Masturbation Monday: Good things come to girls who brat

Philip had just announced that Jayavardini was about to be spanked. 

She nodded, almost impatiently. “Of course. And then we’re going to fuck, yes?”

“So it seems. I mean, utterly yes, I’m going to fuck you. And we’re not leaving Chetana out. Now, Chetana, I think you should lean back against the headboard now.” Chetana touched his cock, a fleeting, affectionate gesture like touching the nose of a bronze boar for luck, and obeyed. “Lovely. Comfortable girl, like a queen. But with your legs well apart, and your ass thrust forward a little… More. I said forward. Good girl.”

Chetana said to Jayavardhini, “Told you so.” She meant she’d said that Philip was bossy once he was sure that would be welcome. Jayavardhini wondered about Philip and his wife, what they’d been like together. She felt they’d been happy. She’d never even seen a picture of the woman. 

She leaned down and kissed the inside of Chetana’s right knee. Then wriggled to kiss the inside of her thigh. Chetana put her hand in her hair and stroked the back of her head. She kissed Chetana’s thigh, smooth, intimate skin, more passionately. And she was caught, as she expected, by Philip, stronger than so small a man should be, and pulled over his lap.

“The famous spanking position,” she said. And wiggled her ass at him. He rewarded her with a smack. At least six times harder than Chetana. About right. Jayavardhini felt an absurd sense of happiness as well as sex. “Didn’t hurt! You can’t spank for…” What was that thing the English said? “Toffee.”

Chetana laughed. “I don’t believe this. Give her one for me!”

Philip’s hand landed. The same intensity. He wasn’t going to go easy on her, or be provoked. The impact brought an explosion of heat in her buttocks, which she felt ripple down to her cunt as sex and need. She sighed.

Philip squeezed her ass. “Any comments?”

She decided she could take a lot of that. And being a brat suddenly appealed. It was a game she hadn’t played in a long time. Good things came to brats. “Hopeless. You’re sure you’ve spanked a girl before? That was feeble. Weakest I’ve ever had.”

Wicked Wednesday: Fuck this ladylike lady up the ass

Jennifer had asked for permission to ask me a personal question. I said, “All right, you can ask. You won’t necessarily get an answer, but you won’t get a spanking for it, either.”

“Sir? Maddie? Sir’s thing gets so big and hard when he punishes me. And when he makes me come, afterwards. But he doesn’t ask me to do anything for him. Though I’d like to. But Maddie… does sir make you please him, once I’ve gone?”

Maddie smiled. “Soon as you’ve gone, Jennifer darling. Sometimes the second after you’ve shut the door.”

“Can I please you the way Maddie does, sir?”

I placed her on her back on the couch, gently, lifted her legs and smacked her bottom. She yelped indignantly, so I smacked her again. She said, “That’s not fair! You said you wouldn’t spank me!”

“That was for one question. You asked a new question.”

She frowned, then nodded. “But?”

“No, Jennifer.”

“But… I’m eighteen! I’m allowed to choose whether or not I do sex things now. I’m legal. And I looked you up. You’re only seven years older than me.”

I nodded slowly, then smacked her bottom again. “You looked me up. To see if it was ok to have sex with me?”

“No, I just looked you up! Well, I suppose I was thinking about sex. It doesn’t feel right to me, that you give me pleasure, and I can’t do the same for you.”

“We’re not equals, Jennifer. I have to look out for you.”

“But why does that mean you can’t let me..?”

“When I punish you, little one, I do get very turned on. But I’d never punish you just for my pleasure. It’s always for your own good. That’d be true even if I didn’t enjoy it. And when I do. So, it’s the same before I let you please me. I’d have to be sure that it’d be good for you, and do you no harm.”

“But I want you, sir! I do know my own mind, and I know that! What if you’re harming me by…” She drew a breath, then blurted, “Not letting me suck your cock?”

 “You were warned about language, Jennifer. And you chose to ignore the warning. The next time you’re in this office, I’m going to spank you for that. Understood?”

“Please sir! I mean, yes of course I should be spanked for speaking like that. But I don’t know any other words! And you do so much for me, sir. How can I not want to please you?”

“You’re allowed to want me, Jennifer. In fact it makes me very happy. And you know that I want you. My cock points at you, whenever you’re in the room, and you know that.”

“You said cock! Is Maddie going to spank you for being rude? Or can I?”

“Did I say I’d spank you? I meant, strap you.” Her smile disappeared. “And I said we’re not equals. I can say what I like. It’s you that has to keep her speech ladylike.”

“Truth is, sir, I want you to fuck this lady, everywhere your cock wants me. I want you to fuck this ladylike lady up the ass. Please?”

Masturbation Monday: The Merry Widower

Philip said, “My love.” He held Chetana, and she put her arm round his back, just under his shoulders, her other hand touching his face. Jayavardhini slid forward, between the two of them, and kissed Chetana and then Philip.

Philip kissed Chetana a kind of temporary farewell, and turned to Jayavardhini.   “We’re going to meet a lot, Jayavardhini. I mean often. Probably in this bed.”

Jayavardhini looked at him. Something sad in his tone as he said that dismayed her. “Isn’t that a good thing?”

“I think it is, Jayavardhini, so long as you do. I meant, of course it is. I’m just saying to you… I’ve been mourning my wife, and I suppose I’ve had an idea that going with other women would disrespect her memory.”

Jayavardhini said, “That’s stupid!” Chetana smiled at her and nodded. 

Philip looked down. “I thought I was going to be a widower, probably the rest of my life.” Jayavardhini stroked his arm. “Then I fell in love with Chetana, though I never really thought that would have any sexual consequences.”

Chetana laughed. “I’m a consequence?’ So Philip had to whisper in her ear and make her laugh, then smack her bottom. Ah, thought Jayavardhini, who had never seen Chetana be deferential before. No wonder she can’t give a proper spanking, any more than I could. Just now, Chetana is in the same mindset as me. It was all very unexpected.

Philip turned his attention back to Jayavardhini.

“And then being in love with Chetana did have consequences. We became lovers. And… I know, or at least Chetana says –” Chetana pushed him – “All right, I know because Chetana says so, that you want me.”

Jayavardhini shook her head. “Why are all the half-way acceptable men so stupid? I kissed you, in the passage. I wouldn’t have thought you needed Chetana to tell you I want you.”

“I’m very out of practice. Though I was probably never very good at reading signals. I’m just trying to say I’m going to be unsure of my ground sometimes. So, yes, I want to fuck you as well. But I’m bad at saying this kind of thing. Until Chetana started educating me, I wouldn’t have said anything. So, I know that I want you too. I want to fuck you.”

Chetana clapped. Jayavardhini felt something givein her lower belly, a little ball of desire gathered just a little above her cunt. The words, ‘I want to fuck you’, are words of power. She said, feeling it was inadequate, “Well, good.”

Then he put his hand on her ass, which, because she was pleased the mood had lightened, and the things that needed to be said were said, she waggled for him.

Then he squeezed her ass, hard. She knew he was going to treat her very differently from Chetana, with her unexpected diffidence. He might still be shy, at this stage, but she could not doubt his enthusiasm.

“Also, I’m going to give you that second spanking you need so badly. I mean, that you need for moral and character-building reasons.” He was smiling again.

Sinful Sunday: But wait, there’s more

She waits, her ass still stinging. Master had spanked her hard, for letting his cock slip out of her mouth. It was a momentary loss of focus, but in some moods Master was merciless.

She stands, naked, exposed, waiting for the second round of punishment. She wonders if he is gazing at her, or ignoring her.

He hasn’t said what her punishment will be. She only knows that he will be severe. She will wear its marks for at least a week.Then he will fuck her throat, hard and fast, hands firmly holding the back of her head.

That’s not so bad, not the tawse or the cane or the birch, and not the throat-fucking afterwards. The waiting, though: that’s hard.




Introducing my Eroticon “History of BDSM Literature” talk

Come to my “A History if BDSM Literature” talk at Eroticon 2019 and you will learn many things!

Here are three:

  •  The earliest surviving bdsm literature pre-dates the book of Genesis!
  • “Pauline Reage/Anne Desclos had no bdsm experience when she wrote “Story of O” (and it shows)
  • Ginger Spice, back when she was Geri Halliwell, was the cover girl for the bdsm novel “A Man With a Maid 2”, wearing Victorian underwear and wielding a cane
  • CS “Aslan in Bondage” Lewis was into bdsm (and it shows)
  • Some people will write “there are three” when they really mean five!

I’m afraid I’m pretty extremely exhausted right now, so that will have to be my best  advertisement.

But in reality my talk with be incredibly enlightening, interesting, funny and occasionally wise!

See you there!


Wicked Wednesday: Quick recovery

Maddie returned and draped a blanket over her. “Thank you, Maddie. Thank you for everything, I think. And I hope I didn’t deafen you, with all that screaming while you were holding me down. I know I bawled my head off. Even I thought I was making such a racket.”

Maddie said, “You were fine, sweet little Jennifer. You’re new to discipline, and it is a shock when you start. Though even now I sometimes find myself making more noise than that.”

“Do you? Wow.”

I put my hand on Jennifer’s bottom and squeezed her. Just enough to make her yelp. “I’m afraid I thought the sounds you made were absolutely beautiful. So are your tears, little Jennifer. Like tiny jewels on your face.”

“You enjoy punishing me, sir, don’t you? I don’t mind; you can do that as much as you like, wherever, whenever, however you like. But your … thing: it’s always so hard and big when you’re warming my poor bottom. I know I shouldn’t say that either. But I like that it pleases you.”

“You please me very much. Even when I’m not making you cry, pretty girl.”

“Heh.” She wriggled in closer to my chest. “And you like making me come, I know. That was so cool, sir, what you did when you were punishing me. Getting me ready to come, then giving me more of the slipper. That’s why it was so easy to take.”

I kissed her, and we kept our heads close to each other. Jennifer pulled the blanker round to cover both of us. I said, “Having you turned on before I slipper you helps you to get through it. You still get the same smacks, but your mind, even your body, interpret them differently. Everything feels sexy.”

“Yep. Yep, Sir. Without that I’d have screamed blue murder and tried to run out of the room.”


“Oh! I would’ve been, wouldn’t I? But getting away would be all I’d be thinking about. Instead, oh, it hurt, sir.  You made me a very sorry girl, and I promise I’m never going to flash myself at anyone. Except you, of course.”

“Of course. You’ll do as you’re told, Jennifer.”

“Oh, I will, sir. But you can’t want to see me naked again anyway. You’ve seen everything I’ve got, now. Maybe that means no more spankings for me! Ever!”

I marvelled at Jennifer, who could recover so fast from a severe punishment, and then risk more by being cheeky. She’d stayed subdued for perhaps five minutes. I hugged her, tight.

But then she was serious again. “Sir? I’ve got a question. It’s a very personal question. Can I have permission to ask it?”

Masturbation Monday: Biting on a cardamon pod

Jayavardini and Chetana licked and rubbed and stroked and strained against each other and kissed and bit when they were in bed together. Occasionally Chetana fucked her with a strap-on, but Jayavardhini enjoyed that much more enthusiastically than Chetana did, so it didn’t happen often enough.

Chetana said, “Well, no… I haven’t actually spanked her.” As if she regretted the oversight.

Jayavardhini said, “So far!”

Philip said, “Well, it’s obviously long past time.”  

Chetana leaned forward and put her hand on Jayavardhini’s bottom, and stroked her, letting her fingers touch and tap lightly along the cleft of her buttocks. She shivered deliciously, waiting.  There was a pause.

Jayavardhini, lying across the bed, held down, her head resting on Philip’s thigh’s, imagined Chetana looking at Philip, and heard Philip make an affirmative noise.

It was unusual for Chetana to wait for approval.

Jayavardhini sighed comfortably when Chetana cupped her right buttock, squeezed it fondly, and then the hand lifted. Jayavardhini stopped herself from clenching.

Then Chetana’s hand landed, slapping her and rousing her skin. A few seconds later Chetana swatted her on the left cheek. Philip kissed her forehead, and she raised her head to look at him. He was still smiling, but less benevolently. She said, “This is your doing, you savage.”

Shetried to reach him to kiss him, but he still held her down, so Chetana could easily reach her bottom. But he leaned forward to make himself available and put his hand on the back of her head. She kissed him, open-mouthed. Chetana smacked her again, right, then left.

The impacts rang out in the wooden cabin, and Jayavardhini felt each as a sort of sensual explosion, like biting on a cardamom pod. She wished Chetana would make it harder.

Philip grunted, perhaps at something he’d thought, and his tongue touched her teeth, met hers, and they explored sensations and each other, shifting the kiss from time to time to try new angles.

Chetana smacked her again, her fingers lifted back so only her palm impacted on her bottom. There was something oddly hesitant about it. Jayavardhini would have expected Chetana to do anything full-heartedly. Still, it felt good, and she let Chetana urge her on, hand lightly smacking her ass while she kissed Philip, Chetana’s lover.

After a time Philip broke their kiss, released his pressure on the small of her back, and pulled her up level on the bed with the two of them.

Chetana pulled Philip and Jayavardhini to her and embraced them both. “My loves.”

BDSM pterodactyls

After my first post, back on 1 March 2012, a reader wrote:

“Considering you are one of the few who know what Raquel Welch’s film was called when she was wearing that furry bikini, maybe you would know where one can get one – I need it to complete my wardrobe.

“I shall find me a strong dominant man to save me from being bogged down while swimming and from scene-stealing pterodactyls.”

I replied:

“I think only one fur bikini was made, so your best bet is to get the original.

“It’s probably displayed, minus La Welch, in some Planet Hollywood. So just point somewhere, shout “look out!”, break the glass and help yourself. There may be some slight unpleasantness if they don’t mistake you for a fireman, but running away from guard dogs is a good way to keep fit.

“I met a pterodactyl in a bar once. He said he’d just been in an all-pterodactyl production of Hamlet, except for Raquel Welch as Gertrude. The rest of the cast was totally wired, he said, but they’d thought she was a bit wooden.”


The rest of my blog has been pretty much like that, for the last seven years. No joke too stupid. 

But just for you, here’s what you get if you Google-image “bdsm pterodactyl”.