The language of schoolgirl spanking stories 3

Schoolgirl spanking stories are written almost exclusively from the female point of view. In a sense, the character who is most objectified, who does sexual things convenient to the plot but has no thoughts or inner life, is the sexy headmaster

All of the doubts, desires, fears and joys are assigned to the schoolgirl. That’s just how schoolgirl spanking stories are written. 

Me, I write mostly from a male Dom point of view. I use that perspective to try to tell the truth about the way domming works. That includes writing about some of the self-doubts, the fuck-ups and the bluffing involved. As well as how fantastic it feels when everything’s working.

I think we know, pretty closely, what both of those people are experiencing

We know, pretty closely, what both of those people are experiencing

That’s a conscious choice. It’s not just “write what you know”. I think most doms and subs actually have a pretty good idea about their partner’s pleasures and how they work. A submissive knows what’s going to make his or her dom turned on, just as a dom knows how to reach his or her submissive. And we know from our own sensations how the complementary desires of our partner feel. We know each other pretty well, we doms and subs.

I think the main reason I stay with a male focus is that I haven’t seen much writing about domming, or male dominance, that even tries to be truthful about what’s happening in the dom’s head. 

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