Wicked Wednesday: Maddie’s virginity (last hours) 2

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My teacher kept me after class, the bitch. [Maddie said, as we lay together in the storeroom.]

She was taunting me, knowing I was desperate to leave. She asked me how many strokes I’d had on the hand, and whether I’d been paddled before. She was watching the clock the whole time. She let me go at 12.03. She chose that because she knew I’d have no chance of making it to the head’s office by 12.05, as he’d instructed me, and that if I had two minutes I’d try anyway. 

So I ran, staying out in the playground and not in the corridors, so as not to get in more trouble. When I got to his office, I made it 12.07, so that was it. I was in for a return visit after school to get the paddle.

But then I thought that maybe his clock might be slow, and he wouldn’t notice I was late, so I knocked at the door.

Then I heard a sharp noise, like a pistol shot, very loud, from inside. Then, half a minute later, another one, and another one after that.

Someone was being punished. Punished hard, by the sound of it. But was that the paddle or the cane? Was it a boy or a girl? Then there was a fourth stroke, and I heard a gasp of pain. So it was a boy, trying not to cry out, and not quite being able to stop himself. 

I heard the headmaster roar at the boy that he was to take his punishment in silence, and that he was going to get that stroke again. Then there was a silence, and in a moment, the headmaster opened the door. 

“Hello, Maddie. You were two minutes late. You’re a glutton for punishment, aren’t you?” 

I said nothing. There was a boy – well, really a young man, in the same year as me, so he’d be 18 = bent over the desk. His pants and underpants were round his ankles. The head had the cane in his hand still, and there were maybe a dozen stripes across this boy’s ass. More. I’d never seen cane stripes before. I’d never seen a boy’s bare ass before, come to that. I was a shy girl, then. So I gawped, open-mouthed. 

The head took my arm, and made me kneel on a chair, hands on head, nose to the wall. “Yes, you are a glutton for punishment, you silly little girl. Now, you keep your nose touching the wall. If I see your nose before I’ve told you you can move, it’ll be the worse for you, girl.” 

And with that he went back to his desk, and said, “All right, Rob. We’ll give you that stroke again. See if you can stop yourself from whining, this time.” 

Then there was the crack of the cane again, and the sound of the desk jolting when Rob’s body slammed against it. But he made no sound.

I wondered if I’d ever be able to take a stroke like that. It didn’t seem possible. And yet I knew that one day I would. For him. 

Then there were three more strokes, and Rob – I remembered him now; he played football, and was one of the popular boys – screamed. It was so shocking I couldn’t help myself. I turned to look. Rob knew he was in trouble for that scream. He was crying audibly, all his defences down.  

“Well, you’ve just made your caning longer, Rob. And I’m going to have to keep his nosy girl waiting for longer.”

I turned my face back to the wall, as fast as I could, knowing it would do no good. What did I think of seeing and mostly hearing Rob getting flogged? I don’t know, exactly. I was disappointed that it wasn’t just the head and me. But … I liked thinking of him doing that to me. And if he was caning me, would I like it if he let someone else into his office while I struggled not to cry out? I don’t know about the reality, but the thought of it was so hot.

He said, “Maddie. What are you here for?”

I thought. It was such a huge question. “I’m here for a spanking, sir.”

“A spanking. On…?”

I said quickly, “On my bare bottom. Sir. Uh.” My cunt felt it, when I said those words to him. “I’m here for a spanking on my bare bottom, sir.”

“That’s better. Now, Maddie, if you can’t give Rob his privacy, there’s no reason you should have any privacy either, is there, nosy girl?”

“Um. No, sir. I’m sorry, sir.”

“Good. So make yourself ready for your spanking now. The bare bottom one. Skirt off. Panties … not just down, for you. Right off. Now, Maddie!”

“Yes, sir.” I slid down from my knees on the chair, so my feet touched the floor. And I undressed for him. Knowing he was watching me. He’d seen my top half when he’d given me the strap. Now he was looking at the bottom half. I wondered if I’d be naked when he paddled me.

I looked at him. I didn’t dare put my hands in front of my cunt. He was the first man to see it. My heart was pounding, and I knew I was going to spill soon. I wished he was caning me. I wished I could bend over his desk, naked for him. So he could do what he liked to me, and then take me.

But I asked him with my eyes what he wanted. He said, “Back in the chair. Hands on head, nose to the wall. If I see your face again, before I call you, I’ll cane you, Maddie.What will I do?”

I remembered to keep my nose pressed to the wall. “You’ll cane me, sir, if I look again.”

“Good.” I heard him walk to Rob’s right, so the strokes would go the other way.

“All right, boy. Do you think you can take the rest of your punishment without any more snivelling?”

It took Rob a long time to answer. Eventually he sniffed once, loudly, and said “Yes, sir. I can take my caning without snivelling.”

“Well, you’ve done a pretty poor job of showing it. I’m not at all satisfied. I’m going to give you four now. And you’ll be back here tomorrow. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir.” The voice sounded despairing. Then there came four loud cracks, mercilessly hard, and in quick succession. Rob jolted the desk under each one, but he managed to keep his mouth shut.

I heard the cane rattle on the table. “Right. Up you get, boy. Get your pants up. And, Rob -“

“Yes, sir?”

“You’re not to wipe your eyes. Go back to class and sit there till class resumes. But I want your teacher and your classmates to see what a crybaby you are. I’ll be asking your teacher whether you had tears on your face, so I suggest you don’t disobey. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” There was resentment in his voice. I was shocked. How dare he disrespect Sir?

“I heard that, Rob. We’ll talk about proper, respectful speech tomorrow. Before I repeat your caning. Now, let’s try it again. Do you understand?”

Rob cleared his throat. “Yes, sir. I understand, sir.”

That was better. I actually nodded, pleased that he’d learned to respect Sir.

Then I caught a glimpse of Rob’s face. I hadn’t moved, but he’d stepped into my visual field while he put his clothes on. The look he gave me was pure venom. It shocked me. I kept staring at the wall, knowing he’d be staring at my bottom now.

“Get out, Rob. Straight to class with you, and no wiping your eyes. Or your cheeks. Go!”

Rob said, “Yes, sir.” He cleared his throat again. “Thank you, sir.” And the door closed behind him.

The headmaster put his hand on my shoulder. “All right, Maddie, you can get up now.”

“Thank you, sir.” I stood up straight in front of him, displaying myself. I wished he’d touch my cunt. Maybe rub me.

“You’ll come over my lap in a second. But I’m curious. Did you feel sorry for him?”

“No sir. Not for a second.”

“Why not, Maddie?”

“Well, sir. I trust your judgement. And anyway, I heard him disrespect you.”

He smiled at me. I noticed he wasn’t using his “strict” voice any more. He was kind again. “So you’re my little warrior, are you? On my side.”

“Oh, yes, sir.”

“Good. I’m pleased to hear it. One thing, though. He deserved that, every bit of it. And he deserves what he’s getting tomorrow. He’s a bad person; a bully, and worse. Maddie, I forbid you to speak to him. Or spend any time with him. That’s an order, girl. For your own safety.”

I said, “Thank you, sir. For the warning. And I will keep away from him.” Huh, I thought. That won’t be hard.

He sat down in the chair I’d been kneeling on, and patted his lap. “Come over my knee, Maddie.”

“Oh sir, yes!” That was a giveaway, but we were hardly bothering to pretend any more. I dived across his lap, pressing my cunt down where I thought his – Oh, there it was! And he put his hand down on my bottom, and rubbed and stroked me. I’d guessed right. It got harder, and pressed against me. I sighed. I was happy, here.

“Feet apart, Maddie. No, further apart. No, right apart, girl.” And his hand slipped down between my buttocks, and nearly touched me where I wanted. I felt so much need.

Then his hand was gone. “Arch your bottom up, Maddie. Lovely. Now we begin.”


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Novel news: Shar’s submission: good from her first drop

We embraced in the hotel room, beside the bed. I undid Shar’s jeans and pulled her top off. “Turn round, Shar.”

Shar turned her back. She’d forgotten to make a demonstration of how good she was being: look! I even humor you when you give me an order! Nor did she produce her usual playful defiance. I made no comment because simple obedience is another stage in submission, and in its early stages it’s fragile.

I undid her bra and took it off her, holding her breasts firmly while she leant back against me.

I kissed her neck and pinched her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Not to hurt, but to make her aware that I could hurt her, if I chose to. She was, literally, in my hands. Submission, when it’s offered, has to be accepted and rewarded.

She sighed and pushed her ass back against my groin. I said, “Excuse me.” I pushed her panties down to her knees, and held one hand to her lower belly, almost touching her cunt. “Take those right off.”

“Yes, Sir.” Shar crouched for an instant. She was naked now, nicely contrasted with fully-clothed me.

“Spread your legs for me.” My fingers pressed, frustratingly, just above her cunt, and that made that order one that had to be obeyed urgently. She spread, and fell forward a little when two of my fingers entered her, relying on me to catch her.

“Good girl.” I slipped a third finger inside her and pressed and stroked spongy wet girl. Her breath synchronized with the movements of my fingers. “That’s good. Who’s a good girl?”

“Me, Sir?” She was pretty sure that was the right answer, but she didn’t want to seem smug about it.

“Yes. You.” I smacked her bottom, affectionately but hard enough to hurt, if she was in one mood, and for her to feel relieved and released by it if she were in another mood.

She said, very quietly, “Hahrr.” So she was in the mood where being smacked felt good. I took my fingers out of her and held them to her mouth. Shar hesitated for a moment and I smacked her again. She opened her mouth and sucked my fingers. She’d been reluctant to have me lick her this morning, I wondered if this was the first time she’d ever tasted herself. I didn’t ask. She seemed happy enough not to have to think.

“Good girl. Now face me.” Shar turned and we kissed. I put my hands on her ass, cupping one rounded, muscled half-globe in each hand, then lifted and separated slightly.

That reminded her of something. “You’re going to use that tawse on me now, aren’t you?”

“Yes, love. But not as a punishment. For pleasure. Including your pleasure, though I’m going to enjoy it. You’ve been incredibly good.”

Shar kissed me again, smiling. She liked being told she was good. My approval had become important.

“I’m awed by what you did for that girl this afternoon. I was so proud to be with you. So I couldn’t punish you again. Today.”

She smiled, irony back in her expression. “Today.”



Another segment of novel. For you because I love you all, and also because I’m writing, and very short on blogging time.. 

Wicked Wednesday: Fucking ages away

Shhh-stack! sang the whip. (Which she bought from the Sentient Whips store on Vulcan)

“His sexual slug lolled against his thigh.”

Neil Gaiman pointed out in Ghastly Beyond Belief, an anthology of bad science fiction writing, that the danger of writing sex scenes set in the far future is that people won’t know what’s metaphor and what’s supposed to be taken literally. 

Does our hero have a pet sexual slug who comes over and does nice things for him, or has the writer thought of a metaphor for a post-fuck penis, relaxed, wet with his partner’s pleasure and some of his own, and lolling happily?

In a similar vein, there’s this:

“He watched, awed, as she took off her space helmet, shaking free her lustrous blonde hair. She removed her space suit, her voluptuous figure revealed in the tight, figure-hugging lines of her satin-velcro skin-suitsuit. As she stripped down to her leotard, he marvelled, admiring the erotic promise of her camel toe.” 

Fortunately, the camel toe isn’t connected to the rest of the camel, and its erotic promise was, “Yep, she don’t mind a smack on the arse, but bite her nipples and she’ll rip both your lungs out.”

Then it jumped off her leotard and hopped, as unaccompanied toes must do if they wish to move around, out of the scene. Phew!

Spang! Spang!

There was a Robert Heinlein science fiction novel, The Number of the Beast, in which the story was told in first person as a woman character. The heroine/narrator had amazing mobile nipples, that went “spang!” every time they erected. That was very often, believe me. I don’t know if he ever explained the nippleesque sound effects, because I couldn’t finish the book. I also never got to find out what her cunt said in moments of excitement. Ah, well.

Heinlein was a good writer, once. But by the time he died he’d managed to make himself into a terrible, terrible one. 

“I can’t make it tonight, honey, I’ve got crabs,” he said, inevitably.

Anyway, my point is that he garooded her firm proud pavanes lustily, causing her to shoockle like a Deleuzian lovecat in its annual droxa-heat. Her seven breasts, like her eight jewel-encrusted eyes, were on fire with passion.

No, really, they were on fire. Everything was extremely flammable on that planet, because of its atmosphere. It was high on oxygen, and therefore too obsessed by the myriad lines on its own right hand to notice as it spiralled towards the sun. In the year 2157!

“Oooh,” she moaned, “lunge that spockle, and floofe me hard!”  

Swiftly he grasped her heaving haunches, and …



I’ve been caught by novel deadlines. Maddy, our usual Wicked Wednesday guest, will have to wait a week before she returns to the headmaster’s office. Poor girl: they say the worst thing is the anticip


Finger-fucking in the taxi (FREE novel excerpt)

“God, I’m sorry about last night. I was having nerves. How was your flight?”

I shrugged. “Tried to sleep. Did manage to tune out. And you’re never, ever to hide nerves from me. That’s an order.”

Shar smiled complacently. “You’re going to like giving me orders, aren’t you?”

“Yup. What I won’t like is repeating them. That’s when you get your ass smacked.”

“But you’ll do that anyway. Already do.”

At about the same moment I said, “Taxi.”

“Trains are cheaper.”

“Not so much, for two people. And we got bags. And you’re a girl with no knickers on, and you might need privacy. “ She didn’t blush. So I said, “Though you will have to behave yourself. Taxi driver could hardly miss it if I have to punish you.” That worked.

She said, “Er…” But we rolled our bags to the taxi stand.

I organized the handle of my carry-on bag and my coat to block the gap between the front seats.

Shar sat beside me, staring forward, eyes glazing a little, while I slipped my fingers between warm damp thighs and into her cunt. Shar’s mouth dropped. She hadn’t been sure I really would do this. But she was a wet,welcoming girl.

She smiled, amused by me. Then she made her face straight, as if this wasn’t happening. I stroked inside her cunt, sometimes gently and sometimes hard, making her gasp as quietly as she could.

She tried to keep her upper body still and her face blank, At the same time she rolled her hips slightly and slowly to move with and make use of my fingers.

She put her hand on my wrist, not to stop me but to hold me, squeezing sometimes tight and sometimes with every ounce of her strength. Her face was red, not from embarrassment but from the effort of suppressing any – or most – sounds of her pleasure.

Cause something is happening and you don’t know what it is…

The taxi driver was grumpy when we stopped, though not because a woman had been pleasured in the back of his cab. He knew that much, I suppose, because there was a particularly focussed quality in our silence, with Shar’s occasional gasps, that gave us away.

Taxi drivers must be used to that sort of thing in their back seats, and if they minded unduly they wouldn’t drive taxis.

What annoyed him was that the little wall I’d built with my bag and coat meant he hadn’t been able to watch in the rear vision mirror, and the angle was wrong for cab-cam.

I wondered if that, in some taxi-driver-centric universe, was a legitimate grievance. I decided it couldn’t be but tipped him over the odds anyway. So we shook hands, though he knew where my hand had been, and parted on mutually congratulatory terms.

E[lust] 94: The joy of pain

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Elust 88

Wicked Wednesday: Maddie’s virginity (last hours)

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So I’d just told the headmaster I was made to be strapped and spanked. By him. Seems I have a thing for headmasters, don’t I?

[I squeezed Maddie’s shoulders as she lay back, nestled in the crook of my right arm. We were relaxing on our makeshift bed in the storage room next to my office. I was her current headmaster, and I’d marked her body well with my hand and the cane before we’d fucked. Though for me she was office staff, not one of the students. She was telling me how she came to end her virginity.]  

So he smiled at me. Because I’d said the right thing. And because he knew perfectly well that I wanted him.

No, I didn’t just want him. I wanted him to be as cruel to me as he could bring himself to be, before he laid me down, spread my thighs and made me feel – all the things I wanted to feel.

I wanted him to walk on me, to pull me around by my hair. I wanted him to slap me, and make me cry for him. I wanted his cock to stretch me until I was so filled up I’d think I couldn’t take him.

I gazed up at him. I must have seemed so serious. I knew he was going to throw me out of his office and back to class. I didn’t want to leave. My cunt was yearning for him so hard it hurt. My thighs were shaking. I could feel my own juices running down my inner thighs. It’d take me at least a dozen paper towels to make myself look normal before I could get back to class. I didn’t want the other girls to know what a weird little girl I was.

“Maddie, you’re to go back to class now. And tell your teacher that you’ve had the strap. And that you have to be here no later than 12.05. Or you’ll get extra punishment. So, girl, it’s time you were on your way.”

I remembered he was going to make me take off my skirt and panties before he spanked me at lunchtime. There’d be no hiding it then. I’d just be at his mercy. Somehow, I didn’t mind him seeing. I’d be flowing for him. He’d know what to do.

He stepped towards me. I was sure he was going to tell me, then, that he loved me and needed me. But he just put one hand low on my belly, and reached with the other to flip my skirt up and tuck the hem into the waist so it stayed up. He spanked my through my panties, six hard ones, while I leaned against his body.

His hand cupped my let cheek, and patted me more affectionately. And then it moved between my legs – I’d stopped breathing – and his fingertips touched my left inner thigh, high up so his fingers found all my slippery wetness.

If he hadn’t been holding me then, I’d have crashed to the floor.

Then he stroked me, a little further up, so there was just the most fleeting touch, just the edge of his hand, touching the wet cotton covering my cunt. It was so soft and so fast that I could have told myself it hadn’t happened. But it had.

He smiled again, and smacked me one last time. “If I’m to spank you over my knee, Maddie, I’m going to need a towel, aren’t I?” 

I suppose I must have blushed as hard as I ever have in my life. I nodded. Then I remembered and said, “I think you may, sir.”

He laughed, just a very little. And he smacked my bottom again, and led me to the door.

On my way back to class, via the changing rooms, I wondered why I wasn’t more worried about the spanking I was going to get at lunchtime.

Or the paddling I’d almost certainly get after school. But I couldn’t make myself feel that these things were scary. He didn’t mind that I was a wet girl. He didn’t mind that I was turned on. He knew I was weird, and he still liked me. I was sure of it. 

I knew it wasn’t just me who was made for this. He was, too.


The next episode is here.


Free novel segment!

Once again I’m busy with my book. I’d like to produce the next episode of the Raylene saga, but I’ve set myself the goal of finishing the novel by 31 May. 

So here’s another novel excerpt!


FREE novel excerpt!

Not illustrating anything in the actual story, worse luck. But the Tao of Nipple-Biting belongs everywhere

I lifted my head. “Good girl, beautiful girl, wondergirl, good girl, lovely sexy girl, that was so -”

But I stopped because I couldn’t think of anything that compared to what had just happened.

So I lowered my head and kissed Daphne’s cunt with adoration. Then I kissed it goodbye, and inched my way up her body, kissing points of interest on the way.

I took her left nipple in her mouth, sucked it erect and then bit it lightly, apply little grazing bites and rubbing gently with tongue and teeth.

Daphne muttered something pleasure-related, arching her back to give me better access. I sucked the nipple and as much of her breast as I could manage into my mouth. 

She looked down then and saw my face for the first time since I’d thrown her onto the bed. “Oh god, your face! You’re wet! Did I -?”

“Absolutely. Quite a lot really.”

“Oh god, Freddie, I’m sorry. I didn’t know I was going to do that. It hasn’t happened in ages.”

“Now you’re just making me smug.”

“Well, not all guys like it. Some react like it’s, well, gross.”

“Any guy who is anything except flattered is not worth your time and has no place in your bed. Fact.”

“Wow. That’s fervent. And a bit hardline. What if he hadn’t heard of it and didn’t expect it. And he thought I’d pissed on him?”

“If he doesn’t do his reading he deserves to have you piss on him. OK, if he’s cute you’re allowed to forgive him, I suppose. Anyway, I was flattered beyond belief. Specially when you said you hadn’t done it in ages.”

“Smug is right. By the way, didn’t you spank me in the middle of all that? Who said you could spank me?”

“Um. I could say, ‘the moment’, or something. But I got no excuse, unless I guessed right and you found it a little bit hot. I took a risk. No, the fact is, I had no right to.”

“I bet that’s not part of your code of ethics, is it?”


“Hah! I like that I made you break your code of ethics. And yes, I did find it a little bit hot.”

There was some risk of a conversation about sexual politics. Which I enjoy, but just then my cock was hard, and it would wilt under political pressure. I was certain we could think of better things to do. So I clambered a little further up her body and kissed her mouth. Daphne kissed me back, and put her hands back in my hair. We were being lovers again.