2018: The Year of Four Books!

I finished four novels in 2018. That’s two erotic novels and two “mainstream, literary” novels. 

It involved working like a bastard all day, practically every day, from morning to night. 

Me, at local orgy: “Of course, girls! Just got to finish this chapter and I’ll be right with you”

I was thinking I was going to calm down a bit this year, and achieve a wiser work/life balance. 

Maybe I will, but I realise that next year I intend to finish the erotic post-apocalypse science fiction novel I’m working on at the moment: That Oceanic Feeling.

And Volume Two of the sexy Bdsm rom-com, “The Tale of the Tawse“. That’s from scratch. Not a word of it has been written yet. 

And Volume Two of “Probation“, a fairly serious bdsm novel about an inter-racial love triangle set mostly in LA. Cops, a corrupt judicial system, racism and drugs figure. Fortunately, about two-thirds of that is already written, and I have the rest sketched out in my head, so that shouldn’t be so hard. 

Ands there’s a non-erotic novel that I think it likely to outsell all the erotica combined. So I’ll start work on that in about February. Not a word of that is written either, though I have the plot sketched out.

So… work/life balance may have to wait. Stop this man before he types again!

Wicked Wednesday: Don’t you dare come!

Her face was closer to mine now, and a brighter pink than her nipples. I smiled at her, knowing that at that moment she was immune to the power of smiles.

“Good girl. Now bend over, all the way, so your tummy and breasts are flat on the table. Turn your head, and rest your cheek on the table, too.”

When she’d obeyed, placing herself in one of the lowliest of submissive positions for me, I put my hands on the table, palms upward. “Now reach out and hold my hands.”

Jennifer obeyed quickly, and squeezed my hands. I squeezed back, but then broke the contact. “Keep your hands there, Jennifer. Maddie will be holding you.” I picked up the slipped and stood up.

I stepped behind Jennifer, all submissively and bravely displayed, and waiting for me. “Maddie, sit in my chair and hold Jennifer’s hands.”

She said, “Yes, Mas– Mister Beecham.”

Jennifer didn’t move or speak, but I could tell she was now very alert. She’d noticed Maddie’s little slip. Maddie took my place, and reached for Jennifer’s hands. After only a second or two, Jennifer placed her hands in Maddie’s. Maddie said, very quietly, “Jennifer. Look at me.”

Jennifer said nothing, but she raised her head. Maddie said, “Yes, I call him Master. I have to do as I’m told, just as you do. I chose that. It’s a good life – he looks after me – and it’s hot. If you want, I’ll be happy to talk about it with you. Would you like that?”

“Yes, ma’am, I would.”

Maddie laughed. It was a warm sound. “You called me Maddie, even when I was taking a ruler to your backside. So Maddie will do, Jennifer.”

 “Thank you, Maddie. And sir? Will you talk to me as well?”

“Of course, Jennifer.”

“Thank you, sir. This is all very new to me.”

“You are as new to me as I am to you, Jennifer. Put your face down, girl.”

Jennifer laid her cheek down on the desktop. She seemed to wriggle, making herself comfortable. I stepped closer, and stroked her bottom. Her cheeks were still warm, but not a blazing fire like they had been yesterday. Or would be again in about half an hour. Jennifer sighed at my touch, then caught her breath when my hand reached under her, to cup her pussy.

“You’re not to come, Jennifer. That’s an order.”

But the voice that said, “Yes, sir” made it clear that this would be a difficult order to obey, if I continued much longer. “You’ll find that this helps you get through your slippering a little easier. If you’re aroused you won’t feel it as only pain. Sometimes. But I think it’ll work, for you.”

I slipped one finger between her pussy lips, then two, finding her already wet and slippery, and getting more so.

I stroked her excruciatingly slowly while she gasped and flopped on my desk, making a throaty noise through gritted teeth. She was trying to obey, good girl that she was.

I pushed my thumb into her, and said, “Don’t you dare come, Jennifer. Just stay on the edge for me. If you come, I’ll cane you, naked, in the corridor, every day for a week.”

“Oh!” Her eyes were as wide as eyes can get.


Happy this-time-of-year to you!

It’s Christmas Day in the mountains. I’ve mostly been ignoring it, though I bought presents for my loved ones, as a gentleman should.

This graph gives an accurate representation of my feelings with regard to “The Little Drummer Boy”

I’ve really appreciated that the supermarkets, and most shops I’ve been to, haven’t been piping bloody hymns and carols at me.

I hate “The Little Drummer Boy” with the fire and fury of 10,000,000 suns, and I can’t stay in the same room as “God rest ye, merry gentlemen.” So silence has been golden. 

But carollers came to the supermarket while was I doing the last food shopping and sang Christmas songs at me, and I really didn’t want them. I felt the urge to say something piss-offy, though I didn’t. They’re probably nice people.

Anyway, I don’t feel my usual relaxed self about Christmas this year, because too many lunar right Christians are behaving badly.

Catholic Archbishop Fisher expressing something short of love for gays, lesbians, secularists and raped children

So, for example, Sydney’s Catholic archbishop Fisher came out and did a spray – it was his Christmas message! – about wanting the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians, and force kids to go to church, and to continue to protect pedophile priests: if they say in confession that they’ve raped some kid, then the duty to report them won’t apply. He calls this fucked-up agenda “religious freedom.” 

So far-right Christians are making Xmas a cultural war zone, where what they’re fighting for is evil. It makes it harder to feel an unconflicted goodwill vibe. And there’s the whole pretence that there’s a war on Christmas, which is just an angry, arrogant exclusion of non-Christians. 

All that has got my back up. I usually say, “Merry Christmas” and don’t give a fuck, but some Christians are trying to turn it into the equivalent of a Trump slogan. So, without thinking it matters or affects anything, I’ve been saying “Happy solstice”, or “Good Yule.” Not angrily. Just don’t want to take part.

Anyway, the reason for the season is this planet’s orbit, and in the Northern Hemisphere it means, “Happy Hump Day; the weather gets better now until Spring.” And lots of cultures have turned it into a time of celebrating each other, being alive, being kind, feeling hope.

It’s the people who bang on about this time of year being ONLY about Christianity who don’t understand Christmas.

Solstice, as every good pagan knows, is a good time to get somewhere warm (I like to make my own warmth) and play and fuck like rabbits

All that said, this is as good a day as any to celebrate the spirit of hope, warmth in cold times, renewal, love and tolerance, I wish everybody a wonderful loving time.

Please keep warm – other people help. If you’re lonely reach out to someone, or else give yourself delicious food and a good book in the bath.

Look after each other, and remember to let other people look after you, too. Those are the best gifts.

Warmth and happiness to all!

Masturbation Monday: Under new management

I’d just said to Emily, “You’ll do as you’re told whether you want to or not. You obey orders, and you accept punishment when I say you deserve it. The final say is mine. That’s how we are, now.” 

She’d frowned, considering. My heart was thudding. She had every right to say no, since it was a hell of a lot to ask. Still, I’d be devastated if she did. 

But she didn’t say, Yes. She said, “Hey, Jaime?”

So now I was worried. “Yes?”

“This is totally not normal, this.”

“No. It’s perverse.”

“And I’m thinking of agreeing to it. I even think it’s hot, for god’s sake. We’re so strange. Does this feel right to you?”

“Oh absolutely. Yes. Completely right.” 

“Actually it does sort of feel right to me too. But it’s a bit scary, Jaime.”

“Well. Jump and I’ll catch you, my love.” 

“I love you too. Will you really catch me? Always?”

“Yeah, actually I will.” We were solemn together. I stroked her cunt gently, and unfairly, since I knew it interfered with her thinking, then slipped a finger into her ass. Emily sighed. She liked that.

She said, “Then. I jump. I’ll do as I’m told, from now on. I’m yours.”

“So. Emily Maria Viviani, under new management. You’ve changed hands.”

“Jaime, this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done. It is so not normal. I’m absolutely terrified. But happy. I seem to be ridiculously happy. Well, so far.”

“I love you. I’m not scared at all,” I lied, “and I’m happy. You’re mine. And it is ridiculous.”

That the most amazing gift I have ever been given. It was considerably better than Christmas.

Sinful Sunday: The dreaming of Mrs Willy Nilly


Willy Nilly, postman, asleep up street, walks fourteen 
miles to deliver the post as he does every day of the 
night, and rat-a-tats hard and sharp on Mrs Willy Nilly.


Don't spank me, please, teacher,


whimpers his wife at his side, but every night of her 
married life she has been late for school.

Dylan Thomas, Under Milkwood




E{lust} 113: Lucky for some

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Wicked Wednesday: Holding the slipper in her mouth

I pretended to be all business, though Jennifer knew I liked what I saw.

“Bra next, Jennifer. Then panties. Oh, and I meant ‘everything’. Take that wristwatch off too. Do you have earrings?”

Earrings, tattoos and piercings were all forbidden under the school rules, even before my arrival. But there were always girls who disobeyed the rules. “No, sir!”

“Have you had your ears pierced?”

“No, sir.”

“Good girl.” If she became mine, and she was still mine when she was twenty-one, there was one piercing I might insist on, but that would not be on her head. “Well, bra, panties, wristwatch. Proceed.”

I watched Maddie gazing at Jennifer while she stripped. Jennifer hung her bra and panties on the rack, her bottom – still a dark red color – twitching adorably during that process. Then she walked back towards me and placed her wristwatch at the end of my desk. She put her hands at her sides. “Now, Jennifer. You know where the slipper is. Go and fetch it.”

“Yes, sir.” Maddie’s eyes widened when Jennifer dropped to her hands and knees and crawled, her darkly, redly smudged bottom waggling as she made her way to the cupboard. Maddie mouthed the word, “How?” at me, in amazement. Jennifer reached the cupboard, placed the slipper in her mouth, and crawled back. She was smiling again. She wasn’t humiliated at all, this time. She was proud of knowing what to do, and of shocking Maddie.

She sidled back to me, holding the slipper until I took it from her mouth. We exchanged smiles. I blew a little airkiss down at her, and she giggled again.

“All right, Jennifer. Go to the front of my desk and stand up. Now, step forward till your thighs are touching my desk.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’s right, that’s good. Now spread your legs. Feet about a meter apart.” Her body seemed to sink a little, relative to the table’s edge, as she obeyed.


Masturbation Monday: Lunch with a caned girl

After making omelettes and warming bread I put the tray in front of Emily, who lay on our bed, on her front. I sat beside her, my back against the headboard. Emily demolished her omelette at speed, and helped herself to some of mine. Healing is hungry work.

She passed me her plate, for me to put on the floor beside the bed. “So. I’m supposed to obey you. Like take orders, from now on. But what happens if you tell me to do something really stupid?” 

“Well, I’ll try not to. I don’t want to do you harm.”

“Oh that’ll work. Because your judgement is always better than mine.”

I put my hand on her well-welted left buttock and squeezed.

“Yeech! Well, all right: mostly it is, come to think of it. But not always, Jaime.”

“That’s true. I can say really stupid things.”

Emily nodded. “How about if sometimes I say, ‘excuse me, but what you just told me to do, um, putting this nicely, was stupid and it would do me harm because’. And then I’d explain that it’s a bad idea because of whatever it is.”  

“That’d be fine. Except you have to be even nicer than that. I’d suggest speaking respectfully. Or.” I put pressure on the hot skin under my hand.

“Yii! That hurts!” It wasn’t a complaint, or not entirely.

“But if I tell you to do something that would actually be bad for you, then you can trust that I’ve made a mistake. So if I give you an order that seems stupid, tell me. I’ll listen to what you say. Always.”

“Okay. You’ll always listen to me. Then what?”

“Then I re-consider it. Then I decide.”

“I don’t know, Jaime. I want you to be in charge. But if there’s a risk, it’s to me. I know you don’t want to harm me, but what if you told me to do something that would fuck me up at work or something?”

“Well, I’m going to be careful. And I’ll never mind you telling me when I’m wrong. Ever. And I’ll hear you and decide. Carefully. I know what you’re worried about, but I’m asking you to trust me. I have to have the final say, or this doesn’t work.”

“Trust you? You sure? You seen the state of my arse lately?”

“You can trust me to keep your arse in that state. Your arse looks great.”

“Feels warm. Makes me feel horny. Which is weird, I know. Glad it looks good.”

“Oh fuck. Emily, that ass looks fantastic.”

“This is good.”

“But we were talking. You can trust that I’ll only overrule you when I know you’re wrong. Like if you’re trying to get out of doing something you really need to do. That’s when you’ll do as you’re told whether you want to or not. You obey orders, and you accept punishment when I say you deserve it. The final say is mine. That’s how we are, now.” 

I watched her face carefully. She was frowning.