The language of schoolgirl spanking stories 2

There’s also more coyness about the naming of parts in the schoolgirl spanking story. For example, I generally use the word “cunt” to mean female genitals, but schoolgirl spanking stories don’t.

I use the word with respect and admiration. I think it’s the correct English word, the only neutral word that’s not derogatory, at least in its derivation, nor a Latinate affectation, nor a euphemism. Or it should be. 

But I have to ignore the fact that a lot of people use the word as an insult.

paI wish they bloody well wouldn’t, because of the misogyny underlying that. Even when it’s used ironically and the speaker would say the misogyny is a dead meaning, it’s still there. You only have to change the tone of voice very slightly for the meaning to change from an affectionate “just between us” friendly insult  (“ah, ye silly old cunt”) to have it express hatred: “you cunt”, or “you fucking cunt”.

I feel okay about using the word to mean the female genitals because I never use it as an insult. I like the word’s plainness, the lack of coyness. It’s still the best word for conveying extreme sexual admiration and enthusiasm.

Though in practice it’s up to a woman how she refers to her own genitals. If she prefers “pussy”, then pussy it is.

If she’s submissive, I may make a project of teaching her to say cunt, and mean it proudly. But only if I’m certain that she trusts that I mean the word without any disapproval or hostility, and that I have nothing but adoration for every single aspect of her cunt. I’ve learned – by mildly fucking it up – that you have to tread pretty carefully. You can’t undo years of linguistic experience, most of it bad, with a wave of the domly hand.

Anyway, I’m a man who says “cunt” to mean female genitals, and never to mean “unpleasant person”. But in schoolgirl spanking stories, you don’t encounter the word very often. The strongest word you’re likely to see if “pussy”. If the schoolgirl experiences sexual stirrings, dampnesses and such, then they’re likely to happen “there”, or “down there”.

If she gets a cock, fingers or tongue in her cunt, the story will say he entered “her”. She takes “him” in “her”: pronouns standing in for genitals.

That’s the diction. The schoolgirl spanking story is set at “coy”. That doesn’t stop the stories being sexy. I wrote mine to be as hot as I could make it. But it strikes me as an odd way to talk about sex.

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