Schoolgirl spanking story 8

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The fourth smack landed, and Cindy guessed it was over. She’d gasped once, but she hadn’t bitten. When she had her breath back she took his finger between her lips, and suckled it, moving her lips up and down. He took his finger and thumb out of her mouth and held her face again. The fingers were wet with her saliva. 

“Do you know why I punished you, Cindy?”

Cindy shook her head. “I’m sorry, Sir. I’m trying to be a good girl.” 

“You said I was asking you to take your clothes off. There was no ‘asking’, little one. I was telling you. And it’s none of your business why I give you an order. Your job is just to do as you’re told. If I want your comments I’ll ask for them.” 

Cindy said, “sorry, Sir.” 

Then she frowned. She’d run out of reasons to delay. But if she didn’t delay, she’d have to strip for him. And she’d be naked over his knee. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHis look seemed to read her, again. He knew. “Do you remember what happened, after I’d strapped you, Cindy?” While you were over my desk.” 

Cindy blushed furiously. “You … you fucked me, Sir.” 

“That’s right. And do you think I looked at your pretty pussy before I took it?”  


“It’s a simple question, girl. Do you think I’ve already seen your bottom, and your pussy?” 

 “Ah. Ah, yes, you have, Sir.” 

“So you don’t have a lot of secrets to cover up. So strip this instant, Cindy. If there’s any more delay I’ll cane you.” 


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