Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 32

Yua and Asuka turned to face each other. It was Asuka who put her arms round Yua, surprising Seamus, who’d expected Yua to be first to take advantage of their intimate position. 

He said, “Yua, put your thigh between Asuka’s; Asuka, let her. Good girls.” After a little graceful shuffling, the girls were pressed close, pussy to pussy, breasts pressing, holding each other tight.

Yua kissed her friend.  

Seamus waited for the first press of pussy against pussy, the first swing of hips. Asuka’s bottom arched back, in response to Yua’s slow thrust. Seamus swung the cane and stung his girl, just a little. When Asuka moved back at her friend, impelled a little by the new sting in her rear, and Yua retreated, he caned Yua, again lightly.

The girls fucked, standing, eyes wide, mouths open and exploring, with Seamus’s cane helping to choreograph and set the timing for them. They were beautiful together, and Seamus kept the pressure on till their bottoms were well, though lightly and pinkly, striped. 

Eventually, as he knew had to happen, Asuka lost concentration, at least concentration on matters like standing up, and she sank to her knees. Yua followed her down, pushing Asuka onto her back on the atami living room floor.

Yua knelt between Asuka’s thighs, her hands under Asuka’s buttocks, licking her intently while Asuka shook her head desperately, and muttered soft, high-pitched nonsense syllables.

Seamus gave Yua two harder strokes across her bottom, for reasons he could not have explained, but it helped increase Yua’s dedication to her task. Until Seamus knelt behind her, and entered her sweetly wet pussy. Yua raised her head for a second to squeal happily, and then returned to her task.

His hands gripping Yua’s hips with all his force, so he controlled her movements, he fucked the girl, slowly, savouring each movement. Seamus watched Asuka’s face as Yua industriously pleasured her.

He’d hoped to have eye contact with his love while he fucked her friend, but Asuka’s eyes were shut tight and she was lost, breathing in hard through her nose and mumbling sweetly with her out-breaths. Eventually Asuka reached up and put her hands on Yua’s shoulders, then reached under to hold her breasts. Yua yelped, happy, and Asuka squeezed, trying – not very successfully – to be cruel.  

But even the effort hit Yua, and in response she she thrust back at Seamus, needing all of his cock in her. Suddenly their fuck became hard and intense, and he had to hold Yua tight to keep her from bucking him out of her.

He smacked her with his hand and she growled, nose still deep pressed in Asuka’s cunt. Seamus wanted to slow down, prolong this, but Asuka suddenly opened her eyes and cried out. He hadn’t expected her to be the first to come, or to come so fast. She looked up and saw Seamus then, his face over Yua’s back, and smiled at him, still coming. 

Seamus didn’t smile. He was too focussed. Yua said, “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Sensei!” He felt the flutter of her cunt contracting and releasing on his cock, and he pumped her in earnest, without holding back. They came more or less together, or at least in overlapping waves. “Oh, fuck me. Fuck me,” Yua said, though it seemed to him that it was a little late to suggest that. She slowly fell forward till she lay on her stomach, face on Asuka’s midriff, Seamus still hard in her.

Asuka smiled up at both of them, obviously still a little dazed. She put one hand on Yua’s mouth, and the other on Seamus’s. He saw Yua bite his girl. He kissed the hand at his mouth.

Sinful Sunday: Stand and deliver

So I said, “I want to you stand there and think about what you’ve done. I’ll be back to deal with you.”

What she’d done, as far as I was concerned, was be too ridiculously cute not to spank firmly before boarding. But from her point of view, well, she had been late to work, for the third day in a row, and that was bad.

Though it was largely my fault. I found it possible to order her to get up and shower and get dressed, but actually kicking her out of bed was more than her Master had had the will-power to do.

So she was standing obediently and waiting, but I expect she knew that this wasn’t going to be one of the world’s most successful disciplinary interventions. Instead it was going to get us both back in bed in no time flat, once I’d re-entered the room. 

Ah, the Master/slave dynamic. It can be a terribly, terribly, tough life.

Sinful Sunday: Bound to be Good

Arethusa tied to the table, her bottom stripy and very warm to my touch. It feels hot to her too, in both obvious senses of the word.

Usually we’d fuck very soon – seconds – after I’d put the cane down, but this time I left time for her to savour the afterglow while still tied down. And the expectation of sex, also still bound over that table.

 It took Arethusa far too long to get her Master to fully understand just how much she liked being bound. By which I mean I was shamefully slow to realise it.




In the Realm of the Sensei 31

Yua, despatched to fetch the cane, got out of bed with every appearance of sulkiness. Seamus doubted it was real; Yua was a play-acting girl. So was Asuka, he reflected, when she was under Yua’s influence. Asuka was by nature a good girl, who liked to please her master. Yua was a girl who liked to be tamed, over and over, into pleasing her master. Thenˆshe liked pleasing her master. 

Yua wiggled her ass rebelliously and enticingly as her feet hit the floor and she crossed to the wardrobe. She said, “I let you lick my pussy, sensei. Isn’t that worth something?”

It crossed Seamus’s mind to point out that she was in no position to grant, or withhold, her pussy, at least in relation to him. But he knew that she knew that. When she thought a caning was coming, she tended to misbehave in ways calculated to make it longer and harder. She’d only start to show remorse when she suspected that it was coming to a point where it wouldn’t be fun. 

Not so long ago he’d given her two dozen hard strokes, and she’d taken them mostly dry of eye and wet of pussy. He knew he didn’t really have the heart to prolong or intensify a punishment enough to cause her genuine anguish. Well, he probably didn’t. He’d have to wait and see, and so would she. 

Yua turned from the wardrobe, holding that crook-handled length of flexible rattan. She said, “Cruel sensei. How do you want me?”

Seamus said, “Just stand, feet wide apart, facing away from me, beside the bed.” 

Yua frowned. That was curious, but not scary. She obeyed. “Do I put my hands on my hand, sensei?” 

“Of course.” Seamus reached over now, to give the fascinated Asuka a ringing smack on her ass. He said, “Asuka, get out of bed now, and join your naughty friend. Same pose, except that you’re facing me.”

Asuka scrambled up and stood in front of Yua. “Hai, sensei!” She backed closer. “Bottoms touching, sensei?”

“Yes, little one. Like sexy bookends.” 

“Hai, sensei.” Asuka made a pelvic thrust, to bounce Yua’s bottom with her own. Then they stood together, back to back, their asses and shoulders pressing against the other.

Seamus decided this was the prettiest and sexiest sight he had ever seen, and he took several pictures with his camera. Then he put the camera down, kissed each girl in turn, and then slipped the cane between their thighs. He lifted the ends of the cane, turning it, and it pressed against and slid between Yua’s pussylips, and then Asuka’s. 

He lifted the ends of the cane higher, drawing it tight, so each girl was touched and stimulated from perineum to clitoris. Asuka said, “Oh! Oh, sensei!” Yua said nothing, but she started to move her hips, sometimes pressed against the cane, sometimes against Asuka’s bottom. After a moment, Asuka did the same.

There was no sound, except for two beautiful girls breathing hard. Asuka made a little high-pitched noise after a time, and Yua followed suit. It was hard work, Seamus found, holding the cane so tightly bent, pleasuring his two girls. But rewarding. He thought the two of them, sexually entranced, were now even sexier and more beautiful. But he couldn’t pleasure them with the cane and take a photo. He’d just have to remember.  

It was Asuka who first made the sound that told him that she was getting ready to come. Then Yua moaned in answer. Seamus whipped the cane away, and said, “Right, both of you. Turn around and face each other.” 


Sinful Sunday: Burning Man (guest edit)

This one’s me for a change, running naked round a fire. The original pic is my Twitter avatar. This version has been tormented by the person who took that photo. Very Burning Man! 

If passengers will turn to the left (and you should; America, we’re counting on you! Dump Trump’s Rump!), you’ll see a thumbnail of the original pic. 



Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei

In the morning Seamus was awoken by Asuka’s mouth on his cock. He relaxed, letting his arousal build slowly, his cock slowly engorge while his girl pleasured him. And Yua came up, brushing his chest with her nipples. Then she kissed him, and Seamus brought his hand down on her neck, holding her to him while he thrust slowly, almost lazily, into Asuka’s mouth.

Yua kissed him again then raised her head and looked down at him. “Fix me?” Seamus frowned, not understanding her. Yua said, “Your cock is busy. But…” She kissed him again. Then she raised herself onto her knees, and planted her perfect little pussy onto his mouth, vertical lips to horizontal lips.

Seamus smiled, and Yua felt it, squirming wetly against him. So he reached up and held her butt still while he tongued her. Yua began to make a noise, low in her throat, two notes, over and over, “Ooo-ah-ooo-ah-ooo-ah…” It reminded him of a cat purring, and he reached his fingers between her buttocks and pressed one finger, then two, into her little asshole. Her song raised in pitch, and her pussy pressed down on his mouth, pushing into him, and moving faster. 

As Asuka sucked him harder, ruthlessly taking and tasting his cock, he felt himself needing her and he thrust up into her harder, no longer holding back, fucking the girl’s mouth and throat. He wasn’t concerned for her comfort. He knew that Asuka wasn’t. But Yua arched her back, knees on his shoulders, pussy on his face, and wailed, and he pressed his fingers further into her asss, until she stopped suddenly, her body utterly tense, and she cried out, something both happy and lost, joyous and forlorn.

That was too much for him. He hammered thrusts into Asuka’s mouth, for another intense and tumultuous minute until he came, copiously into her mouth. Asuka sounded like a girl whose pet has performed a very clever trick at last, and she sucked and swallowed him.

Eventually, as far as he knew, she had taken it all. Slowly they relaxed. Yua fell sideways off him, then returned to hug him, lying beside him, and Asuka kissed his cock goodbye, and came up to jin him, facing Yua from the other side. He kissed them, each in turn, and said, “Asuka, you haven’t come yet.”

“I’m very happy, sensei. I don’t care. I think I felt your orgasm. That was … like it was mine.”

Seamus considered that. “That’s a nice thing to say, little seidorel. But I should probably beat you for lying. You need to come now.”

Asuka tried to look unconcerned. “I just need your come. All the time.”

Seamus looked at Yua, clinging limpet like to his side. “We’re going to make her change her mind now. Aren’t we?”

Yua looked at him, then Asuka. Then she looked back at him. “Oh no, sensei. She’s a bad girl. No come for her.”

Seamus raised his brows. “This is the weirdest insurrection I’ve ever known. That I’ve ever heard of. But I think I can fix it.” He looked at the both of them, while they stared blankly back at him. “Fetch the cane …” He looked at Asuka, then Yua, trying to decide which girl needed subduing first. At last he said, “Yua.”