“Between the Lines” and other books

Agents and publishers sought for three books.

Between the Lines: A Biography of BDSM

“Between the Lines” is a history of bdsm, from erotic sculptures made 23,000 years ago to the internet age. It covers bdsm in arts and literature, and the development of bdsm communities, with mutual support, a code of ethics and a sexual politics.

It’s also a personal history, from Jerusalem Mortimer’s earliest discovery that his sexual tastes were not the same as his friends, his encounters with stigma and isolation, and his slow discovery that, with perseverance and the kindness of others, bdsm can be fitted into a good life, decent, happy, and occasionally joyous.

Status: Publication-ready.

A chapter outline for Between the lines can be found by clicking here.

Other books:

Two Year’s Probation

A novel about a young probation officer falling in love with one of his clients and torpedoing his own career. It’s also about police corruption, crime and sex, set in and around the Samoan community in Los Angeles. 

Status: A complete draft exists. However, the revision process may take a further four months.. 

In preparation…

Green Grow the Rushes-O: The Etiquette of the Threesome

A book on how to be polite and ethical in trying to set up a threesome, and how to behave well and generously during a threesome. It offers suggestions on emotional after-care for all participants in the days afterwards. 

It looks at some of the risks, for example of damaging existing relationships, hurting people’s feelings, health risks and so on. The advice is on how to minimize those risks, and maximise the joy.  

The book also features advice on menage a trois, the long-term relationship between three lovers. Why it is such a notoriously unstable partner formation, and how it can be sustained. 

The format is “sexy coffee-table book”, with sexy-but-not-pornographic photography and art. 

Status: Text still being written. Photographer engaged for photo-shoot when text is complete