Mouth to mouth 12: “Ropes? There are ropes on this bed?”

I didn’t know what woke me. Not at first. Qing slept beside me, her tiny body coiled, with her head half under her pillow and her little ass pushed back at me for her comfort and mine. A cord I’d noticed before we slept, one of the four tied to the bedends, lay on the sheet near her mouth, wet with her drool. Another comforter, I supposed. When she slept alone.

sleeperI lay on my side behind her, my arm over her shoulder resting on the swelling of her left breast. In the times I was awake and hard, I’d enjoyed its insistent arousal in my palm.

Through the night I’d listened to her sleeping breathing, with my cock sometimes hard in the warm, comfortable gap between the top of her thighs. 

Sometimes I’d soften and drift towards sleep, but whenever she moved I’d wake up  and my cock would straighten, wanting her.

(That gap at the top of the thighs: it’s the sub-pudendal inter-gracile fossa. The name for that part of the body is my contribution to medical science. It may be useless – I mean my contribution – but it‘s sexy.)

But I must have slept for few hours, eventually, because some time after four in the morning I woke up. Qing had reached back to hold and enclose my cock in her right hand. I could feel my heart-beat, held inside that little cage of fingers.

There were no curtains on her window, and outside I could see light in the gaps between the trees. There’d be birdsong soon. But in her room it was still dark and quiet. I watched her shoulder rise and fall with her breathing. Qing must have sensed that I’d woken up, because although she didn’t move at first, she made a satisfied, happy noise, and stroked the underside of my cock with her thumb.

I sucked in a breath, intending her to hear and understand that I was awake, and that it was okay for her to know it. I wanted her to feel certain that I was pleased to find myself in her bed, and to find her wanton again. Qing ran her thumb up and down the underside of my cock, still holding me lightly with her fingers, until the sensation was almost unbearable. Whenever she touched me my cock jumped like a salmon climbing a rapid.

She turned over at last, and kissed my belly. I said, “ahh..” But she moved lower, down the bed. 

qing and my cockI suspected that I should stop her. Or I kind of did. I was sure I’d come far too soon if she sucked me. And while coming in Qing’s mouth wasn’t the worst thing I could think of, I’d prefer to delay a bit longer. 

But she took the head of my cock in her mouth, and I no longer had the willpower to tell her to stop. I let her please me. If she’d been mine and submissive I’d have trained her a little more: teaching her how to suck as hard as I want without getting her teeth in the way, and I’d have wanted to make my points with the help of a rope’s end.

Still, I don’t think it’s possible for a man not to be pleased with a woman with her mouth full with his cock.

But I remembered that rope’s end, the cords that had been in her mouth while she slept. I found that they stretched as far as the cleft between her buttocks, and I gave her a series of light strokes across the near half of her ass, to encourage her.

qing's smacked bumQing frowned. I doubted that she’d ever been whipped before. But the strokes were light-ish – the way she’d soaked the end with her drool helped to make it land across her skin a little harder – and they helped her with rhythm.

I hoped she also felt the strokes were interestingly, enjoyably perverse. She seemed to be happy, so I kept her whipping going. Then I made the strokes harder, and Qing came up for air. She was hesitant about speaking. She was trying to remember something. 

“You’d asked me about these, when I was drifting off, didn’t you?”

The phrasing told me what was missing. “Jaime. I’m Jaime,” I said. And to show off, I added, “And you’re Qing.”

“Jaime, sorry. Anyway, you’re only more or less righ’ with my name. You don’t qui’e get the ‘chj’ sound. So: Jaime.”

“C’est moi. Anyway, I thought this” – I whacked her ass again with the cords – “was interesting. Not every girl has ropes tied onto her bedends?” 

“Well, not every boy pays any attention to them. You’re the first, actually. An’ … I didn’t put them there. I just – what’s the word? – inhabited? No, inherent?” 


“Ah-yuh. I inherited the bed when I took the room. And the ropes were already there. I just never took them off. It was too hard.” 

qingI had a little pile of things I’d taken from my pockets when I’d undressed: the condoms, but also my phone, keys, some cash and my Swiss Army knife. I held up the knife, with all blades closed. “Really? You couldn’t get them off, and that’s why they’re still here? It’s very easy to fix that. I can cut them off right now if you like.” 

“No! It’s ok!” She was trying to sound casual. She didn’t remotely succeed. 

So I said, “Well, whether they stay or go, would you like to try them on? Now?” 

Qing dropped her head and licked my cock again. She busied herself with that project, and said nothing. 

“Qing, I can’t do anything unless you say the magic word.”


“Okay, magic words: say, ‘yes, please’.

“‘Yes, please’.”

“Not quite yet. First I tell you that I’ll put you on your tummy. And that I’ll tie your feet apart, and your hands together behind your back. And among other things, I’ll fuck you while you can’t move.”

“Tha’ would be your turn-on, would it?”

“I’d enjoy m’self, for sure. But the question’s what you want. Now: ‘yes, please’, or ‘no thanks’?”

“Ah… And how do -“

I don’t know what she was going to ask, but I know delaying tactics when I hear them. So I smacked her bottom with her saliva-soaked cord again. She said, “Aa-aiie!”

I smiled at her, as though I were a reasonable man. “So that’s a ‘no, thanks’?”

“No.” That sounded considered. “I mean, it’s not ‘no thanks’. It is ‘yes, please’. If you promise to remember tha’ I haven’t done this before.”

“Good girl. Very good girl.” I put my hand on the small of her back. “Now spread your legs.”

Moth to moth, and a flame

I got a haircut with lots of colour flash yesterday, since it was my last day in New York and the US.

hairdresserFor some reason the other hairdresser, not the one who was doing my hair, thought the hair colour thing was cool, and gave me lots of eye action and smiles. I was surprised because my ego was at a relatively low level last night, but when I’d paid I invited her out for dinner and she grabbed her coat and hat. That was that. 

Anyway, for reasons that were no reflection on her I enjoyed our conversion about her south American family, funny things to do with your girlfriends in New York, and so on, but there came a time when I was supposed to kiss her, after which things would move up a notch and possibly into one of our beds. But I didn’t.

I waited a little bit longer and kissed her when I was standing up. I told her she was hot, and that it was a pity I was going to have to get up so soon in the morning. And I gave her a hug, also another kiss, and then left. 

So we’ll never know what it’s like to float back into consciousness beside the other’s naked body. Probably pretty good, I expect. 

So I was faithful to Gretel, which was important because while I’m not a very serious believer in fidelity in general, I’m an extremely serious believer in Gretel’s happiness in particular.

I slept hoping I’d dream of Gretel, and sometimes, just sometimes, you get your wish.

Moth to mouth: Ties that bind in a police state of mind

I’m visiting Cuba. It’s a police state. Seriously. And my phone doesn’t work and I can’t get the internet. There are no newspapers.

The woman in this Cuban painting isn't a real policewoman. We know because: 1. She's not wearing the correct hat. 2. She looks happy. 3. She's not holding her hands out in the international "bribe me NOW" gesture.

The woman in this Cuban painting isn’t a real policewoman. We know because:
1. She’s not wearing the correct hat.
2. She looks happy.
3. She’s not holding her hands out in the international “bribe me NOW” gesture.

On the other hand, the whole damn island is rich in police, who make up 2% of the population. Most of the rest of the population reports to them, generally about their neighbours.

Since there’s nothing much worth stealing, what keeps the cops busy is collecting bribes so people with work to do can go about their business without police harassment.

You’ve probably heard this gag before, but here it’s literally true: you have to fail an exam to get to be a policeman (or a policewoman.)

Either women don’t fail as many exams, or the place somehow failed to stop being a macho culture after the revolution. Because there aren’t so many women  cops, though there are a few. 

Look, I like Cuba. It’s beautiful, there’s good music, rum and food. And peop[le. But this aint no socialist paradise. The people are waiting for the government to fall. Hang about, if you will. I’ll be writing this blog again shortly.

Mouth to mouth 11: Ropes for Qing?

qing lovingQing made a little noise of satisfaction, and we started to move together. After a while we sped up, and I found that I’d hit an obstruction inside her. It hurt. I thought that maybe I’d hit her spine, since she really was a slender girl and there didn’t seem much room inside her for my cock to go.

But it’d been her cervix. I changed my angle slightly and it didn’t happen again. Qing hadn’t noticed, as far as I could tell.

Her face was contorted in an extreme version of her pleasured expression, and she was making a sound I didn’t understand. (She was saying “cao wo”, meaning “fuck me”, but I didn’t know that till much later.)

Other things were clear enough without language, though, and I let her have my weight for a few minutes while I reached under her to grab her ass. I pulled her cheeks apart, and squeezed her hard, hoping to cause mild pain while she was close to coming.

qing loving 2In a minute or two, Qing opened her legs wide and put her feet on my arse. I sped up, hoping she’d come before I did, and put my right forefinger into her ass, up to the first knuckle. That did it: Qing stopped muttering cap wo. She screamed it, as if she was in a panic.

She wrapped her arms around me, so she was clinging like an octopus on eccy. She had three more orgasms, each a little calmer than the one before. I let myself come in her for the last one.

 Qing sank back, arms and legs flat on the bed. I rolled off her, to lie on my side with my left leg over her. She said, “Well. You’re a dark horse. I didn’t think you even liked me.”

“Oh, I liked you. I just thought that guy was your boyfriend.”

“So does he, half the time. But he’s just a dickhead.”


qing asleepQing was falling asleep. I guessed I’d do the same, so I pulled some of the duvet away from the wall.

I found ties on the side of the bed, made of soft, furry rope. I could see knots on the other side of the bed, now that I was looking for them. 

Four ties, near the bed corners. You could use that to hold someone spread-eagled and immobile.

I said “Qing? These ties … Is this something you’re into?”

But I was too late. She was asleep. 

Mouth to mouth 10: In Qing’s petite cunt

There are things you can’t do, when you’re a Dom about to have sex with a vanilla woman. You can’t whack her arse if she’s awkward or displeases you. You can’t haul her into the position you want her, because a vanilla girl expects to be asked, or at least not pushed and pulled into place like an artist’s dummy. You can’t give her orders or else she’ll get stubborn, not obedient.. 

I’ve developed a style for vanilla fucking that’s unlikely to trigger any sort of anti-bdsm response. I take the lead but every so often I ask for permission. It doesn’t matter what for. I just ask her something from time to time but not so often that it becomes annoying. There are some other things, but that’ll have to be a different post. 

qing outercoursedSo I was on my knees, sliding the underside of my cock along Qing’s slippery and wet groove, while she’d bent double, her knees almost touching her nipples. Qing’s face when she was being pleasured was absurdly happy.

I hadn’t seen that expression on her before. I leaned down and kissed her; it wasn’t something anyone could not do. 

She kissed me back, and then caught my cock with her hand. I stopped, letting her capture me. That’s another difference. In vanilla sex I let that sort of thing pass, but in bdsm sex I’d have been genuinely shocked if a submissive girl had done that. I’ve have pulled her up from the bed and walloped her ass hard, until I figured I’d done enough to make her cry. (The idea is to be fair to women who don’t cry at the same stage when other women are likely to be weeping.)

qing fuckedSo, in a vanilla bed, I let Qing line my cock up so the head pressed against her cunt. I’d intended to tease her longer, but that invitation, and her soft, sleek folds were too much to resist. 

I pushed forward and though she was a tight girl she felt warm and wet around my glans. Qing frowned once, and said, “uh”.

“We’ll be fine. I’ll take care. And let me know if it’s too much.” And, because that seemed vanilla enough for a while, I pushed down on her shoulders so she couldn’t move. I took her nipples in my mouth one by one, and kissed then gently bit. Qing had closed her eyes and stopped breathing, by the time I’d repeated this.

I pushed forward, and though she was still tight on me, she was slickly, sweetly wet. I pulled back a little and pushed forward again, and she clasped my cock warmly, using her vaginal muscles to point out that I was welcome. I slipped forward, the way becoming easier as we joined, until our pelvic bones met, and I was fully lodged in her.