Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 103: A male dom, the straight girl and the bi girl: No more waiting

Raylene had just just been told her caning would double if she disobeyed me again. I’d liked her reaction, so I tried to extend it. Stretch it out like a Jaime Mortimer story. “So you’re going to start doing as you’re told, Raylene?”

“Yes, master. And … thank you. For letting me off with just a warning.”

Raylene was in what had already become her element. Sex is best complicated, but happiness is best simple. She was happy.

I thought I might be able to spread some of that happiness around. I took the other, heavier cane, and passed it to Dorabella. “Hold that, please, in the meantime, Dorabella. And pass it to me when I ask.”

That's the cane grip of someone who expects to use it.

That’s how someone who expects to use the cane might hold it

Dorabella took the cane, holding ot at the thickest end. She swished it in the air, impressed at the sound it made. I said, “No, Dorabella. You hold it in the middle.”

She changed her grip. Then she understood why I’d told her to, and her face flamed red. “Yes…” There was hesitation because she’d had to stop herself falling into Raylene’s speech pattern. She wasn’t going to call me master. Or sir. Still, it had been a late catch. She compromised. “Yes ok. I can do that.”

“Thank you.” I patted her bottom lightly, a caress and not a threat, then drew her in close for another kiss. The cane was awkward in her right hand, so she only put her left arm round me. But her body pressed hard against mine, and I grunted with simple animal pleasure when her belly came into contact with my erection.

I mouthed at her, “I want to fuck you. So. Much.” She didn’t react, just watched me as if there had to be more. So I added, aloud, “And I will. Fuck you. Tomorrow.” She nodded: I’d better, if I knew what was good for me. It seemed that Raylene agreed.

I wondered what had happened to Dorabella’s erratic boyfriend. He must have annoyed her enough for her to dump him, or else he’d left her. Either way, the man was a moron. But his departure was one reason why she was back wanting me. Also, she’d had more time to think about the bdsm, and not be shocked by it any more. That, along with Raylene’s obvious enjoyment, was apparently intriguing. And it’d released the competitive thing she and Raylene had going.

But now Dorabella was holding it like someone who expects to have to hand the cane over to have it used on her. Or, maybe, her sister

But now Dorabella was holding it like someone who expects to have to hand the cane over soon enough, to have it used on her. On her sister, in this case. But holding it like that still set off a chain of ideas

I put both hands on her ass, so she could feel the slender cane in my hand touching her, pressing against her right flank and down the back of her leg. We held each other firmly. Dorabella stepped even closer, placing her feet outside mine. She wasn’t as mischievous and manipulative as Raylene, not quite, but the two of them did have equally perfect asses.

But this was as sexual as Dorabella and I could be for now, because today was Raylene’s. Though Raylene would have been perfectly happy with Dorabella as our bed guest, and even happier if we managed to bring Lynette in. With Lynette she’d be fucked by two people at once, which wouldn’t happen with Dorabella.

Me, I’d committed to doing what I could to assist Raylene’s Lynette project. But I’d prefer to have Raylene to myself for a day first.

Anyway, it seemed a shame that Lynette didn’t seem to be coming. I’d thought that Raylene had done a formidable job of enticing her this morning, and that she and I had made some progress away from loathing and towards sexual interest. Raylene had been sure that watching her ass dancing while I caned her would have brought Lynette into our bed as soon as possible. I’d have insisted that it not be before tomorrow morning. Lynette would have set her alarm clock.

On the other hand, time had passed and Lynette wasn’t here. I applied a final luxurious squeeze to Dorabella’s ass and let her go, the robe sliding back to cover her.

before cane cunt strokeI took a step forward and touched Raylene’s hip with the cane, then slid it over her skin until it pressed across her buttocks. I tapped the target a little harder, just above the crease of her buttocks and thighs, and Raylene’s left hand, the one I could see, tightened its grip on the table-leg.

I stroked her, my fingers entering her cunt for the first time in a while, to remind her how much she needed to be fucked. She kept her head down, but her ass dropped to meet my hand. She whimpered with pure desire and need. 

“Sorry, Raylene love, we’re a guest short. Pity. But we’ll begin now anyway.”

Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 102: A male dom, a straight girl and a bi girl stop waiting for Lynette

Raylene had turned her head to see what all that silence behind her was about. It probably seemed unfair that I was rubbing Dorabella’s ass and not hers. She was the star this morning, after all. I took a step forward and rubbed, squeezed, fondled and stroked Raylene as well, left-handed, while still keeping my right hand on Dorabella. A sister’s ass in each hand. That was interesting, tactilely and socially.

Raylene laughed. “Your face! You’re in heaven, aren’t you?”

head downI grinned back at her. She was right, of course. But I made my voice sound angry. “Raylene, did I tell you to look down at the floor?”

“Yes, master.”


“Oh! I’m sorry, master.” She bent her neck, and her face dropped out of sight.

I smacked her bottom, still not very hard, and picked up the lighter cane again, tapping her ass with it. “Do you think you should get extra strokes?”

There was a moment’s silence. Followed by another moment. With no sound. Eventually, Raylene said, subdued, “Yes, I’m sure I should.”

She didn’t say “master” that one time. But she did like the word. I wondered where it had come from. I was sure she’d never had a master before, or even played much beyond getting an unenthusiastic spanking from some boy who wasn’t into it. Maybe it was something she’d read. But I couldn’t think what it would be. The Master and Marguerita? Hardly. I’d have to ask her. In the meantime, I’d been drafted into the role. And, looking at Raylene, it was impossible to regret this.

cane begin“You’re right, girl. That’s two extras. You’re getting thirteen with the light cane, and thirteen with the heavier cane.”

Dorabella moved, a little shocked by those numbers. But she didn’t move away from me. I still held her ass, and I didn’t let her go: just squeezed reassuringly. Raylene said, “Yes, sir. Sorry! I mean, yes master.”

“And that’s not a punishment, Raylene. That’s just a warning. Disobey me again, and I’ll double it. Twenty-six strokes with each cane.”

Raylene, head down, said, “Ahhh, yii! I’ll be good! Seriously good.”

And Dorabella said, “Oh.” Numbers again. I patted her ass lightly. Unthreateningly. But otherwise I ignored her, for now.

Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 101: A male dom, a straight girl and a bi girl wait for Lynette 2

Dorabella dropped her eyes from eyes from Raylene’s cunt when she saw I was looking at her. She told me, “She’s very turned on.” As though she’d been making scientific observations.

bellie smackedI stepped beside her, and pulled her dressing gown up, to hold her left buttock. Round she was, and firm, and her skin cooler than Raylene’s ass, for obvious reasons. I said, “You were ogling.”

She smiled, as if pityingly, and shook her head. So I slapped her bottom, where I’d been holding. Not hard, but not a pat. It was an experiment. My hand settled back on smoothly round skin, and rode the rapids while she rocked her hips, forward and back. She turned to look at me, so I kissed her.

After a while she drew back and opened her mouth. Then she thought better of whatever she’d been going to say, and closed it.

I tried not to look triumphant. She said, “Smug bastard.”

I rubbed her ass to remind her that my hand was still there. She looked worried, then comfortable when it appeared that I wasn’t going to smack her again. After all, having her ass rubbed isn’t such a bad thing.

Still, Dorabella had been enjoying the sight of her sister’s arousal. I didn’t know why Dorabella and Raylene seemed to be so close sexually. In those threesomes they did together, I was sure they both concentrated on the male guest and didn’t do anything with each other, but still…

I can see the attraction from her point of view. But the fact is, neither of those guys would be me.

I can see the attraction from her point of view. But the fact is, neither of those guys would be me.

Dorabella was het; so am I. But no matter how much I wanted to please a woman, I wouldn’t bring another guy into bed with us. I’d be happy for her to enjoy herself with two other guys, but I wouldn’t want to be there myself.

It’s just more intimacy than I’d want to have with any guy. Let alone one of my brothers. The awkwardness would more than cancel out any sexiness.

That’s just me; I’m het to an almost embarrassing extent. But so was Dorabella, so why would she join her sister and me in bed?

I didn’t know, but there were some things I had worked out. I was so sexually popular in that house just then mainly because of Dorabella. The night she’d taken me to her bed she’d had a good time. So had I. I never fully understood why she’d left something so good after just one night.

Though I suspected it was partly because of the domming thing. She’d asked me about it because she knew other women I’d had sex with. Bdsm was part of my sexual reputation, for good or ill. She’d accepted it when I told her about it, and she she didn’t think it was wrong or anything. But it wasn’t for her. A bit later a previous boyfriend who’d changed his mind and wanted to come back turned up, and Dorabella had given him another chance.

When I’d told her I was writing a piece about the boot boys, she’d mentioned Raylene’s time with them, and said she’d ask her if she wanted to talk to me about it. When the two of them talked, Dorabella would have given me a good sexual review. And mentioned bdsm. That had to be why Raylene had steered things into a sexual direction so fast, and given me cues that had led us to this point.

I’d thought I’d been pushing her towards submission but she’d been driving things too. She was quite strongly submissive, and as submissives will, she’d got what she wanted. All I’d had to do was turn up, not be too much of a creep and keep my nerve, and here I was, being addressed as “master”.

It's no bad thing, being a man her friends had warned her about.

It’s no bad thing, being a man her friends had warned her about.

That’s one of the good things about having a reputation as a kinky man. It has its downsides, but the caution, “look out! he might want to push you round, hold you down and smack your helpless little arse” also works as advertising. The female half of my circle of friends all knew that about me, some from direct experience and some from gossip, and being out to that limited extent had never done me any harm.

Raylene had tested and found that I was as advertised. So here she was, doing as she was told, waiting for the cane, in her bedroom. 

While I had my hand on her sister’s ass. 

Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 100: A male dom, a bi girl and a straight girl wait for Lynette

raylene over desk 2Dorabella looked around. Raylene had invited her to sit, but the only chair was near the window, where the desk had been. I picked it up and carried it, placing it beside the bed. Whosoever sat in that most special chair would have a perfect side view of Raylene’s caning, capturing the impact off the cane on her ass, her facial expressions, and her belly and left breast crushed into the tabletop.

The view would be even better when Raylene raised her upper body, as I intended she’d do after each fourth, harder, stroke. It would be the best seat in the house,

Dorabella smiled at me gratefully, and took a step towards to the chair. “No,” I said. “You stand.”

“Oh?” Dorabella was puzzled.

“The seat’s for Lynette, if she comes. You, on the other hand, stand.”

Dorabella’s mouth dropped open. That seemed to be information about the sexual pecking order in this room, and it caught her by surprise. She touched her upper lip with her tongue, raising her brows and stared at me. It was an appeal: could I mean it? I smiled at her. “You can be beside me.” That sounded like another privileged position, and Dorabella smiled back and joined me.

raylene strokedI put my hand on Raylene’s ass and squeezed. “Just a few moments more, I think.” Raylene turned her head at the touch, and smiled. But there was strain there, in her eyes. She was getting nervous. In the meantime that would be sexy for her, if I read her right, but I shouldn’t keep her waiting too much longer. I let my thumb stray between her buttocks to rub her cunt, without entering.

Her face relaxed a little. “Look at the floor, love,” I told her. “Good girl.”

I pressed a little harder against her cunt and she hissed in air. Then breathed out, long and slow, while I moved the side of my hand down, and then up, pressed hard against most soft, moist and puffy skin, still without entering. But that was my farewell. I stepped back.

Dorabella, beside me, had watched this interaction intently, but she still gazed at Raylene’s ass. I didn’t understand that part of what was happening. Dorabella wasn’t into girls, she’d often said, and I believed her. Anyway, your own half-sister would be a … controversial choice for a lust object. But something about this titillated her. More than titillated. I didn’t understand that part. 

Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 99: Raylene’s sister gets all the strokes

flasher 4Dorabella didn’t quite manage to stop laughing, but she kept coming up the stairs. When she got close she saw the look in my eyes, and interpreted it correctly. She put both hands over her bottom before taking the step that brought her into my reach. 

That was cool, I thought. All she had to do, if she didn’t want me to indulge in domly pleasures with her, was say no. She knew that as well as I did. So although the gesture seemed to be self-protective, she was telling me – inadvertently or not – that she wasn’t going to speak that “no”. So, as long as I kept the tone playful, that ass was very much mine. So I smiled at her, and said, “Good girl.”

“For what?” But she knew. I didn’t answer, except by reaching for her. She dodged half-heartedly but let herself be caught. I held her, hugging her waist, and she took her hands away from her bottom to hug me back. She tilted her face up a little, to be kissed.

So I did, open mouth to open mouth. Eventually, she relaxed against me and her robe opened narrowly, but all the way from her breasts to her knees. I took a handful of robe at her back and tugged it gently. Then I was kissing an essentially naked girl.

finger pieI ran my hand further down her spine, patted her bottom, and reached under to stroke her cunt. Dorabella moved her feet a little further apart, so that two fingers entered her, easily and wetly. She breathed, “Yeah. Yessss.” Time passed happily, and in a while Dorabella said “Yesss” again, but higher in pitch.

Eventually I broke the kiss and reluctantly took my hand away. Dorabella looked at me almost accusingly. Almost pouting. I kissed her again and said, “I’ve got to deal with Raylene.”

She nodded, also reluctantly. I put my arm round her waist so I could propel her in front of me, and said, “Go on in.” 

She stopped when she saw Raylene displaying herself at the desk. I heard her whisper, awed, “Holy fuck.”

I whispered in Dorabella’s ear, “Greet your sister.” 

Dorabella obeyed without hesitation, or, perhaps, noticing that she was doing so. “Hi Raylene. I’m here to watch what this monster you’ve, um, attached yourself to, does to you. And, I guess, make sure you’re okay, little sister.” 

It crossed my mind that she should have to squeal for forgiveness, about calling me “monster”. That would keep the tone playful enough, and seconds after I’d finished we’d be fucking. But that could wait until tomorrow. In the meantime I said, “You can speak, Raylene.” 

Raylene kept the tone brave. And playful. She was a clever girl. “Hi Bellie. Take a seat. I don’t think I’ll have much use for a chair. Not today.”

Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 98: The cane and an erection – my best look, apparently

waiting poor girlRaylene had bent herself over the table as instructed. She looked wonderful. There was a slight muscular tremor in her inner thigh that suggested that she wasn’t quite as relaxed as she was pretending. But that was a good thing. Also, it was a very cute muscular tremor, just below her inter-gracile sub-pudendal fossa, and I thought I could be happy enough just watching it all day. 

I stroked her arse, partly to reassure her that I loved her ass and would do it no damage, and partly to check for warmth.

The strap marks still showed clearly, and the smacks I’d given her during the night were still warm, so I decided I wouldn’t need to give her any further warm-up. That was a good thing, because if Lynette did turn up – she’d said she would, but I wasn’t counting out the chance that she’d cry off at the last second – she’d have found the warm-up and then the caning was a little too much for her. 

I whispered to Raylene, “Don’t be too worried. It’ll hurt. It’s meant to. But it won’t be more than you can take. Or more than you deserve.”

That last part was a dom’s lie; she didn’t deserve anything more painful than a word of caution about teasing guests, but it was sexier if she believed she deserved it. She was in a receptive frame of mine, so that whatever I said she deserved, within reason, would be right.

“You’ll have to be brave, though. You’ve got an audience coming, so I want you to behave yourself.”

Raylene lifted her head. “I know, sir. I will. Be brave, I mean.” Then she laughed. “Be brave and be-have.”

I leaned over her body to kiss the side of her face, letting her feel my cock against her thigh as I did so. Raylene smiled, and got kissed again. “Good,” I said. “Sexy girl. And don’t forget that I own you, and I think you’re wonderful. I’ll hurt your arse, but I’ll make sure you’re ok.”

“Don’t damage the goods, hey?” She got a slap across the bottom for that, as she expected. “No, I know. Punish me, master. And please don’t be too easy. Please punish me hard.”

That was a spoken cliche, as you know. But in the moment, no-one’s a critic. Doms are fairly predictable creatures. Blood flowed to my cock, and stayed there, as would the memory of her saying that. Only every fourth stroke was going to be hard. But I was hard, fully, and likely to stay that way until Raylene’s caning was over, I’d dispensed with the witnesses and fucked her. Why was Raylene calling me “master”? I’d never required or even suggested it; it just felt right to her. I liked hearing it, so I was now her master. That was, apparently, that. 

flasher 3There was thumping from the stairs, as of a herd of water buffaloes in rubber boots. That, I guessed, would be Dorabella coming up the steps, giving advance warning in case we needed it. But I looked out the door to check, making my appearance with an erection tenting my jeans and a cane in my hand. Oh well. 

Dorabella looked at me and, a second or two later, giggled. Then she held open her dressing gown for a second, to show me that she’d taken my suggestion, or order, on what she was to wear. She was naked under the gown, and there was only the slippery silk tie at her waist holding it together. “Welcome!” I said. “You look great!” 

“And you look -” The rest of what Dorabella had to say on that was lost in more giggles.

Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 97: Raylene’s ass as aspiration

Raylene nodded. She was ready. I took the thinner cane from the table. “Then bend over. Right down. Put your hands on the legs of the desk, on the far side. Reach down and grip the legs. Low as you can. Good. Like that. Good girl. Now don’t let go, and don’t get up. No matter how much it hurts, just hold on until I’ve finished.”

Sex and a stick; also, sex on a stick

Sex and a stick; also, sex on a stick. Raylene was one of those saucy girls

Displayed, legs spread with her ass arched up, Raylene was as red in the face as her strapped bottom. “Like this, sir?”

She was fishing for compliments. But that was allowed. “Do you think you look hot, Raylene?”

“I bet I look hot to you, sir.”

“Yep. Unbelievably hot. You look like sex on a stick. With candy. And hot chocolate sauce. And maple syrup.”

“Will you want to fuck me? When you’re done?”

“Girl. The only person in the room who won’t want to fuck you will be Dorabella. And even she’ll only be pretending. For, um, decency’s sake.” 

“But Lynette will want to.”


“Then she should get her wish. Invite her in.” 

“I’ve already said today and tonight are for you and me, Raylene. Just us.”

“No, ok, that’s romantic.” But there was something wistful in her voice.

Lonesome, toothsome, threesome

Lonesome, toothsome, threesome

“Of course, tomorrow morning, that’s a new day. A different day.”

“Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” 

“If it looks like she wants to be asked, I’ll invite her. To join us in the morning. I don’t think you should get your hopes up too much. But … happy girl?”

The smile, unlike Raylene, was angelic.

“Yes. Happy girl. Punish me, Master. I mean, please.”

Master? I hadn’t asked for that, but I liked it. t could hear Dorabella and Lynette in the kitchen. I called down. “We’re ready. Show’s on.”

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Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 96: Raylene’s ass as target

Surprisingly, for a woman about to be caned by her lover, Raylene seemed more interested in fucking her sister’s friend Lynette, and setting up a threesome with Lynette and me. I didn’t mind the idea, but it seemed an odd time to be focussing on it.

supergirlBut I’d asked her if she wanted to fuck Lynette, and she’d countered by asking me if I wanted to be there too, if she was going to take Lynette to bed.

That was an evasion, not an answer, so I smacked Raylene’s bottom, twice. Raylene released air from pursed lips and tightened her thigh-hold on my hips. That was clear and sensual. Both are good things. “I asked you a question. Another question isn’t an answer.”

She nodded. “True. Sorry, sir. Yes, I want her. I think she’d be hot. It was hot when she was sitting on my legs. And she felt nice, I mean her hands did, comforting a poor brutalised girl. And … in general I just want to fuck her. Or let her fuck me, whatever.”

shirtyI said, “I -“

But Raylene was too excited to stop. “Do you want to be there? I’d like you to be. This bed. We could take turns with her. Or do her both at once. Or you could both do me.”

She bounced on the desk like a wide-eyed child demanding a treat. Except that the movements under her t-shirt weren’t remotely childlike.

I said, “Fuck me.” It was an exclamation, not an order.

Raylene had also been pushing for a threesome with me and her half-sister Bellie.

I expected that those sisterly threesomes – she’d said they’d done it before – involved a lot of attention for the male and no sexual action between the women. I’d never been in a threesome where that was the dynamic, and it wasn’t possible not to be intrigued.

But in a threesome with Lynette and me, Raylene could get pleasured by both her partners. That must be the one she’d like most. Not that there seemed to be any reason why we couldn’t have both.

Raylene looked at me, concerned. I probably wasn’t looking as ecstatic as her offer deserved. So I smiled at her and said, truthfully, “I don’t see how I could possibly manage not to want that. Yeah. If she’s not too freaked out by watching your caning, we’ll have a go.”

“She’ll hate my caning, and love it. So will I, I think.”

I said, less truthfully, “Well, I need you to learn to do as you’re told.” Raylene looked puzzled; she wasn’t actually being caned for disobedience. I said, quickly, “And behave yourself properly.” The frown went away. “So it’s going to be hard.”

She nodded. Of course it should be hard. (Of course, by the way, it mostly wouldn’t be. I’d be calibrating on “firm”, rather than “hard”.) Anyway, I kissed her, still holding her ass with my left hand and a swatch of her hair with my right. Then I held her face so she had to watch me talk to her. “I’m going to punish you, Raylene. I’m going to punish you a lot from now on. Because you’re a wicked girl.”

I looked at her until she nodded, solemnly. Of course she was wicked. I was astonished, but pleased, that she wasn’t smiling, now.

kissed er sisterI whispered, “But also, you’re just a bit wonderful. Just a bit perfect. So I’m glad to be with you. No matter what.”

Raylene pushed her body hard against mine. She said, “you are, you are, aren’t you?” I didn’t know what she meant specifically, but I knew what she meant in general.

I kissed her again. “Ready?”

Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 95: Raylene’s ass as instrument of seduction

Raylene was in her room. Standing in from the desk, leaning a little forward so the t-shirt rode up, just covering her ass but giving an impressive display of the backs of her thighs. I said, from the door, “Well done, girl.” 

“Sir?” Raylene didn’t turn around. I hadn’t told her to move and she was being as good as she could be.

kiss from behindSo I stepped up behind her, pressed my body against hers, feeling her relax with the contact, and kissed her cheek. I said, “Sorry to keep you in suspense. I’ve been talking to Bellie and Lynette.”

She looked amused, and arched her arse back, to check if those conversations had made me hard. Of course they had, though the sight of Raylene had made it enthusiastic. She said, “oooh,” to let me know she was happy.

I said, “Um, so do you really want to fuck Lynette, or were you just teasing when you put your ass on her bed?” 

“Um. She wanted to fuck me. And probably you. I mean, here’s me putting up with all sorts of terrible cruelties, and obviously having a whale of a time – yes, thank you – so that’s got to be a good sign. And there’s Bellie wanting to fuck you too. So you’re getting good, oh, word of mouth. If she didn’t want you it’d make her the only woman in the house who didn’t. And.” Then she stopped, uncertain.

“OK. Even if I, oh, asked her nicely, I’d put my chances at no better than 50-50. Though that’s pretty good. But what do you want? Do you want to fuck her?”

“I thought what I want doesn’t count.” 

I kissed her again, and held her belly so our bodies pressed close together as they could. “I decide, yes. But I still want to know what you want. Because sometimes you just might get something you want. If you’ve been good.” 

“And? Sir?” 

“You’ve been incredibly good. Don’t think I haven’t noticed.” 

She relaxed again, more tension gone. “Phew! I wasn’t sure you were paying attention.” 

“Sit on the edge of the desk, legs apart, facing me.” 

Raylene turned around. “Yes, sir.”

ass grabbedWhen she’d settled I put my hands on her buttocks and held her close, her thighs pressing against my hips. She looked into my eyes. She was having a good time. I kissed her, and she held me under my shoulders and kissed back. Time, good time, passed.

Eventually I said, “You’re scarily devious, though.” 

She laughed. She was relieved that I approved. “Survival skills. Anyway, Lynette’s a pushover. I don’t think it’d take much of a push from you, either.” 

It was my turn to say, “Hmmm.” But Raylene was probably right. Not because of my own charm. But Raylene’s and Lynette’s conversation on Lynette’s bed must have begun by being sexual, in a way that related to me, especially once that conversation featured Raylene’s ass in all its razor-stropped glory. And that ass was pretty much the sexiest thing I could think of, right then. So I had general arousal, plus popular opinion in my favour. “Well, girl, little sugar-mouse, do you want to fuck her?”

“If I did, would you want to be there?”