Sinful Sunday: Little Pleasures


Arethusa enjoyed a good spanking and a good flogging. But best of all was getting both, over the space of an hour or so. That sensation, the stimulation and the warmth, and the mental satisfaction of sinking into submission and knowing that nothing that happens is her choice: those things are hot, and luxurious.

But sometimes she’d cheat a bit, reach down and help herself to even more pleasure. 

The indulgent Master doesn’t mind. Just keeps those smacks coming. 


Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 25

Asuka remained in position, bent over and holding her ankles. Her asshole had suddenly stopped hosting Seamus’s cock, because he’d pulled out and grabbed his shirt to cover it when Yua came through his front door. Asuka said, “Come back in me, please, sensei.”

But Seamus was glaring at Yua, who walked across the living room to them, unbuttoning her shirt as she went. She took it off and dropped it on the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Then she undid the catches on her little pleated skirt and let it fall. It turned out she wasn’t wearing any undergarments, and when she stepped out of the skirt she was as naked as Asuka.

She said, “Hello, semsei. I’m not at school now. I’m on my own time. Asuka and I discussed this. You made me come so nicely. I’d like to do that for you.”

Seamus stared. Yua’s body, voluptuous while Asuka was slender, was as always a powerful argument that she should get whatever she wanted. He said, “Yes, you’re beautiful, Yua. You know that too well. And I know it’s true. I’ll even watch you when you turn around and leave. Now, girl.”

 Asuka stared up at him, heard head still down, looking up between her own spread thighs. “Sensei! Seamus, we did talk about it. And we thought perhaps you were refusing her because you thought you should be with me. Only me. But I don’t think of it that way.”

Yua was standing next to him now. She smiled at him and touched her pussy. She opened her mouth. The only garment on any of the three of them was the shirt he’d draped over his cock. She said, “Think of me as a gift. From Asuka, if you like.”

Yua reached down and lifted his shirt away from his cock. He let it happen. She dropped it on top of hers, on the floor beside them. She ran her fingers along the underside of his erection, so it bobbed higher. She said, “Lovely. It’s a good cock, sensei. I promise you I’ll look after it.”

She knelt, next to Asuka, still lightly stroking his cock. She opened her mouth. Seamus considered his choices, Asuka’s asshole, and Yua’s mouth. He had a vague notion that, tempting as Yua’s offer was, she probably shouldn’t take his cock into her mouth just then. He should finish Asuka first.

But he put his hand affectionately on Yua’s hair, so she knew she wasn’t being rejected any more. And he thrust firmly back into Asuka, and she wailed joyfully. He began to fuck Asuka’s ass slowly, and she sighed and moved with him. “Thank you, sensei.”

He had to let Asuka come, but stay in control of himself so he something left over for Yua.

Yua crawled beneath Asuka and licked Seamus’s balls, perhaps to prove to herself that she now had access to Seamus’s cock. But she devoted herself to Asuka’s pussy, licking and fingering her while Seamus occupied that higher, tighter orifice. Seamus pressed his thighs against the back of her head as she worked on her friend.

Asuka was starting to make little gibbering sounds, as if someone was giving electric shocks to a pika.*

Seamus increased their pace, and the gibbering continued, rapid, empty of words, and lower in pitch. Seamus smacked his hand, hard, on the cane stripes on the right slope of her ass, and then gripped her, hard, making her hurt. Her orgasm shook her, immediately, and he felt her anal tube tighten on him, while she screamed, “YAAAAA!” It was low, almost guttural by Asuka’s standards.

If they’d been alone he’d have continued until she screamed again and perhaps again. But he felt he had other duties. He released his grip and patted Asuka lightly. “Good girl. Good girl. Beautiful.”  

“Thank you, sensei!” Seamus withdrew, carefully, but Asuka stayed bent over, presented.

Seamus took a fistful of Yua’s hair and pulled her to her feet. She looked at him, surprised but uncomplaining. Seamus said, “Not your mouth, sexy little Yua. I’m going to do a comparison. Your asshole and Asuka’s. So bend over. Asuka, go and get a cloth, and wipe me clean. And bring me a condom and the lube.”

Yua hadn’t obeyed yet. “You’re going to fuck my ass?”

“I dare say I’m not the first, Yua. Won’t be the last.”

“No, sensei. The women teachers, they wanted my mouth on their pussies. Or their mouths on mine. And the men, they all wanted my mouth and my pussy too. Asuka said you took that virginity, for her. It would be mine, too.”

Seamus wondered if he believed her. It seemed that his cock did. The idea of taking new territory in that delicious body appealed: his cock seemed almost to ache, full, almost heavy.

His mind reminded him that Yua was a liar. On the other hand, her lies tended to be deliberately outlandish to make it obvious they were lies.

That was a kind of honesty. An anal virginity was too mundane to be one of her lies. Probably. He decided it didn’t matter. Except to his cock, and his cock was happy.

Asuka returned with a warm, soapy cloth and slowly, caressingly wiped him clean, then kissed the head. “Can I lube you? Both of you?”

Yua said, “Yes, please!”

Seamus smacked Yua’s left breast, hard. She hissed with the brief pain and looked reproachfully at him. “Not up to you, girl.” Then he shrugged. He said to Asuka, “But yes, anyway. Yua, bend over. Feet wide, grab your ankles. Now!”

Yua said, “Hai, sensei!” and obeyed.

Asuka looked at her friend’s submissively presented body, and smiled conspiratorially at Seamus. She lathered him with lube first, and turned to Yua. She poured a generous amount onto two fingers.

  * A pika is a small creature from Ezo (Hokkaido). Its full name means “Hokkaido crying rabbit”, after its high-pitched calls. The Pokemon favourite, Pikachu, is almost certainly inspired by this little mammal. But when this story is set (the 1980s), there was no Pokemon campany, and Pikachu had never been heard of.   

Sinful Sunday: Submission?

The lovely Zoë, in submissive mode, and perhaps mood. 

There’s quite the pile of implements for improving the colour and temperature of her bottom, and perhaps her moral character, though in truth that can’t be improved.*

Mostly they’re hidden under her body. Perhaps she hopes I won’t see them. 

Ha! That’s the first place I’d look!

* Because of its existing excellence, I should clarify.

Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 24

That evening Asuka arrived home after him. She was uncharacteristically quiet. When she’d let herself in she went to Seamus, where he was sitting on the couch. She knelt and kissed his feet. 

“I’m sorry I was late, Sensei. You should punish me later.” 

Seamus smiled. She was, of course, p[lay-acting. She hoped to be spanked, since she’d found she enjoyed that very much in its own right, and that it always led to very passionate sex. So he said, trying to sound stern, “Do you get to tell me what I should do, little seidoral?” He hadn’t called her that before. It meant she was his slave, kept for labour or for sexual purposes.

“No, sensei! No! I’m so sorry. Your seidorel would never tell you what to do. I meant, I humbly beg that you punish me.”

He grinned at her then, and just for a second she smiled back, before assuming a properly submissive posture and expression. “Come up and kiss me, little one. Just because you’re my slave doesn’t mean I can’t love you. Game-playing little seidorel.”

Asuka climbed up and then plonked herself onto his lap. She kissed his neck. “I like you calling me your seidorel. It feels … limitless. You can do whatever you like.”

“Except that your Dad would have me killed if you came to any harm.”

“Oh? Should I tell him you put welts on my bottom?”

“He knows, little one. He doesn’t count that as harm, I’m afraid. He told me he should have done it himself, but he never had the nerve. You’re too scary, little seidorel.”

 “Not too scary for you.”

“Oh, I’m brave, me.” He kissed her, his arms round her, and they didn’t move or speak for some time. At last, when he realised she was rubbing her bottom against his cock, getting him hard, he said, “I’ll show you. Fetch the cane, little seidorel. Come back with it, and no clothes. Now!”

He smacked her bottom, hard, and the room rang, not for the first time, with the sound of a male hand on delicate, girl, flesh. Asuka squealed, and scampered.

She was more solemn when she returned, naked, holding the cane before her with both hands. She looked at him. “How many strokes did you give Yua today?”

“One dozen in front of the class. One dozen in the storeroom. And I’m not sure I should let you two talk to each other about this. She’s a bad influence.”

“You spanked her, too. She said it’s the hardest spanking she’s ever had. And you made her come!”

“She made herself come. And I’m trying to think of a way of stopping that, next time. Anyway” – he took the cane from her hands and stood up – “you were late home without permission. And if you were gossiping with Yua, you definitely have no excuse. Assume the position, little bad seidorel.”

“Hai, darling Sensei.” She turned her back, and jackknifed her body down, so she was touching her toes.

Seamus caned her, starting from the crease of her buttocks and thighs, and slowly rising until her bottom was well striped. He gave her two dozen strokes, as he’d given Yua, but these were nowhere near as hard. The marks stood out now, but he expected they would be gone in a day or two.

When he’d finished her punishment he told her to stay in position, and went to the bedroom to get the lube. He lubed her little dark asshole thoroughly, and then his cock.

She moaned luxuriously as he pushed into her, taking her slowly but firmly until her heated bottom blared its warmth at his groin and lower belly. He’d come to love that heat; it was tactile proof, even when he couldn’t see his welts on her, that he’d marked her, taken her as his.

He pressed forward a little further, in that tight and slippery tube, Asuka tightening her rectal muscles on his cock. She bent even tighter, and kept her ass firmly against him. Then they started to rock together, a sensuous, unhurried fuck.

At exactly six there was a tap at their door. Asuka shouted, “Come in!”

“What the fuck?” Seamus withdrew his cock, and grabbed at his shirt to cover it.

“Please sensei, don’t stop.”

He said, “Bloody hell, Asuka.” The door opened. It was Yua.


Sinful Sunday: The Rug

A lovely girl, especially if she is Zoe, should be:

(1) regularly spanked;

(2) loved and cherished, and have every input to make sure she knows it; and

(3) comfortable.

Sound advice from The Junior Woodchucks’ Guidebook section on Domming.



Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 23

Yua looked at him, holding his eyes with hers, while she slowly undid the buttons of her shirt. She shrugged the shirt off and let it fall behind her, standing naked before him. 

Seamus knew he’d made a tactical error, if he didn’t plan to have sex with this girl. It was obvious she would be, as his friend Amida had told him, a luscious fuck. She was smiling, partly to entice him, and partly because she couldn’t help but feel triumphant. Her naked body, smoothly voluptuous, was the strongest signal and the most powerful argument in this room, and she knew it. 

He swallowed, and only then could he speak. “Yua, I am going to cure you of laziness. And disobeying rules. And maybe even your silly, childish game-playing.” 

Her smile flickered when he said “childish”. She was womanly, and she wanted to be treated as such. He was the only male hold-out among the staff, and she’d also made an impressive set of conquests among the younger women teachers.

That helped Seamus decide his next move. He reached for her wrist and pulled her forward, dumping her face-down over his knee. “So we’ll deal with your silly, childish behaviour. Now.”

He raised his hand, flattening his palm and brought it sharply down. Yua’s bottom was soft under his hand, and moon-pale. She was the first student to receive this treatment, as a student, though of course he had spanked Asuka many times.

A few seconds later that delectable bottom was still femininely soft, but not quite as pale.

He applied another smack, on her other cheek, and then began a hard, brisk spanking, leaving her no time to absorb the pain. But he gave her a short pause, her bottom already a deep pink, after a dozen spanks, and then began again, a little harder.

Seamus wasn’t counting the spanks, but after many pauses Yua began to gasp. He continued, spanking her sweet, distinctly red bottom for another ten minutes. By then the gasps of discomfort had became a low, continuous noise, part wail and part growl. She found his cock was hard, beneath her, and she rocked herself against it as she writhed under his smacks.

The little room echoed with the sounds of spanking, and of a girl getting off on being spanked. He could smell her arousal and, he had to admit, she would be able to smell his. But he continued while she writhed under him, until he heard her sniffing, along with that sexual, big cat’s growl. He’d made her cry, perhaps the first time he’d really done so.

But suddenly she raised her upper body and her legs into the air, making a series of inarticulate, blissful cries as she ground herself on his hard fulcrum. At last she stilled, her body relaxed over his knee. She said, “Oh, Seamus, thank you, thank you, Sensei.”

Seamus said, “You’re not very easy to punish, are you?”

She said, “Oh, yes I am. Very easy, for you.”

“Hah. Next time I think I’ll use a thumbscrew.”

“Is that something Western? For schoolgirls? I’d like that!”

He smacked her bottom again. “I wouldn’t put it past you. But get dressed now, Yua. And for god’s sake wear your uniform and do your homework.”

“Or you’ll spank me and make me come again. Hai, Sensei.”

“Ok, you’re done. Get up and get dressed, Yua.” 

She slipped off his knee, but crouched before him, looking at the erection she’d recently made use of. “But … I’d like to please you too. You pleased me very much.” 

Seamus shook his head. “Next class, girl.” 

So she dressed, wiggling slightly more than that process really required, kissed him, and skipped away.

Seamus was still seated. He stood up at last, willing his cock to go down. He wasn’t sure he’d won that round.



Sinful Sunday: Corner time

Disobedience should be severely punished. It wasn’t the first time I’d disciplined Arethusa for not telling me about university assignments, and not getting them handed in. I’d caned her for that before.

But it had happened again. I felt it was time that stopped. So this was real; it wasn’t a sexual game, even though anything between Master and slavegirl is inherently sexual. But I genuinely was disappointed in her, and I felt the duty to give correction and change her behaviur. 

So discipline had to be memorable and painful. But it’s still true that anything that passes between Master and slavegirl is inherently sexual. She was sorry and embarrassed, and I was cross and certain I was doing the right thing. But it’s still sexual. Without the sexual power that comes when a Dom is being very dominant and a submissive is very submissive, this discipline wouldn’t happen. 

It’s as though both of our minds divide into two tracks: for me one track is duty, and for her one track is atonement, and for both of us the other track is lust. 

And, of course, Arethusa’s obedience during punishment will eventually be rewarded, with proof that she’s loved and wanted. A Good Girl. Really.

But before we get to there, on the other side, there’s a Bad Girl to deal with. The prolonged waiting, the corner time facing outside instead of nose-to-the-wall, and the sign are all new, at least between the two of us. They’re humbling in themselves, and they warn that today, punishment is going to be a long, slow journey to expiation and forgiveness. And eventually, of course, getting your ass carefully soothed, in bed.





Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 22

Seamus sighed. This, he thought, is weird. He’d found that he enjoyed disciplining girls. Chiaki had taught him that. She’d begged him to assume control of her, and when he’d complied it had been overpoweringly erotic.

He didn’t think he was a sadist, because he didn’t want to hurt her. Or any girl. He wanted to give her hurt, for her pleasure, and to give her guidance, so she could relax for a while and let him lead, confident that he’d be doing it for her. 

So the thought of Yua, in the classroom’s storeroom, waiting for him to come and finish her caning, was a turn-on. Of course it was. 

Also, he liked fucking girls, or young women. And Yua had signalled in every possible way, and some he’d never have thought of himself, that she wanted him to fuck her. That, surely, he argued with himself, was a good thing. And so it was odd that he was determined that she wasn’t going to have him. 

He wondered about his motives. If he was a stickler for morality, he wouldn’t be living with Chiaki. Or tolerate her living with him. So was his determination without any moral basis? What if he simply wanted to disappoint her? Because he felt she was spoiled.

“Ah well,” he said aloud. He stood up and went to the storeroom, where temptation, intelligent, beautiful and ruthless, awaited.

Yua had prepared for his arrival, he found. She had removed her panties, which he’d taken halfway down her thighs, completely. They lay on the desk, on top of her school skirt, also removed. Yua was bent over that desk, his cane lying at her side. Her perfect little ass was bare raised, her breasts and face pressed down on to the desk’s hard wood.

Her thighs were parted, so he could consider the respective pleasures and potentials offered by her pussy and her tight little bud.

He said, “Yua, I…” He shook his head. He could see the side of her face. She had smiled. He said, “You want me to cane you and then fuck you, don’t you?”

“Hai, Sensei! Please.” She arched her bottom up just a little more. 

“Would you like it if I just caned you and didn’t fuck you?” 

The smirk was gone. “Oh no. That wouldn’t be nearly as good. That would be bad.” 

He took the cane from the desk then, and stood to her side. “Then that, my girl, is how it’s going to be.” 

And he swung the cane, hard. She knew that he was no longer fooled by the performance she’d made the first time he’d caned her. So when she yelped, surprised and stung, he took it as a compliment. And swung the cane again, aiming at the softer flesh of her lower buttocks.

She yowled, and her white socks left the floor, kicking in pain. She said, “You should do this. Beat me all the time when you fuck me, sensei.”

Seamus gave her four more strokes. She swore at each one, and offered to fuck him, and suck his cock. But each stroke branded her beautiful bottom, and he said nothing. But after the sixth stroke, Seamus said, “Get up, Yua.” 

“Hai, Sensei!” She raised herself from the desk using her hands. She turned to face him, her legs crossed, her pussy lightly, blackly furred, under the edge of her shirt. She said, “Would you like something, Sensei?” 

Seamus knew that they both knew what he’d like. He said, “Yua, you’re not wearing a bra, are you?”

She shook her head, wide-eyed. “Oh no, Sensei.”

“That’s a breach of school rules, and you know it. Take off that shirt.”


Sinful Sunday: Holmes and the single girl


Even in a simple one-subject photo, there is information. There’s the hand, that can’t help but be there, in possession. 

There are the vertical stripes on that arse, that tell the expert eye that Arethusa was getting the cane, recently, while giving head for her Master. 

There’s the fact that the stripes aren’t very hard, that indicate that she was really very good at giving head. 

“Yes,” said Holmes. “Apart from the obvious facts that the girl has superior fellatio skills, is sexually submissive, left-handed, likes red rather than white wine, and frequently gasps when she sits down, I can tell you nothing whatsoever about her.”