The Tale of the Tawse, Part 2: 2

Melinda tugged her mother’s sleeve. “Mummy, the airplane was doing doughnuts, and I won!” 

Ngaire looked at me, needing footnotes for that one. So I explained the game “Whoo!” and how to play it. 

She stood still for a few seconds, digesting that. Then she said, “You wanna come round to my place, for tea?” 

“You can’t get a cup in the airport?” 

“Yank boy,” she sighed. “It means ‘dinner’. And getting invited to dinner must mean the same things in yank-land as it does here.” 

“Oh. Like you’d like to show me your etchings.” 

“Not sure what etchings are, so I can’t show you those. But you might get to see my arse.” She looked at me with mock-irritation. “Which, I probably have to tell you, means my ass.” 

I’d thought Daphne had been pretty direct, when I first met her. She hadn’t given me much warning before she slipped into my bed. But Ngaire was off the scale. I wondered if all New Zealand women were like this, or if it was just grateful, still slightly drunk single mothers on airplanes. Or maybe it was just Ngaire.

I said, “I’d love that. Seriously. Once Melinda’s safely tucked up. But there are two women waiting for me, once I get through Customs, and I think they’d mind.”

She frowned. “Two women? Lovers? I mean, lovers of you?”

“Yes. It’s going to be the first time all three of us meet, though.”

“What? How’s that work? Have you just been doing netsex?”

“Well, I’ve been… I’ve spent real time with both of them. And I guess they’ve met each other, now they’re both in Wellington. I gave them each the other’s, oh, details. But we haven’t all three of us been together at once. So I’m afraid I have responsibilities.”

“You’re turning down sex with me, just for the sake of a threesome? Man’s crazy.”

I thought a threesome with Shar and Daphne was unlikely, much though I’d be open to it. But I was still going to be busy, whatever Daphne and Shar had worked out between them. I spread my hands. What can you do?

Ngaire grinned suddenly. “Well, my mother always said, if you want something done, ask a busy man. I want me done. Would you like my phone number?”

“Of course. But it’d be great to know someone who lives here. I’m from New York. Daphne’s from Glasgow, and Shar lives in Lima. Would you like to meet them?”

“You want your lovers to meet me? You’re a weird guy. I mean, I’ve just taken Melinda to up-state New York to spend time with her father, and he’s weird. But not in a good way. You seem kind of ok for a weirdo.”

“Thank you.”

“But yeah, I’d be happy to show you and your harem around. Wellington’s a cool city, but it really does help if you know people.”

Ngaire turned to the overhead lockers and and out took a red bag with big white spots, in the shape of a beetle, and gave it to Melinda. Melinda delved inside and took out a blue tiara and put it on. Then she slung the bag over her shoulder. Her secret princess identity was out. She was happy.

Ngaire delved a little further back for her own bag. Her t-shirt rose, revealing a tattoo on her lower belly, that said, “Property of the”. There was probably more, but that was below the hem of her jeans. I wondered if I’d get to read the rest of that tattoo. If Ngaire had anything to do with it, it seemed I would.

There was movement ahead of us. The people standing in the aisles were being allowed off. I picked up my satchel, from under the seat in front of me. Ngaire said, “You’re travelling on a Yank passport?”


“Ok. You’ll get through Immigration quicker if you say you’re with me. I can get you into the New Zealand queue, as my boyfriend. Ok?”

“Fine. And thank you.” 

So we left together. When we were out of the plane and onto the gantry Melinda turned back to address the plane. She said to it, “Whoo!” Two of the hosties, who must have heard us playing the “Whoo!” game, said, “Whoo!” back. So she was even happier.

When we were walking away she got between me and her mother and took her mother’s hand. Then she took mine. I was surprised how pleased I was. 


Sinful Sunday: Corner Time – humbling or humiliating?

She knows she disobeyed a clear order from her Master. It concerned study, so the order was given for her own good, and she knows that, too.

She knows her Master is angry with her, and He is going to punish her severely. There’s a riding crop on the bench, and she knows she’s not just going to feel its tassel. But that’s in perhaps another hour’s time. 

In the meantime she has to wait in the corner, hands on head. Facing the room so she has to look Him in the eye whenever He passes. Wearing a sign that names the offence she’s going to be punished for.

She feels … small. She feels sorry; she cannot believe, now, that she didn’t prepare for the exam, as He told her to do. What was she thinking?  

No one is going to see her, while she waits, but Master. She knows that in His current mood, if He could bring in witnesses to watch her flogging, He would.

She wonders how that would feel, to get her flogging in public. Just as painful, of course. But humiliating.

She’d say, if asked, that she’s not into humiliation. But there is something in that thought – the watching crowd, all of them knowing that she’s a bad girl who has to be punished – that seems arousing. She’s already aroused and wet: part of her is going to love her flogging, riding on waves of pain and expiation, knowing that Master will be hard for her during, and especially afterwards. 

Right now she feels … humbled. Is that the same as humiliation, or is it something different?



E(lust) 117, on the way to heaven

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Wicked Wednesday: The Shop-Lifter’s Mother

Claire, the mother of Tara, who is likely to be publicly flogged for shoplifting, arrives to talk about her daughter’s punishment. Will starts to reassure her, but finds that Claire agrees that Tara needs a shock to bring her back to real-world consequences.

It occurs to Will that Claire arrived fifteen minutes late to their meeting, and if she was a student she’d be spanked for that. Why did he have that thought about Claire, he wondered?

It’s a hot scene but it’s had to leave my blog because it’s published now, and publishers don’t like their stuff to be available for free. I’ll put up a link to where you can buy this very hot text, shortly.

Masturbation Monday: Tale of the Tawse Part 2: 1

The plane slid wildly across the air like spit on a frypan, buffeted by winds that never let up although they seemed to change direction every few seconds. Other passengers had noticed that we were flying level just above the water, and the wings were only metres – not many of them – from jagged rocks emerging from the seashore. Some of those passengers were crying, and the most irritating were praying loudly.

They were irritating because they were scaring the little girl sitting next to me. Her name was Melinda, and she’d been happy to humor an adult by telling him about dinosaurs, how annoying her best friend Fergie was being, how Jacob Sartorius used to be so cool, but now he was… old.

She was also an expert on clouds: cumulus is lovely, and did I know how to tell cirrus from stratus?

Her mother wasn’t in this conversation; she’d self-medicated with little bottles of whisky and she was currently drooling onto the window. It wasn’t her best look, though it meant her ass, in tight blue jeans, was pointing in my direction. Still, she’d been noticeably pretty, with dark curly hair, when she’d been conscious.

So I was the adult looking after Melinda, and she’d realised, from the praying nutters that many of the adults were losing the plot. Children find that scary.

So I lied: “This is great! It’s like a roller-coaster, only it’s FREE!” 

Melinda wasn’t quite convinced, so I told her that the point of the game was to raise your fist and shout “Whooo!” every time the plane skidded across the harbour. I demonstrated. A game where an adult says you’re allowed to make silly noises is a good game, so Melinda was probably the most cheerful passenger every time she released a triumphant “Whooo!”

I wasn’t quite as sure as Melinda now was that we weren’t all going to die, though I figured the pilot must have landed in Wellington before. Still, a man has his responsibilities, and my fist-pumping “Whooo” was easily the second most cheerful sound. 

When the plane reaches the shore it crosses a road, flies just over an embankment of maybe eight metres, and finds itself level with the runway. Our plane’s tyres hit the ground with a scream, and jolted Melinda’s mom awake. She looked at me suspiciously. Men who play with little girls don’t get a good press.

She frowned, but it was a thinking kind, not the angry one. Melinda was the right kind of happy, so I must be ok. She took the water I held out to her. “Thanks.”

It was a New Zealand accent. I’d picked her as American. 

We were taxiing to the airport, no longer the wind’s toy though it was still blowing. I said, “Welcome home.”

She looked embarrassed. She’d neglected her maternal duties. And our conversation was still subject to passenger noises. The woman in the row ahead of us was still ululating prayers at the top of her voice, and Melinda’s mom poked her from behind, in the shoulder.. The woman looked back at her, incredulously indignant. “I’m thanking the Lord!” She was a fellow American. 

“Then could you do it quieter, please? I’ve got a fuck of a hangover and you, you’re really not helping.” 

So I started to learn things about New Zealand compared to US culture. Praying woman dropped to a mutter, keeping it between her and her lord.

Melinda’s mom looked back at me. “Fuck, I’m sorry. I’m terrible in airplanes. Flying scares me shitless. Seriously. Terrified. I had to get pissed, or I wouldn’t have have been able to stay on board. Seriously. These things have doors, and I’d have been out one of them.”

“Pissed? You had to get angry to stay aboard?”

“Ah. Yank boy. Down here it means drunk. Hey, thanks for keeping Melinda sane. It was my job and I fucked it up. My name’s Ngaire, by the way.” 

She put out her hand. I took it and we looked at each other. She was pretty again. I said, “Freddie.” 

Sinful Sunday: Quite well flogged, thank you

There’s nothing more relaxing, I’m told, than lying over a pile of pillows after a good flogging. 

And nothing more relaxed than that submissive, if the Dom has done her or his work right: not too heavy, but above all not too light. 

What stayed in my mind most, though giving this flogging was a pleasure, was remembering having growled “you stay in place” a couple of times, and being obeyed. 

In those moments we know who and how we are. The gift of pain, and the gifts of authority and submission. 

I did well, I think, and she had done well too. I told her so. No wonder she’s blushing. 

Model and star: The lovely Zoë.



Research: A history of BDSM literature

This is the first of a longish series, based on my Eroticon 2019 presentation. 


It is a history of BDSM literature, taking in nearly 50,000 years of human art and history. One of my key points is that BDSM didn’t come down with Sade (who I don’t rate highly), and nor did it arrive with 50 Shades of Grey.

BDSM has been a part of human culture across an enormous time span, and our traces can be found amongst other strands, in an enormous range of cultures. 

These posts are going to be coming on Fridays, so stay tuned!

Wicked Wednesday: Her breath is at my discretion

Breath control? thinks Maddie. Yes please, so long as it’s done with a penis in my mouth. Maddie and Will are alone together, Master and slave, with no games.

It’s a hot scene but it’s had to leave my blog because it’s published now, and publishers don’t like their stuff to be available for free. I’ll put up a link to where you can buy this very hot text, shortly.

Masturbation Monday: Watch while we drink your champagne

Jayavardhini looked down at him. “You’re a good man. You bruised my arse. And you’re sweet anyway.”

Philip looked at Chetana. He seemed unsure of himself, now he was spent. “My love, are you ok?”

“My sweetheart, sweet silly man, I wouldn’t know how to be unhappy. The two people I love most finding each other too. And all of us in bed together. And you fucked me so nicely. And then you made sure I got off even though you were fucking my Jayavardhini. Don’t you dare feel bad. I feel… wonderful. My heart feels so good. Full.”

“Well, I love you. Don’t you ever forget it.”

Chetana kissed his nose, but he turned to Jayaverdhini, “But you, I think I’ll keep your ass bruised from now on. Permanently.”

“You’re on. Can I call you my man now? Can you call me your girl? Like Chetana?”

Philip looked again at Chetana, and Jayavardhini didn’t see the answer that passed between them, but he said, “If you want me, then I’m your man.”

“What did you say before? That you’re obtuse? Of course I want you. It’s not just that I loved fucking you, though I did. It’s that you’re decent. And loving. And you bruise my arse.”

“Your ass looks too good, bruised. Of course I’ll keep it that way.”

She rubbed her current bruises appreciatively.

But Philip had turned serious. “Jayavardhini, I love Chetana. I’m completely in love with Chetana. I would live and die for her. Kill for her, given no choice.”

Jayavardhini said, “Well, of course I know that. But-“

“But you’re loveable too. It’s a bit early for me to make more declarations than that. Give me time. But yes, you’re my girl too. You’re… mine. I’m sure of that.”

Chetana drew them closer. “Then we’re some sort of family. Worth celebrating. I’m so going to miss champagne.”

Jayavardhini grinned, a woman who knew a trick they didn’t. “Not quite yet you’re not. You two were all idealistic about taking only things we can replicate when we arrive. I love that. Respect it, anyway. But me, I have bottles in my luggage.”

“You’re a rule-breaking brat,” Philip said. “You really do need me to keep your ass bruised.”

“I do,” Jayavardhini said, complacently. “I can’t get the champagne below room temperature, but the next time we’re in this bed together, we will toast each other. And darling,” she leaned across Philip to kiss Chetana’s right breast, “Thank you, for the use of your man.”

Philip smacked her arse, as she’d hoped he would. “I think, when you bring the champagne, I’m going to tie your wrists to the roof. While Chetana and I fuck. And drink all your champagne.”

Jayavardhini looked, in mock appeal, to Chetana, who ignored her and said to Philip, “Quite right, my love.” 

Jayavardhini didn’t bother to pretend to believe them. She kissed both of them, accepting their caresses. She rubbed her ass against Philip’s cock, hoping for renewed signs of life. 

But he was sated for a time, and so were they. They rolled over in a bed that rocked gently under them, and piled sweatily together, lying on their backs, their arms and legs mingled.

[The end]



I’m leaving them there and happy for now. Next week I’m on to The Tale of the Tawse, Volume 2.


Sinful Sunday: Wild justice

Revenge is a kind of wild justice, but not all wild justice is revenge.

Generally, when I’m laying on the cane for disciplinary purposes, I like to make the cane stripes straight, close but not overlapping, and neat. That seems to go with the word, “discipline”. 

But on this occasion the girl Arethusa was being punished for chaotic behaviour. I won’t say what it was, but it was the general equivalent of getting drunk at a party and screaming abuse at her best friend, before kissing said friend and insisting that she loved her, then throwing up on her. It was that level of public chaos. 

So I deliberately laid on the strokes from many different directions. It wasn’t really chaotic, but it was as chaotic as I get. I never caned her in quite that way again, because chaos wasn’t really something she perpetrated often. But I just love the marks that caning left.