Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 34

Gizela, naked, her master’s handprints glowing on her bottom, and the imprint of her mistress’s palm a faint pink on her face, returned from the cupboard carrying the hairbrush in her open hands, palms up. In this place that was the way a hairbrush was carried by a woman or man who knew it was to be used, in a few moments, on their own buttocks and thighs.

She held her hands just under her breasts, drawing attention to their firm weight, and knowing that she looked perfectly desirable. She made some effort to look sad and repentant, but she was not convincing anyone in that room that she was that, certainly not herself. She said, “The hairbrush, my Mistress. I’m sorry I displeased you. Please don’t stop until you feel I’ve learned my lesson.”

Was that mockery? Yvain wondered. She decided it wasn’t, exactly. Gizela was merely begging for her spanking to be laid on long and hard. Yvain held out her arm imperiously, and Gizela put the brush into her hand. It was wooden, finely polished, and the back, which Yvain was sure was used more often than the bristly side, was hard. The brush would cover about half of one of Gizela’s buttocks.

Yvain knew she could make the entire surface of Gizela’s deep-clefted bottom a brighter red with just four spanks. Would that be a good start? Yes, she decided, it would.

Gizela stepped back, straightened her back, her legs a little apart, and put her hands behind her neck. Yvain smiled at her. She enjoyed the provoking woman’s play-acting, and her sheer courage.

If the Seigneur held the hairbrush in his hand and looked at her, Yvain was certain she’d try to show him she was sorry,

She’d want reduce the severity of her punishment. That would never occur to Gizela. 

She said, “Gizela, girl, you will not again … ” She glanced at the Seigneur. She didn’t want to tell him that Gizela had pulled out a hair from beside her anus. She was his, but somehow that seemed a little too personal.”You will not touch me disrespectfully again.” 

“I’m sorry, Mistress. And I swear I will not. Please pun -“

“Silence!” Yvain pointed at the chair against the room’s stone wall. “Bring that chair to about, oh, two feet from the bed. Place it sideways, so that you, over my lap, will have your face to the bed.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Gizela obeyed.

Yvain turned to her Seigneur. “With your permission, my Seigneur, I would like you to enjoy Gizela’s punishment as much as I will enjoy teaching her better manners.”

The Seigneur was still smiling, and now the smile reached his eyes. “And how will you achieve that, my little piglet?”

“If you sit on the edge of the bed, with your knees well apart, I think Gizela can be persuaded to give you pleasure, even as I give her pain.”

The Seigneur leaned over and kissed her. He murmurred, “Clever little piglet,” and placed himself as she suggested, his cock high.

Yvain rose then, hair brush in her hand, and took her place on the chair. She glanced up at Gizela. “Over my knee, slut.”

Gizela scrambled to obey. Yvain enjoyed the weight of the woman’s soft body on hers, and the view of her slender back, her red and chubby bottom and her soft and sweet thighs. She sighed with pleasure, and then delivered four hard spanks, with all her strength, covering the entire surface of Gizela’s bottom.

By the third stroke Gizela had cried out, surprised to feel real pain. Yvain said, “Good. Now we know where we are, you and I, Gizela.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Gizela sounded breathless. “I certainly do.”

“What do you see, Gizela?”

“I see Master’s beautiful cock, Mistress.” 

“Where is your mouth to be while I beat you, little slut?” 

“Oh.” Gizela raised her body a little, and pressed her head between the Seigneur’s thighs.

He took a handful of her hair then, and placed her mouth onto his cock. He breathed once in pleasure, then held Gizela’s head firmly in place. He looked at Yvain, and nodded.

Yvain raised the brush.

Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 33

Yvain lay face-down on the Seigneur’s bed, his weight half on her back. They’d just fucked for the third time that day, and this time he’d taken her from behind. They’d started  in doggy fashion but subsided to prone as Yvain slowly sank under his battering weight. 

She could feel his cock softening inside her, slowly contracting but not yet withdrawn. His breathing was soft and slow. He would fall asleep soon. Yvain decided to tae Gizela’s advice. She said, “I love you, my Seigneur.” 

“Wha – ? Oh.” he was startled into wakefulness. He said, “I love you too, little piglet. My slave.” 

“Do you love Gizela too?”

Now he sounded wary. “Of course I do. But in a very different way from the love I have for you. She is a sweet girl.” 

Gizela, sitting naked on the bed beside them, said, “Thank you, Master. I do believe I love you both.”

The Master rolled his body off Yvain’s back and smacked her bottom, hard. “But you are my partner, little Yvain. That is a very different thing. But,” he frowned, “you are up to something. Why did you ask if I loved Gizela?” He leaned over and kissed Gizela’s left breast. Gizela looked hard into Yvain’s eyes.

“Because, my Master and my love, you’ve put me in charge of Gizela, and that includes keeping her disciplined. She has already been insolent with me in a way that I feel I cannot deal with just with my hand. I would cane her for it, if I had your permission.”

She saw him frown, and she spoke quickly. “No, my Master, I am not asking for permission to use the cane. That must be exclusively left for you, to deal with either of us, or both of us.”

“That is wise. You would not get that permission. But if you had asked for that, you would feel the cane yourself.”

“I know, my love, and I would know you were right, now matter how hard and how long you applied it. Not that my opinion has any bearing.”

Now he smiled. “Good save.”

“But, my love, I don’t want to have to send her to you every time she needs more than a hand spanking. I am seeking your consent, my Master, my Seigneur and my love, to use a hairbrush on her bottom, when she deserves more serious discipline. From me.” 

“Hmm. I suppose you think she deserves the hairbrush right now?”

“Yes, mt Seigneur. She was … insolent when she was preparing me for you. I would like to deal with that.” 

The Seigneur nodded. “And you, Gizela, I don’t have to ask you if you’d like that?” 

Gizela leaned down to kiss her Master’s penis. Then, because it was coated in the fluids of her Mistress’s cunt, she licked it. The Seigneur allowed Gizela to tongue-bathe him, watching Yvain watch them both. Then Gizela sat up again. “You know I would, Master.” 

The Seigneur was still watching Yvain. She waited for his word, wondering why she felt a little frightened. 

At last he said, “Very well. You will show me that you can use a hairbrush to good effect. If you do, then I may allow you to continue to resort to the hairbrush when you feel it’s called for. If you do not satisfy me that you can use the implement well, then I will call the Beldam in to flog you both severely.” He smiled. “For plotting behind my back, among other things.” 

“Thank you, my Seigneur.” Yvain also leaned forward and down to kiss her Seigneur’s cock, When she licked him he was still soft but she felt, as if it came from a long way away,  some sign of renewed life. When she rose, smiling, she looked at Gizela.

She astonished the woman by slapping her, though lightly, across the face. Gizela’s mouth dropped open, her eyes wide. “Gizela, little slut, fetch me the hairbrush.”

Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 32

The Seigneur held himself still, though his body shook, above Yvain, held in her arms and between her thighs, his cock just touching the soft, wet lips of her cunt. He said, “There’s a thing, a hymen, a little piece of skin that protects your entrance, little one, until I take you. When I push through it it may sting for a moment, but it never lasts long.”

Yvain smiled. “Oh that. You don’t have to worry. The bishop took that long ago.”

She wanted to laugh at his disconcerted expression, solemn and important though this moment was. He said, “Oh? You said you were a virgin?”

“A chess bishop, my master. My father had a large, wooden chess set. I, ah, used the bishop a few times, till I found better toys.”

“Girl.” But he smiled. “I should just whip you continuously, shouldn’t I?”

“That may be wise.”

“Hah. Anyway, my love, hold me tight, and you can’t go wrong.”

Yvain complied, and felt his cock press just a little harder against her cunt. She stared up at him, watching his eyes. He seemed intent on what his body was doing, barely seeing her. She felt his cock move forward, enter and part her lips, until the head of his cock was inside her. She felt it as an intense sweetness, a vein of golden, sugared, pleasure. She said, “Oh! Oh, my Master. That’s so …”

But she had no words. Nor had he. She focussed on the sensations from her cunt, hard engorged cock moving easily but slowly, held in her slippery, longing cunt. Every millimetres of progress was a revelation. She’d enjoyed serving him with her mouth, and being fucked anally, but she knew now why he had left this till last.

She made a loving, pleasured moan, and he gasped in answer. Neither spoke in words, as he s=took her, with excruciating slowness.

At last their pubic bones pressed together, his covered in tight-curled hair and her bare and sensitive, and she felt herself utterly, completely filled. She was more aware of his cock, pulsing and alive inside her, than she’d ever been aware of anything in her life. She felt her eyes tearing up, and smiled up at him. He lowered his head and and kissed her. She put her hand on the back of his neck and kissed him back, opening her mouth, wanting to be explored.

At last, after a long, long moment, she felt him move, still very slowly, withdrawing, skin sliding back along sensitive skin. That skin contact and movement was so wonderful, but she hoped he wouldn’t withdraw far, or for long. At last he paused with only part of the head of his cock still in her, and he smiled, watching the tears and the need that must show on her face. He smiled, and held still. He was still in his power, and cruel with it. He could read her face, her need, and he grinned.

At last Yvain couldn’t help herself. “My Seigneur. Master. Please …”

But he held himself still, tormenting her. Then at last he pressed forward again, a little faster than the first time, until their pubic bones were tight together again, and Yvain felt little but her own cunt and its occupier. There was a bed, and a room, but these things were not important. Yvain sighed. “Ahhh…”

He stayed, letting her savour the fulness and thickness of him, the sensation of being filled. But this time he stayed for a shorter time, and then withdrew slowly but not quite so slow. When he was only just inside her he paused again, and smiled down at her. “I hope this feels better than the bishop.”

She had no answer for that except to hold him tight, her thighs raised and clasped round his waist. She rested her feet on his bottom and he made a growling noise, and began to move, still slowly but without stopping. This is the thing, Yvain thought: we are fucking.

She felt him speeding up. They moved together, her body answering and meeting his. Something seemed to be forming in her stomach and at the base of her spine. Something huge and sweet. She opened her eyes wide, and hoping to please him she said, “Master, may I – “

But then those forces inside her combined and took her over, like the huge waves she’d swum in when her father taken taken her to see the ocean. She lost the power of speech and roared, like a lioness, surprised by how guttural and ungirlish she sounded.

He said only, “Good girl.” He reached under her to hold her buttocks and let her take his full weight while he began thrusting into her, hard and fast. She was still glowing from that first climax when she felt the same forces build in her again, and she cried out a second time, this time in a high squeal, like a tortured cat.

He ignored that and continued to thrust hard and fast in her, merciless and intent, so she felt like he was plundering her. Then, suddenly his breathing stopped and his back arched, and then he pushed into her, his body pressed tight, and he released that breath in a series of bear-like grunts and growls.

She felt his seed splash inside her. That was not a sexual feeling, exactly, but it moved her. She felt herself crying like a child, her face screwed yup, her eyes streaming. He watched her cry, his face slowly changing from the pleasured mask of his orgasm to show concern. “Are you all right, little piglet? I haven’t hurt you?”

Yvain reached up and stroked his face. “I don’t know why I’m crying. But it’s nothing bad. I love you.” Then she smiled. “If a slave may be so bold.”

He said nothing, but kissed her mouth again. A moment later, surprising her because she’d forgotten the girl existed, Gizela kissed her forehead.


Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 31

Yvain lay back and allowed Gizela to strip her cunt and its surrounding skin of all traces of hair, taking from her all concealment.

It was not quite a sensual experience. A razor could never be a sensual thing for her. But it was exciting, and she admired the sheer nakedness of her sexual parts as Gizela towelled away the soap she’d used to de-nude her mistress. Then, without asking permission, she kissed her mistress’s smooth and sensitive cunt.

“Come along, Mistress. I know Master – I should say, your Seigneur, wants to fuck you. So do I, but I’ll have to make do with whatever crumbs you might throw me.”

Gizela took her hand and led her, both young women naked, back into the bedroom. 

Matteo turned when he heard them. He was naked, and his cock was hard and pointing at her. Yvain stepped forward and made to sink to her knees, but he stopped her with a hand under her arm. “No, little piglet. Onto the bed. On your tummy first, I think. Gizela, you’ll stand by the bed, ready to serve us if we need you.”

Yvain and Gizela uttered their respective formulas of respectful obedience (“Yes, Master” and “Yes, my Seigneur”) and placed themselves as instructed.

Her head on a pillow, Yvain felt rather than saw her Seigneur climbing onto the bed, and his hands part her thighs, more gently than she expected. Then she felt his knees between hers, and his hands separating her buttocks. He smacked her, twice, then stroked her cunt, getting his fingers wet.

She heard him grunt with satisfaction. then his fingers stroked her, two fingers running along the outside of her lips. She sighed.

The Seigneur said, “Just this one time, little piglet, you’re free to come whenever you wish and feel the need. After this, you will only come if you bed my permission and I give it. But your first time you shouldn’t have to remember anything except what your body and your heart feel. Understood?”

“Ys, my Seigneur. It’s as it should be.”

“Good girl.” Yvain heard that praise and felt herself blushing. His praise had become one of her greatest rewards. He began to spank her lightly, stopping every twenty of so strokes to stroke her cunt some more, setting her rocking and undulating under him.

She felt him lower his body onto her then, so his chest was on her back, his thighs strong and hard between hers, and his cock, prodding at her entrance. She could feel him shaking slightly, with excitement she hoped, and with the exertion of controlling himself.

“You’d like me to be in you now, little piglet?”

“Yes, Master!” She tried to remember if she’d ever addressed him that way before. Perhaps not.

He seemed not to notice. He said, “”I want you so much, little one. But I know that this first time I really want to watch for face as I take you.” He raised his body, and smacked her left buttock hard. “So roll over, my love.”

Love? That was another first. She would never dare address him that way without permission, but she knew that if she did it would be true. She rolled over and smiled up at her Seigneur. She reached for his penis. Smiling, he let her take him in her hand, and grip firmly, then stroke lightly.

He took her hand away though, and put his knees again between hers. 

Then he leaned down to kiss her, for the time being arching his back so his cock did not touch her body. Yvain pressed her mouth to kiss, then opened so he could explore her with his tinge. At last he raised his head to look down at her. She said, “You called me love. My cruel Seigneur, I love you too.” 

His smile broadened. He reached down to pinch her left nipple tili it hurt, and the hurt showed in her face. She did not beg. She felt the hurt in her cunt, not as hurt. He lowered his head again, to sieze and bite her right nipple. Yvain sighed. This, she suspected,   could never be punishment no matter how hard he went. 

He lowered his body, and she opened her thighs, raising her knees, as wanton and wanting as she could make herself. 

Sorry. A short episode today. Yvain and her dark lord will consummate next week. Bear with me.

Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 30

Yvain lay in her stomach, her body pink and warm from the bath, while Gizela lightly towelled and talced her. She sighed. “Gizela, you like being a slave, don’t you?”

“Of course, mistress. It suits me very well. It lets me do, and feel, what my heart and my cunt want. Do you, mistress?”

“Oh!” Yvain was surprised. “Yes, I suppose I am his slavegirl, too.”

“I don’t think the Seigneur would apply the word to you, but you know you’re his slave, among the other things you are to him.”

“Yes, I know. It’s odd that you get the title, and I don’t.”

“I’m sorry, mistress.” Gizela sprinkled talcum powder on Yvain’s lower buttocks, and began to spread it, slowly, sensuously. 

Yvain sighed; Gizela knew exactly what felt good. “No, Gizela, that wasn’t a complaint. I just don’t understand how these things work: titles. I suppose you are my slave as well, aren’t you?”

“Of course I am, mistress! Though we’ve never actually said it, have we? Your Seigneur, my Master, takes precedence, but I’m also your property. You can do what you will with me. Tell me to do anything, and I will.” The talcum powder fell like snow on her inner thighs, and Gizela began to massage her more intimately.

“Do you like being my slave, Gizela?”

“Ah. You’re a very sweet and good woman, so I enjoy being with you. And you make my cunt sing. Especially when you spank me and make me lick you.”

Yvain suddenly felt a sharp pain, near her no-long virginal anus. She yelped. Gizela had pulled a hair out.

“Sorry, mistress, but that hair; it was in a wrong place. I’m sure Master would prefer that it was gone.”

“You didn’t ask my permission, Gizela. Or give me warning.” The unexpected pain had shocked and angered her, a little. “I will punish you. And Gizela, I’ll use my hand, but you deserve the cane for that.”

“Of course I do, mistress. I would love you to cane me. But the master will never let you. He’d see it as making you step too far outside your submissive nature.” Gizela bent down and kiss the back of Yvain’s left thigh, then touched the skin with her tongue. “If I might make a suggestion… ?”


“When he’s fucked you, and fucked you again, tonight, and he’s lying soft and tired, ask him for permission to use the hairbrush or the slipper to punish me when I deserve it.”

“Those are implements for the nursery. Not serious punishment, Gizela.”

“Mistress, you will learn one day why we slaves fear the hairbrush. It doesn’t seem like much, when you have one in your hand, but when it lands on your bottom, darling mistress, you will squeal. And if the Seigneur is angry with you, you will blister.”

“Oh.” Yvain’s eyes were wide.

“And Mistress, to be honest with you, there are times when I’m about to be punished but I’m feeling delicate, when I’d rather get the cane than the slipper. The slipper hurts. If you want access to something that will genuinely make me sad and sorry, and desperate to avoid a second dose, those are the implements to use.”

“Oh. I suppose I have them in my future, soon enough. So I’ll learn if what you say is true.”

“It’s true, my darling mistress. Believe me.” Gizela had finished with her inner thighs, having carefully avoided touching her cunt. “Could you … turn over, please, my mistress? Master will want your cunt bare before he takes you.”

Yvain turned onto her side, to face her slave. “You’re going to trim me?”

“No, mistress. I’m to shave you. So there’s nothing between his cock and you.”

Yvan felt those words. The thought was like a sexual punch, a hard knot of lust at the lowest part of her belly. She rolled further, so she was on her back.  

Gizela disappeared into the bathroom for a moment. She returned with a soapy dish and a fearsome-looking razor. Gizela saw the mild fear in Yvain’s eyes, and said, “It’s all right, my mistress. I’ve done this many times before. I can guarantee I won’t hurt you.”

Yvain smiled at that, and spread her thighs so Gizela could do her work. “If you slip, girl, I will ask the Master to cane you severely. And then for his permission to slipper you on top of your stripes. So have a care.”

“I’m not feeling delicate at the moment, so that sounds quite enticing.” Yvain closed her thighs. “But, mistress, I wouldn’t hurt you, let alone cut you, for ll the world.”

Yvain, feeling she was being brave, opened her thighs again. “Then do your worst.”