unless she finds herself staring at a mirror.

Anyway, there are a couple of other language oddities I could talk about. Like the occasional swerves into the style of 1930s school stories (“Cave!”, cried Miranda, “it’s the beak!”). I’ve avoided that. I might be a traditionalist about this’n’that, but that’s a step too far.

Anyway, so that’s the language of the schoolgirl spanking stories. Tomorrow I’m going to face up to that awkward issue: schoolgirl spanking stories and, oh yes, sexual politics.

The language of schoolgirl spanking stories 4

Another reason that I stay with a male point of view, most of the time, is that most of the women I write about are real people – with the usual changes to protect identities. Most of the incidents I write about really happened. Some of those women read this blog. Some others may later. It feels disrespectful to act as their ventriloquist.

I can say what they did and what they said, but presuming to write their interior monologue, from inside their heads, feels like using them as my sockpuppets

yesssAlso, the truth is that sometimes in bdsm a submissive woman’s thoughts are something like, “oh Jaime, oh I love you, oh harder oh yes that’s good,” and so on.

I know that, and I think I can say it without being too much of a dickhead, because I’ve talked about it, and because my own interior monologue is pretty similar during good bdsm sex.

Though I’m thinking that sort of thing about the woman, not about me. If you don’t think your partner is at least a bit wonderful, why are you having sex with them?

But I don’t want to write a lot of stream-of-consciousness in which women think to themselves what a great dom and what a god-like fuck I am. It would feel kind of awkward to write, and just a bit embarrassing to read.

So there we are. I nearly always write male point of view. Now, schoolgirl spanking stories, on the other hand …

The language of schoolgirl spanking stories 3

Schoolgirl spanking stories are written almost exclusively from the female point of view. In a sense, the character who is most objectified, who does sexual things convenient to the plot but has no thoughts or inner life, is the sexy headmaster

All of the doubts, desires, fears and joys are assigned to the schoolgirl. That’s just how schoolgirl spanking stories are written. 

Me, I write mostly from a male Dom point of view. I use that perspective to try to tell the truth about the way domming works. That includes writing about some of the self-doubts, the fuck-ups and the bluffing involved. As well as how fantastic it feels when everything’s working.

I think we know, pretty closely, what both of those people are experiencing

We know, pretty closely, what both of those people are experiencing

That’s a conscious choice. It’s not just “write what you know”. I think most doms and subs actually have a pretty good idea about their partner’s pleasures and how they work. A submissive knows what’s going to make his or her dom turned on, just as a dom knows how to reach his or her submissive. And we know from our own sensations how the complementary desires of our partner feel. We know each other pretty well, we doms and subs.

I think the main reason I stay with a male focus is that I haven’t seen much writing about domming, or male dominance, that even tries to be truthful about what’s happening in the dom’s head. 

The language of schoolgirl spanking stories 2

There’s also more coyness about the naming of parts in the schoolgirl spanking story. For example, I generally use the word “cunt” to mean female genitals, but schoolgirl spanking stories don’t.

I use the word with respect and admiration. I think it’s the correct English word, the only neutral word that’s not derogatory, at least in its derivation, nor a Latinate affectation, nor a euphemism. Or it should be. 

But I have to ignore the fact that a lot of people use the word as an insult.

paI wish they bloody well wouldn’t, because of the misogyny underlying that. Even when it’s used ironically and the speaker would say the misogyny is a dead meaning, it’s still there. You only have to change the tone of voice very slightly for the meaning to change from an affectionate “just between us” friendly insult  (“ah, ye silly old cunt”) to have it express hatred: “you cunt”, or “you fucking cunt”.

I feel okay about using the word to mean the female genitals because I never use it as an insult. I like the word’s plainness, the lack of coyness. It’s still the best word for conveying extreme sexual admiration and enthusiasm.

Though in practice it’s up to a woman how she refers to her own genitals. If she prefers “pussy”, then pussy it is.

If she’s submissive, I may make a project of teaching her to say cunt, and mean it proudly. But only if I’m certain that she trusts that I mean the word without any disapproval or hostility, and that I have nothing but adoration for every single aspect of her cunt. I’ve learned – by mildly fucking it up – that you have to tread pretty carefully. You can’t undo years of linguistic experience, most of it bad, with a wave of the domly hand.

Anyway, I’m a man who says “cunt” to mean female genitals, and never to mean “unpleasant person”. But in schoolgirl spanking stories, you don’t encounter the word very often. The strongest word you’re likely to see if “pussy”. If the schoolgirl experiences sexual stirrings, dampnesses and such, then they’re likely to happen “there”, or “down there”.

If she gets a cock, fingers or tongue in her cunt, the story will say he entered “her”. She takes “him” in “her”: pronouns standing in for genitals.

That’s the diction. The schoolgirl spanking story is set at “coy”. That doesn’t stop the stories being sexy. I wrote mine to be as hot as I could make it. But it strikes me as an odd way to talk about sex.

The language of schoolgirl spanking stories 1

I’ve been posting episodes of a schoolgirl spanking story. I’ll explain why I wrote it later.

But if you’ve been reading it, or you go back and read it, and you read other stuff I’ve written, you’ll see that they’re in completely different styles.

The schoolgirl spanking story is a genre in its own right, with various stylistic tics. It’s like the way magazines and newspapers put out style guides for their writers: if you’re going to write a schoolgirl spanking story, you may as well follow the style.

You could, for example, try to write a schoolgirl spanking story set in the real world, in which case there’d have to be a lot of emphasis on how the teacher expects to get away with the breach of trust, even assuming he or she isn’t breaking age of consent laws. There’d also be the moment when the student realized that the teacher has gone so far out on a limb, legally and career-wise, that the power rests with the student. All they have to do is blow the whistle, and the teacher is gone. But a story like that wouldn’t be a sexy story. Issues of personal damage, power and betrayal would come to the fore.

 So I’ve written a very traditional schoolgirl spanking story, full of things that could never happen in the real world. I’m a traditionalist about pleasures. Not politics so much, but pleasures for sure.

I'm not wearing any panties, you know. Oh, sorry, did you call me?

I’m not wearing any panties, you know. Oh, sorry, did you call me?

For example, your schoolgirl spanking story has a particular kind of diction. It’s slightly old-fashioned, and it’s more than slightly coy.

For example, schoolgirls always wear “panties” in schoolgirl stories, at least until they’re taken off. But in real life a lot of women dislike the word “panties”. They’d say it sounds like a word that a heavy breathing phone pervert might say.

There’s also the way the word is associated with little girls, and using it as a sexy word for something that adult women wear sounds somewhere between awkward and actually creepy.

Japan. It's always bloody Japan, isn't it?

Panties in Japan. It’s always bloody Japan with these things, isn’t it?

But then other women love the word panties. They have drawers full of frilly panties, backless panties, frontless panties, silk panties with ties, print panties, white cotton panties, and so on.

They could probably be happy spending a night just bouncing and saying the word over and over: “panties, panties, PANTIES, pan-TIES, panties,” etc.

(There’s a tune that goes with that.) I’ve always stopped them from spending a night that way, so I’ll never know for sure, but they seemed ready to go on indefinitely.

I use the word “knickers”, myself, if I’m talking to a woman and I think there’s a chance I’ll get to take them off if I don’t fuck it up. “Knickers” doesn’t trigger the “panties” ickiness. I think it’s a cool word, partly because it reminds me of “cami-knickers” and I think cami-knickers are stylish and sexy.

But in schoolgirl spanking stories, the female cast wears (or removes) panties, and that is that.That’s the word, and if you use a different one you’re not writing a schoolgirl spanking story.

There’s a lot more to be said about the language of schoolgirl spanking stories, but the next instalment will have to wait till tomorrow.

Schoolgirl spanking story 9

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Cindy sighed. It had to be. She undid the buttons of her shirt. She started from the top. The Headmaster tapped the table with his finger, and so Cindy removed the shirt, folded it and put in on the table. Then she reached for the catch of her skirt. 

 “No, girl. The bra next.” Cindy, red-faced, leaned forward and took off her bra. She was naked from the waist up. She was proud of her breasts. Boys were in awe of her breasts, but the Master had no comment. She put the bra on the table, on her shirt. 

schoolg stripsCindy reached again for the catch of her little skirt and undid it. It dropped to her feet before she could catch it, and she stood for a second, knowing she was entirely open to his silent gaze. Her panties, she guessed, were in the drawer of his desk.

She bent down to retrieve her skirt, knowing how she must look to him. Blushing furiously, she put the the skirt on his desk, and turned to face him.

“I said naked, girl. Are you deliberately disobeying me?”

“Oh, sir. Sorry, sir.”

Cindy bent and took off her shoes and socks, working as quickly as she could. She was very aware of him watching her. It was not a graceful position. 

 “Good girl. Well, fairly good. Now get yourself over my knee.”


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Schoolgirl spanking story 8

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The fourth smack landed, and Cindy guessed it was over. She’d gasped once, but she hadn’t bitten. When she had her breath back she took his finger between her lips, and suckled it, moving her lips up and down. He took his finger and thumb out of her mouth and held her face again. The fingers were wet with her saliva. 

“Do you know why I punished you, Cindy?”

Cindy shook her head. “I’m sorry, Sir. I’m trying to be a good girl.” 

“You said I was asking you to take your clothes off. There was no ‘asking’, little one. I was telling you. And it’s none of your business why I give you an order. Your job is just to do as you’re told. If I want your comments I’ll ask for them.” 

Cindy said, “sorry, Sir.” 

Then she frowned. She’d run out of reasons to delay. But if she didn’t delay, she’d have to strip for him. And she’d be naked over his knee. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHis look seemed to read her, again. He knew. “Do you remember what happened, after I’d strapped you, Cindy?” While you were over my desk.” 

Cindy blushed furiously. “You … you fucked me, Sir.” 

“That’s right. And do you think I looked at your pretty pussy before I took it?”  


“It’s a simple question, girl. Do you think I’ve already seen your bottom, and your pussy?” 

 “Ah. Ah, yes, you have, Sir.” 

“So you don’t have a lot of secrets to cover up. So strip this instant, Cindy. If there’s any more delay I’ll cane you.” 


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Schoolgirl spanking story 7

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Cindy obeyed, surprised. His thumb and forefinger entered her. She couldn’t help running her tongue along the underside of his thumb. To show him he was welcome to her mouth. At last he smiled. “That’s right, girl. Show me how nicely you can suck my fingers while I smack you. And if you bite…”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was a question. Cindy found it hard to speak while his finger occupied her mouth. She said, “Urb. If I bib you, you’b cane me?” 

“That’s right, girl. Twice a day. For a week.”

Cindy sighed. She wondered how that would be. On the fourth day, to bend over for him, her bottom already striped from the previous days’ caning.

Would he be merciful, or would he be excited by the state of her bottom when she lifted her skirt,  and cane her even harder?

She’d get his hard thing in her pussy afterwards, she knew that. Maybe she’d want him to cane her hard. It was so confusing. 

But he’d raised his other hand. He smacked her hand hard, giving her about twenty seconds after each smack, to let her absorb all of the sensation. And time to lick and suck at his thumb, in her mouth. She knew she was being shameless, and telling him how much she wanted him, and how much she wanted him to discipline her, even while she licked him. 


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Schoolgirl spanking story 6

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Cindy said, “you’re asking me, seriously, to strip naked? So you can spank my bottom?” 

Now that she’d said it, it did sound hot. 

hand againThis time the Master didn’t smile. “Hold out your other hand, Cindy.” 

Cindy hesitated. She wasn’t going to be spanked. Not without a fight. But she’d already held her hand out for him to smack her. 

It’d be silly to make a fuss, when it was only the other hand. And she could feel her pussy again, throbbing, wanting his touch. Even – or especially – if it hurt.

 He watched her, without commenting. He knew what she was thinking. She was sure of it. He knew that her pussy was wet, too. Shyly, knowing she was admitting too much about herself, she held out her hand. Palm upwards, so that he could smack her. 

The Master stood up. He lifted her hand a little, and nodded. But he didn’t smile. Or praise her. Cindy missed his approval. Its absence punished her much worse than the smacking she was about to get. Then, unexpectedly, he touched her face. Cindy felt unreasonably happy at the gentleness in his touch. He did like her. 

But his face was still stern. “Look into my eyes while I smack you, Cindy.” 

“Yes, Sir.” She thought he’d like to hear her say that. But her voice sounded odd to her. It was a breathless little squeak. 

“And open your mouth.” 


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Schoolgirl spanking story 5

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Finally, she remembered the attitude that had got her into so much trouble. So much delicious trouble. She stamped her foot. “You can’t spank me.”  

“Oh, you know that I can spank you, Cindy. And that I will.”


drop “Take your clothes off, Cindy.” 

She was shocked. “What?”

“I don’t spank school skirts. I spank naughty girls. On their skin. On your bare bottom, Cindy. When I’ve finished you’ll look like you’re wearing red lycra.” 

 “Take my skirt off?” 

“Everything, girl. You don’t have the right to wear clothes in this office again, until I tell you. Get naked, Cindy. Take off every stitch. Off! Now.” 


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