Bedroom Eyes 27

Maires had asked me if I were jealous of the bond that seemed to be developing between her and Stephanie. It was a question that needs thought, but it also needs an instant answer.

“No, of course not,” I said. “You’re both doing new things – you’re being dominant, and Stephanie’s getting turned on by another woman. I really don’t want to lose you, and I’d be devastated if I did, but I think you should both explore. That,” I grimaced, because I suspected I was lying, “Is the truth.”

Maires came closer, and looked into my eyes. She brushed the hair off my forehead, so we could each see ourselves reflected in the other’s eyes. “Master, I love you. And I’m in lust with you.” She put her hand on my cock, which was still wet with her, or with Stephanie. She smiled at me till I smiled back at her. “I know for a fact that Stephanie is too. In love with you and in lust. But we both want to explore. I feel that from her, and I know I feel the same.”

I said, “I know. And I’m not exactly jealous. Part of me fears that you’ll go off together and leave me behind. I hope that’s stupid: no, I’m sure it is. But I think that fear’s a very slightly different thing from jealousy. Or maybe it isn’t. Anyway, I love you, and I love Stephanie. I hate having to be brave, but I can do it. Explore, my love.”

Maires kissed me. “Master, Jaime, that’s not good enough. Please trust that I love you. I know that Stephanie does. I just want to do something naughty with her. I think it’ll make her closer to you, and I think you’ll like the result. But please, my love, do trust me. I’m not going to hurt you.”

I smacked her bottom, as a reminder and for the sensual pleasure of it.”This is wise. If I owned you but didn’t trust you, what would be the point? Anyway, Stephanie’s in the kitchen and I’m sure she won’t mind being interrupted. Maybe you could inspect the plates she’s washed. I bet they’re not perfect. Anyway, you can grab Stephanie in the kitchen, and I’m putting no restrictions on you.”

Maires kissed me again, then scrambled up. Standing, she said, “I know you’re being brave, but I promise you you don’t need to be. You don’t get to be my master, or Stephanie’s, unless we love you.”

I leaned back in the bed and smiled up at her. “Enjoy yourself, and make sure Stephanie does too.”

“Oh Master, I can promise you that too.” She turned, ready to go out the door. She wiggled, knowing that always cheered me up.

I threw a pillow at her. “You make a good hussy.”

“Thank you Jaime.” As she put her hand on the door handle she turned. “Master, would it be all right if I took the riding crop?”