Schoolgirl spanking story 7

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Cindy obeyed, surprised. His thumb and forefinger entered her. She couldn’t help running her tongue along the underside of his thumb. To show him he was welcome to her mouth. At last he smiled. “That’s right, girl. Show me how nicely you can suck my fingers while I smack you. And if you bite…”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was a question. Cindy found it hard to speak while his finger occupied her mouth. She said, “Urb. If I bib you, you’b cane me?” 

“That’s right, girl. Twice a day. For a week.”

Cindy sighed. She wondered how that would be. On the fourth day, to bend over for him, her bottom already striped from the previous days’ caning.

Would he be merciful, or would he be excited by the state of her bottom when she lifted her skirt,  and cane her even harder?

She’d get his hard thing in her pussy afterwards, she knew that. Maybe she’d want him to cane her hard. It was so confusing. 

But he’d raised his other hand. He smacked her hand hard, giving her about twenty seconds after each smack, to let her absorb all of the sensation. And time to lick and suck at his thumb, in her mouth. She knew she was being shameless, and telling him how much she wanted him, and how much she wanted him to discipline her, even while she licked him. 


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