Bedroom Eyes 25

I lay back with Maires on her tummy between my legs, her hands tightly holding my thighs, mouth on my cock. I’d long ago withdrawn permission for her to use her hands when she sucked my cock, and I watched her head bobbing, keeping me in her warm, wet and mobile mouth.

Stephanie lay on her side, stroking my hair and watching my facial expressions as Maires pleasured me. She’d never been in a position to watch a man’s face as he was being sucked before. She smiled benignly, as if she was watching children playing nicely. Sometimes she put her hand on the back of Maires’s neck in encouragement. 

I could feel the stirring of orgasm, a distance away but getting closer, and so I put my hands on the back of Maires’s head and held her down. I thrust hard into her, because I couldn’t help myself, and anyway I wanted to stop her breathing, at least through her mouth. She grunted: she liked that.

I said, “Up,” and let her go. Maires clambered to her knees and looked at me, considering. She’d been promised a fuck, since Stephanie had had all the sexual attention recently from both of us, until I’d demanded she suck me. I’d needed that: I’d make my promise but I hadn’t been sure I’d be hard and committed for her. Now I was. Maires bent down briefly and kissed the head of my cock. Then she turned, her back to me, and straddled me so my cock sank into her, or rather she sank onto my cock.

I gasped when her buttocks rested on my groin, my cock deep, or high, buried in more intimate warmth. I smacked her left buttock once, to let her know I approved, and she began to move, fucking me, taking her pleasure.

All I had to do was watch her, which was wonderful enough, and hold back my orgasm until she’d ridden me to her own.

Stephanie leaned forward to kiss me, and then raised herself a little, leaning forward, to direct her left nipple into my mouth.

I sucked her, then grazed her with my teeth, because I knew she liked that. But then I bit just a little harder, as a warning, and she backed off. I had Maires’s amazing ass to watch. 

I felt Maires’s hands resting on my knees then, and she raised herself and then dropped spectacularly, working herself on me. Stephanie kissed me again, but only for a second. She moved down the bed to kiss Maires’s cunt, then stayed, pleasuring her with her nose and tongue. With that pressure Maires lowed like a calf hunting for its mother, and sped up. 

I put my hands on the junction of Maires’s waist and her spread thighs, and held her tight. She was making little cries and grunts now, that I recognised and loved. We were near the end. I started to thrust back, in time with her. I was still trying to hold back, but I knew I wouldn’t have to for much longer. 

Maires said, “Ah.” Almost conversationally, then she wailed. I felt contractions in her cunt, a sort of flutter, and I held her tighter and thrust upwards, hard as I could. In a few seconds we both grunted and growled, a sort of mammalian dawn chorus, and I let myself come in her. I continued thrusting, losing my rhythm, until Maires had run down. 

Maires leaned back, my cock still in her, until she lay on top, her back to me. I put my hands on her breasts and squeezed tight. She turned her head to kiss my neck. She sighed, the happy kind. Then Stephanie leaned forward and kissed Maires’s mouth. Maires kissed her back, but after a time shook her head. “You want too much attention, Stephanie. Sometimes you won’t be the star.”

Stephanie said, “Yes, Mistress.” She caught my eye: my disapproving. I’d said they were equals when I was with them. “I’m sorry, Master. And I expect you’ll punish me. I probably deserve it. But I can’t help thinking of … Maires – it’s hard for me even to say the name now – as anything but Mistress. May I call her that?”

I had to think about that. I didn’t want Maires to be anything but a slavegirl, when I was with her. But I understood how Stephanie felt. She wanted to be at the bottom, with a Master and a Mistress. At last I said, “After dinner, I’m going to give you your first caning. You know that, Stephanie.”

“Yes, Master. Of course. Though that’s scary.”

“Then you will cane Maires.” Maires looked at me, surprised, but made no protest. Then she smiled: that could be fun too, including Stephanie’s confusion. “You’d better do it hard, or it’ll be worse for you, little slave.”

“Oh. Oh, I see. But can I call her Mistress?”

“You will. With every stroke.”

Stephanie straddled Maires then, her thighs under Maires’s breasts, her cunt just out of Maires’s reach. She leaned down and kissed me. “Thank you, Master. I’m sure Mistress won’t forget her place.” Maires, sandwiched between me and Stephanie, laughed briefly. This was absurd. “And I’ll find it much easier.”

My cock had softened, and when Maires moved to dislodge Stephanie it slipped out of its sweet place. I pulled both of them down, Maires under my right arm and Stephanie at my left. Maires said, “Sleepies?”

Stephanie frowned. “Oh, all right.”

I smacked her belly, then her cunt. After two more smacks she relaxed. “You need rest too. It’s being a good day.”