The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 8

Hylas bent at the waist, tight, feeling his cock pressing up against his belly. He was very aware of Ojastara, behind him, holding the cane, watching him, he hoped admiring his slim musculature and his obedience.

At last he heard her say, “Spread your legs. and turn your toes inwards. I want to watch you while I punish you.”

Hylas moved obediently, presenting himself submitted, opened. He said, “Yes, Ojastara.”

She reached her hand between his thighs. He felt her cup his balls gently, then run a finger up the underside of his erect penis. “Good boy.” Her voice was amused. Then the contact was gone, and he sensed her step back.

Her voice was less affectionate when she said, “But now we resume your punishment, Hylas. Stay exactly in position, or I’ll double the number of strokes. Thank me after each one, and promise not to be a selfish fuck next time. After each stroke. Understood?”

“Yes, Ojastara.” 

“I like that you use my name when I’m punishing you. It shows you know this is intimate. Between lovers.” 

“Ojastara -” 

But then the cane landed, across his buttocks, just above the crease of his thighs. Its was much harder than any of the first six she’d given him. He fought for breath and control. “Thank you! I will not be a selfish fuck!” 

The second stroke landed the instant he said, “fuck”. It burned lower, directly on the soft crease between his buttocks and thighs.His body rocked with the impact, but he stayed down. At last he said, “Thank you, Ojastara! I will not be a selfish fuck!” 

And indeed, he believed his lesson. His behaviour the first time he’d fucked her, pursuing his pleasure and not staying with her: that was shameful. He had less than a second to have that thought before the next stroke landed, across the tops of his thighs, hard and remorseless.

He gasped out his thanks and apology again.

Ojastara beat him efficiently, giving him no time to recover between strokes. By the time the strokes had risen, in dactylos increments until the cane landed on the crown of his buttocks, he had long lost count. He knew only pain, submission to Ojastara and his desire for her. His desire to please her better. 

At last his grunts of pain turned to wails, and tears spilled from his eyes to the floor below him. There was a pause, and he gasped for breath, wondering where the next stroke would land. Instead Ojastara walked round to his front, and held the cane to his mouth. “Kiss the rod, boy.” 

Hylas did so. He felt no shame. He was hers, and he was proud to show her how deeply he had given himself. She said, “Straighten up, Hylas. Hands in your hair.” 

When he obeyed, fire blazing in his buttocks and thighs, cock projecting hard at his teacher, he saw her smile at him. In benediction. She reached for his cock again, caressed it gently with her left hand. He moaned. 

“Would you like to fuck me again?” 

“Gods, please, Ojastara.” 

Still with his cock in her hand, she walked backwards to his bed. She reached the edge and let herself fall. She looked at him and smiled.

“This part won’t hurt nearly so much, lovely Hylas. Come on.”

The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 7

Hylas, naked, bent at the waist, touching his toes, felt the absence of the cane, and then, three seconds later, its return, burning a line of fire across his buttocks. The slap of bamboo on his flesh echoed in the room. Ojastara was not being playful now, nor holding back. 

He remembered he had seen his father discipline one of the household slavegirls, the punishment seeming to exceed her trivial fault. That poor, pretty girl and counted each stroke aloud, and thanked her master for her lesson, after each stroke. Ojastara had not asked for that display of submission. 

But it felt right. He knew his father had whipped that girl for sexual reasons, and that the two of them had spent that night together. Some of the sounds of pleasure from that room had clearly been female.

He said, “One, thank you. Ojastara.”

She paused, surprised. Then she said, “Good boy, Hylas.” But the next stroke, just a dactylos below the first, was if anything harder.

His breath hissed with the pain. He wondered if she could make him cry out. Then he stopped wondering. Of course she could.

When he could speak he gasped, “Two, thank you, Ojastara.” 

She said, “Good boy. But you don’t need to count any more. Just stay in position while I punish you. Why are you being punished?”

He looked at the floor between his head. “Because I failed to satisfy you, Ojastara.” 

The cane whipped in again. He wasn’t expecting it and he yelped. It had not taken her long. She said, “That’s right, Hylas. Now, I liked hearing you whine just then. I’ll have more of that. Keep your mouth open, for the rest of this beating. So I can hear you.” 

His face burned fiercely. He said, “Yes, Ojastara.” He could feel that the pain of his three strokes, and her utter unconcern for his dignity were having their effect. Blood flowed to his cock. 

Ojastara applied another three strokes, his vocal grunts and yelps getting a little louder with each fresh application of pain. Then she put the cane in his mouth. He closed his mouth then, to hold it. She said, “Stand up now, Hylas. Hands in your hair.”

He obeyed, knowing he was displaying a half-erect and steadily expanding cock. She stepped close and took it in her hand, squeezed it. Then she kissed him, stroking his cock lightly. She smiled at him. “That’s a useful reflex you have. Should I tell Phyrne that being beaten makes you hard?”

He couldn’t organise his thoughts to answer. He didn’t want the humiliation of that. Or perhaps he did. Her hand on his cock was what he knew. At last he said, “Whatever you think best, Ojastara.”

She smiled. “Hmmmph. Well, we’ll see.” Then she removed the cane from his mouth. “Well, I don’t think we’re quite finished yet, Hylas. Bend over again, boy. Touch your toes. We’ll continue.” 


The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 6

Hylas knew that Ojastara was watching him, though the room was perfectly black. So was she, but she seemed somehow to glow, so he could see her as well.

Hylas also knew, perhaps for the first time in his privileged life, that he was responsible, accountable, to another person. He was accountable to Ojastara at any rate, though he wasn’t certain that she was a person and not a goddess.

It wasn’t just her beauty that made him think of her as a goddess: it was the way she seemed to have stopped time so that nothing in the house was moving, outside this room. If, when she appeared to him, a cat had jumped off a table in pursuit of a rat, that cat, he was sure, would remain suspended in mid-air until Ojastara had gone.

He knew, too, that her beauty was greater than humanly possible, and that her cunt was hotter than human body temperature.

And when he had first looked closely at her centre, because he was worshipping her with his tongue and his mouth, it had seemed to be emitting light.

Now she was not pleased with him. She had let him fuck her, the first time in his life he had come inside a woman. It had been wonderful, but he had come, and she had not. And the last thing he had said was, “Punish me, Teacher.”

She was smiling, considering him, while those words hung in the air.

At last she said, “You do not let your selfish desires lead you, when you are pleasuring a woman. You will made Phyrne happy when you fuck her, and you will take better care of her than you just took of me. Do you understand?”

His hair hung over his eyes, as he looked down in shame. “Yes, Teacher.”

“No, boy, you don’t. You will after I’ve punished you. I’m going to hurt you, boy, to make sure you remember. Now, get out of bed and stand in the middle of the room, feet well apart.”

Hylas obeyed.He stood naked, with his legs spread, hands at his sides. Ojastara smiled and picked up the cane. She stood and turned her back to him. “Now, I expect you to stay in position, Hylas. Exactly in position. If you clench your cheeks while I’m caning you, I’ll finish your punishment, and then deliver it all over again until you learn. So none of this.”

She clenched her bottom, and then relaxed. Then she repeated.

Red-faced, and knowing she could see that despite the darkness of the rom, Hylas said, “Yes. I will not clench, Teacher.” But he knew his cock was awake again, at the spectacular sight of a goddess posing for him.”

“And none of this.” She demonstrated pelvic thrusts for him. “You hold your bottom out for me till I’ve finished. You don’t try to dodge the strokes. Any flinching, boy, and you’ll get the stroke again, and have one added to your total.”

Then she turned, and smiled at his half-hard cock. “The thought of being punished makes you hard, doesn’t it?”

“It wasn’t…” Hylas gasped, when her hand took his cock, gave a light squeeze, and stroked its length.

She smiled at the fully-erect Hylas. “Good boy. And never be embarrassed by what turns you on. There isn’t enough pleasure in the world. You should never reject yours. And, yes, I’m also pleased you like my ass.”

“Thank you, Teacher. You are beautiful.”

“Now bend over, Hylas, and touch your toes. I’m going to enjoy punishing you. And it will mean you remember not to displease Phyrne. But when we’re done, I expect you hard enough to fuck me again.”

Hylas, who was already erect and yearning for her clasping, soft, wet, wonderfully warm cunt, gasped, “Yes, Ojastara.”

He felt her slap his bottom with her hand, and then she stepped back and lined the cane across the fullest part of his buttocks. A second or two later the cane was gone.

The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 5

Hylas was worshipping the woman, if that’s what she was, Ojastara. His buttocks palely thrust and plunged between her thighs, which were soft, black and immensely strong. He was in a world of pleasure like nothing he had ever known. His cock had never been inside a woman before, and he now knew why his older brothers had spoken so much of that pleasure, and mocked him for his shyness.

She held him tight, and her cunt seemed to squeeze his cock as it moved inside her. Her cunt was tightly clasping, wet and infinitely smoothe, and oddly warm. He tightened his hands on her buttocks as he rode her, and she smiled up at him.

She whispered, “My darling boy, you’re doing well. But don’t you come, not till I have.”

He replied only by kissing her neck, her shoulder and her cheek. Then he felt that sweet force building in him, and realised he had to stop it somehow. Perhaps he’d been excited when she used the word “come”; it would be the first time he gave his seed to a woman, and he was certain it would be the best moment of his life, up to then. To stop himself he  thrust his cock as hard and far inside her as he could, his pubic bone tight against hers, then froze as still as he could manage, trembling with the effort of control.

He heard her laughed lazily, pleased with him, and she began to move under him, as if he weighed no more than a kitten. She raised her thighs, folding herself, and he felt her feet resting on his arse. He made a savage, throaty noise, and pumped her, hard and fast. She’d awakened something in him, and its passion and need could not be stopped. He dropped his head and kissed, then bit, her breasts, his whole body pummelling her, cock harder and it seemed bigger than it had ever been. 

She smacked his arse in warning, with her right hand. “Careful.” 

But that impact was his trigger and his end. He gasped, “Please come! I can’t -“

And then his whole body seemed to release. He felt the pulses of his orgasm, as he came into her. He cried out without words; it was a high, lost sound, like some wild bird, and then he growled like a bear as he understood that he had taken her. He had fucked a woman, or goddess, for the first time. 

Ojastara took his head in both her hands and pressed him into the fleshy valley between her breasts, fondling his ears though his hair. He felt a wave of relief. He thought he’d come before her. But perhaps she’d come and he hadn’t noticed. Or she’d forgiven him. Ojastara hummed as he kissed the inner slopes of her breasts. At last she said, “But I don’t tolerate disobedience. What sort of teacher would I be, if I allowed that?”

Hylas said, “Oh…”

“So what am I going to do?”

“Punish me, Teacher.” He wasn’t sure if he was answering her question, or begging her. 

The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 5a

Note: These stories have been written, till now, for Kayla Lord’s Masturbation Monday meme. Kayla is taking a break from running that meme, so this story is going to be homeless, for now. But my sincere admiration and thanks to Kayla for providing that meme and keeping it up and running so successfully for so long. Thank you, Kayla!

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Masturbation Monday: The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 4

Hylas kissed Ojastara’s cunt. It was warmer than human skin should be, almost hot. And her sweat was somehow sweet. No one in Thebes had ever talked of a goddess like this one before, but she must be such, in someone’s pantheon. 

In any case he adored and kissed her cunt, worshipping with fervour, with conviction and with a hard-on. His cock had never felt so hard, so longing, or … so large. He felt as if his cock was full, not just with blood but with energy. Then he kissed her belly, her navel, and, crawling further up her body, her nipples, left then right.

He kissed them again, trying to take as much of each breast into his mouth as he could. He was rewarded when she closed her eyes and let her head fall back. He’d learned that that meant he was doing the right thing.

Her thighs lifted, so her inner thighs clasped his outer thighs, and he lowered his body so that his cock pressed, at last, against that warm wet fruit. He entered her easily, but slowly, wanting to savour every moment and every dactylos* of this new experience. 

Her cunt seemed to embrace his cock, to clasp it in a warm and wet and tight paradise. It was heaven and he was in heaven. Her arms reached up and embraced him, held him, hands stroking his back. He pressed forward then for the first time withdrew a little, and she moaned. Encouraged he pressed forward a little further, then moved back and forth, each forward thrust taking him a little deeper.

At last they met, his pelvic bone pressed hard against hers, cock fully buried in warm pleasure. He could not think; only experience. This was the most intense sensation he had ever known.

He pressed his forehead down towards hers and kissed her nose, inexpertly, then her mouth, open-mouth to open-mouth, with growing skill.

At last he couldn’t hold himself from moving in her, and he began to pump slowly. The goddess held him, with her arms, her thighs and her arms. He was imprisoned, infinitely pleasured. 

He put his hand under her, holding her buttocks, for the sensual pleasure of that, and to hold theirs bodies close. He rode.

  • A dactylos was an ancient measure, used in Thebes and elsewhere: about 19.3 millimetres.



Masturbation Monday: The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 4

Ojastara swallowed Hylas’s come, and smiled. “That was lovely, little student.” She took the cane back from Hylas’s listless hand. He seemed drained, as in a way he was. “Now you’re going to fuck me.”

Hylas looked at her and then, reflexively, down at his cock, slick with saliva and traces of his own come, but shrunken. Ojastara took that wet cock in her left hand, and used the cane to strike the inside of his left thigh. Then she did the same on his right thigh, and then repeated the dose. The cock in her hand was awakening, slowly starting to fill with blood again, and expand.

“I’m going to have to tell Phyrne about this, aren’t I? So she knows how to get you hard.” She struck him twice more, now stroking the shaft of his cock. He was fully erect in her hand. Hard.

She smiled again. “You’re going to fuck me twice, Hylas. The first time, you’re going to do it the way you want. What comes naturally to you. Understood?”

“Yes, Ojastara.”

The cane whizzed in the air and struck his hip. “I think you’ll go back to calling me Teacher, for now. Now, is that understood?”

“Yes, Teacher.”

“That’s better. After you’ve put more of your lovely come in me, I’m going to explain all the things you did wrong, for pleasing a woman, and then you’re going to fuck me again, properly. By the way, how do you expect that I’ll point out your mistakes, Hylas?”

He blushed. He was seen, and he knew it. “With the cane, Teacher. And that will make me hard enough to fuck you again.”

“Clever, darling boy.” She leaned forward, her face just a hand’s width from his. “Kiss me.”

Hylas put his hand on the back of her head, and leaned up and kissed her, his mouth to hers. There was fear in his eyes. He opened his mouth and she explored him, his teeth, his tongue, with hers. He sighed, pleasured, and closed his eyes. At last, after a blissful eternity, at least, had passed, Ojastara slapped his cheek lightly.

“Now get up, boy. We’re going to start your lessons with me lying on my back, and you mounting me. It won’t always be that way, not even with Phyrne, but it’s a place to start.” Ojastara, beautiful, and blacker than jet, lay herself down on his bed, on her back, thighs parted, knees up.

Hylas stared at Ojastara’s cunt. His eyes were getting used to the darkness, but that cunt seemed to glow faintly, as if lit by some internal fire. What was this woman? 

He put his knees between hers, cock erect and hneedy. But first he lowered himself and kissed that cunt again. Almost as worship.

Masturbation Monday: The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 3

Hylas stared at his Teacher, a woman darker than the night, whose body shone as something blacker than the blackness of the air in his room. But he could see her her eyes and her teeth, that told him she was looking back at him. She was smiling.

She said, “Did you like your first lesson?” 

“Yes, Teacher.”

“Oh, you can call me Ojastara from now on. A little liberty for you. And you’ll enjoy your next lesson even better. Lie back.”

“Teach – Ojastara?”

She pushed him onto his back. She was, it seemed, immensely strong, though she was being gentle with him. Then she crawled forward, and he felt her knees between his. It was, in a way, like being stalked like a big cat, and then he lost all thoughts when he felt her lips on his inner thigh, just inches from his cock, which jutted up, at a right angle to his body.

She kissed his belly then, just a little. Maddeningly close to his cock, but not quite touching. He grunted. Ojastara crawled further so that her face hung in the air, just inches from his. “Do you know you want?”

He nodded, vigorous, heartfelt. “Yesss. Oh yes. Please.” 

“Well, you have to take it, now. Don’t be so afraid of me. Take my hair in your hand, and push my head down, to where you want it. Who are these lessons for?”

“You’re teaching me to please Phyrne. So they’re more for her than for me.”

“Clever boy. And you need to use a little force, without forcing her to do something she doesn’t want. It’s not about being a bully; it’s about showing her you need her. She wants to know that. But she’d like to know you want her. Want her hard, with passion. She’d like to feel you needing her. Take the cane.” 


“If you keep questioning me, boy, I will cane you. And we’ll abandon this lesson for something you’ll find less pleasant. But I want you take the back of my head, and push me onto you. And if I don’t please you, in any way, you’re to strike me with that cane.”

“You mean, I should do that with Phyrne?”

“No. What we do isn’t quite what you two will do. But you should have the experience of being in charge. Take the cane.”

This time he didn’t protest or question. He took the thin bamboo length in his hand. He knew that it was capable of delivering a fast and sharp correction. And once it was in his hand, it was like a badge of office. 

He struck her twice, reaching down her body so it landed on the balled muscles of her buttocks. He was going to ask her if he’d hurt her, when she sighed. “Nearly. Harder, boy.” 

He struck her another six times, steadily getting more daring and increasing the force. He only stopped when he couldn’t wait another second, and pressed her head down, onto his cock. She opened her mouth and took him in, her mouth the softest, warmest, lushly wet place it had ever been.

He groaned with the unutterable pleasure of it, and pushed her head down harder, and thrust up at her.  

She lifted her head and said, “You’re learning.” 

But he pushed her head back down, filling her so she couldn’t speak. And he thrashed her, hard, with the cane, while she made a warm catlike sound in her throat, and devoted herself to his pleasure.

And, too soon, though it had perhaps been a long time in objective time, he grunted again, and then gasped and cried out his joy as he reached his climax, and flooded her throat. It was the first time he had come in the body of a woman. She stayed with him, licking and sometimes kissing while he softened slowly in her mouth.

He had the odd urge to ask if he’d pleasured her. Logic told him that she’d pleasured him. But … this seemed not to be an arena where logic mattered. 

Masturbation Monday: The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 2

The night was black, and yet the woman Hylas called “Teacher” was visible, a darker, intenser black. At this moment she lay naked on his bed, leaning back against his wall. Her right hand was at her side, lightly holding her length of bamboo. 

Hylas was hoding her thighs, and licking the lush, plumelike mound of his Teacher’s cunt. His buttocks buzzed warmly, as she used the cane, lightly, to indicate to him that he was licking too fast, or too slow.

Four vertical stripes of actual pain reminded him not to show any sign of distraction, or less than full effort. 

At last she moaned, and pressed a hand on the back of his head, pushing him deeper. His nose was in her, and wet. “Good boy. Now keep exactly this speed. Don’t speed up. And if you slacken you know how I’ll punish you.” 

Hylas said nothing. His lips and tongue were buried, busy, and even if he could speak there was nothing he could think of to say that didn’t seem ill-advised. So he followed his teacher’s instructions, his cock hard and pressed against his bed. 

He was an aristocrat, and not accustomed to doing as women say, let alone fearing one of them, but he had to admit that he was more aroused than he had ever been in his life before. He knew this lesson was being given him, for Phyrne’s benefit. When he passed these lessons on to her, he would perhaps be in charge again. 

Then the cane landed on his buttocks again, four more hard strokes, left then right. “Incentive,” his Teacher said.

Then she held his shoulders hard and began to move her hips underneath him, riding his mouth, using him for her pleasure. AIt was like being on a boat being buffeted by a storm. At last the woman wailed, loud as any storm, and then then sighed with deep satisfaction.

Her hand, now gripping his wet hair, now felt affectionate. She said, “Good boy, good boy. I knew you could learn.”

Eventually he looked up at her, and tried a compliment, as he knew a man should give a woman. “You taste as beautiful as you look.” 

He saw her teeth then. “A good first try, boy. And thank you. I believe you are right.” The hand that had been holding his hair patted his face, fondly. “Now, little man. Are you ready for another lesson?”

Hylas had to hold himself still, at that mention of more lessons. He was close to coming, but he knew that if he spurted before she’d given permission, he’d be punished very painfully indeed. Worse, he knew that that punishment would probably make him hard again. He didn’t want the pain (or did he?), or the humiliation of her discovering that. 

So he controlled himself and said, “Yes, my Teacher. Of course.”




Masturbation Monday: The Ojastara Tales: The Dream

There were once, in ancient Thebes, two lovers. They met infrequently and cautiously, because both families were opposed to their love. Hylas’s family were citizens, and they farmed their land and served in the army, but never conducted business. Their land and their service brought them wealth and power. 

Phyrne’s family made lanterns, oils and candles, so that those who wanted to stay awake past the natural hours of darkness could do so. The family had become wealthy, and it too was powerful in its way, but to the citizens of Thebes it was a disgrace to be in trade, no matter how successfully. 

So Hylas’s parents heartily despised Phyrne’s parents, and in return her parents gave hatred, ridicule and contempt. Hylas and Phyrne met when they could, but they had little pleasure, and no sex. Instead they held each other, unhappy, spoke of their love and bemoaned their fate. 

Sometimes he allowed himself to hold one of Phyrne’s plump breasts in his hand, and afterwards, alone in his own bed, pleasured himself with that sensual memory.

Fortunately, there was, in Thebes at that time, a beautiful witch, dark of skin and beautiful, from some far and unknown land. Her name was Ojastara, and she was always followed by a cloud of foxes.

One night Hylas was in his family home. His parents and his sister were in their rooms, asleep, and so had he been. But he got up to get a cup of water. But as he was pouring water from the pitcher the servant girl in the kitchen suddenly froze. She stopped. Still. The house had stopped. Even the wind had suddenly stilled.

That was odd, and a feathertop of apprehension seemed to run down his spine. He shivered. Then he shrugged and turned to go back to his room.   

Then he cried out, very lightly, in fear, because a dark corner of the wall had wide, white eyes. Then he saw there was a woman, darker than the night, in the room with him. He stared. She smiled, and she was beautiful beyond anyone he had ever seen, except perhaps Phyrne. But his fear did not diminish. “What … are you?” 

“I’m your rescuer. My name is Ojastara, but you will call me Teacher.” 


She selected, from an indoor pot that held orchids, a length of bamboo and swished it in the air. “Yes. And I suggest that you pay attention to your lessons. Come here.” 

Hylas wasn’t sure why, but he obeyed. The woman took him by his penis, which grew, incredibly fast and hard, in her hand. She whipped the cane, hard enough to hurt and leave a mark, just a micron below the hang of his balls. Hylas found, to his consternation, his cock hardening even more.

She smiled at him, the smile not entirely reassuring, and said, “You need many lessons, Hylas. Before you’re worthy of Phyrne. Now.” She turned her back on him, her hand still firmly holding his cock, and began to walk.

Hylas guessed that she was taking him to his bedroom. But he had eyes only for her rolling bottom and the firm femininity of her thighs.

He had never had a woman. He and Phyrne had never had the opportunity, and perhaps he had not had the courage to make it possible. It seemed, he realised, that a woman was about to have him. But her hand on his cock seemed to drive all other thoughts and considerations out of his mind. He followed, close.