Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 15

I’d intended to have Gem imagine what hearing a command might be like, and how it would feel for her to imagine what it would feel like to have to obey. We’d moved on faster than I’d have thought possible, without having negotiated or even discussed it. We hadn’t talked danger areas or limits. Now I was explicitly giving her orders, and expecting her to follow them.

Worse, I’d decided that if she said “bend over”, or any variant, one more time she was going to get a spanking, without my asking permission. I knew that in her present mood that would be shocking and utterly, overwhelmingly, sexy.

By my own lights I was behaving badly. Of course Gem could stop at any moment. I wasn’t forcing her. But the standard should be higher than that. I knew more about this than she did, and I should be leading her more cautiously.

But the moment was urgent because we had so little time left and her response was so much hotter than either of us had expected. Gem didn’t want to stop. I still had to be careful with her, but I didn’t want to stop either. And so it came to following my own rules, or following the lust. I went with what was hot. 

Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 14

[Jaime stands behind Gem and presses forward, his thighs pressed against her presented buttocks. She reaches back and guides his cock, and they join, focused on sensation.  

[There is warmth and wet, and there is hardness in softness. Then he is deeper, and Gem holds herself completely still, also silent, letting him move for them both. Time is slow, or he is. Sensitive centimeters. He is buried in Gem. He hears her take a breath, her first in a while. He remembers to breathe too. 

[They move. You know what fucking is like. They fuck. Good, isn’t it? I mean, fucking. It’s good. Not so much else to be said. Time passes. Until:]

A hotel door, with a cleaner behind it: Knock-knock! Knock-knock!

Gem: Oh no. No.

[But she does not stop. She does not want to stop, she cannot stop. Jaime leans forward, and whispers in her ear.]

Jaime: Tell them to come back later, because you’re getting fucked.

Gem: No!

[Gem is a well brought up girl. What she’s just been told to say is true, and hardly shocking. But she will find it hard. She still has her core of primness, mixed from her respectable girls’ school, her soft left university politics – you surely don’t say rude words to workers – and having been a princess. Jaime smiles, though she cannot see his face. He pauses, cock poised just inside her. Gem expects a thrust that does not come, and her noise of protest is like someone who trod on a step that turned out not to be there.]

Gem: Oh, please don’t make me … No, just fuck me. No please.

Jaime: [There is an edge to his voice that she has not heard before. It is the command voice.] Gem, tell them to come back later. Because. You’re. Getting. Fucked.

A hotel door: Knock-knock?

{To be continued]

In the air tonight

Me. I’m flying, then driving into the jungle. 

Elephants, tigers, monkeys. 

Super animals in my crack ...

Animal crackers. One of the best-known versions of “Animal crackers in my soup” was sung by Mae Questal, who was the voice of Betty Boop. 

The ruder version that I always think of, “Super animals in my crack”, is from Thomas Pynchon: Gravity’s Rainbow.

And in the film Animal Crackers the song doesn’t feature at all. But there’s a scene where Groucho the great explorer comes home and makes a speech about his travels. This speech features this line: “We took some pictures of the native girls, but they’re not developed … But we’re going back in a couple of months.” 

You couldn’t do that joke now. No-one knows that film used to develop. 

This post is kind of up in the air. 

So am I.

A l’eau, c’est l’heure! John Jones, the spanking sailor

There’s a story from Australia. A naval officer, John Jones, was holding spanking sessions with a young woman who was a junior sailor on his ship, the HMAS Sirius. He claimed she needed extra training, and spanked her over his knee, on her clothes at first and then bare bottom.

There’s been some discussion on bdsm sites over whether the relationship was consensual. Those who argue that it was consensual point out that the sailor went back for more, even after he’d spanked her bare bottom, and also invited him into her home so he could spank her there. 

John Jones

That kind of argument would have more merit if he wasn’t an officer and she a low-ranked sailor on the same ship. At that point there’s no way a court-martial could treat it as a personal, sexual arrangement. I don’t think Jones ever actually made “bend over” an order, in the naval sense, but he was pulling rank. Rank among other things, to get all “as the actress said to the bishop” about it. 

The young woman finished up complaining and helping the navy to get a sound recording of him saying something incriminating, so she can’t have been completely happy. Though that probably wouldn’t have been enough to get him in so much trouble, if it wasn’t that he was in her chain of command, at least indirectly.

The media reports have been careful not to say anything about her side of the story. For example, I can’t help wondering if she ever thought it wasn’t sexual. At least sexual for Jones. It’s an odd situation, though. 

Some of the foolishness on both sides seems almost impossible to believe. For example, the officer had a collection of bdsm and spanking porn videos on his work computer. That’s extraordinary. So is his trying to argue that the spankings were non-sexual, for guidance purposes only, once the navy’d discovered the porn collection. 

Anyway, this isn’t one of the occasions where I feel inspired to rush in to support the hapless bdsm person.

Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 13

[Jaime pushes Gem’s feet further apart, and, distracted, she accommodates him. She is still standing, being pleasured, her cunt moving on his slick-wet hand, trying to get his cock into her. Jaime hears the sound of cleaners, arriving on their floor. It must be time to vacate their room.]

Gem: [Steadily faster, and rising in pitch]: Yer. Yer. Yeh. Yeh. Ye. Ye. Y’. Y’.

[At this point transcription becomes completely impossible. But Gem likes to be vocal when she’s excited.]

Jaime: Hang on. Condom. Fucking condom. Hang on.

[He steps back so his cock is free, then removes his hand, gently. He presses against her in farewell.]

Gem: K.

Jaime: And Gemma, you keep your arse up, and keep your damn hands on the bed. 

[Sometimes when Jaime’s very aroused he forgets who is a submissive woman and who isn’t. But Gem keeps her place.]

Gem: You mean, you want me bent over?

[Jaime stops for a second and stares at Gem. She’s still in position, looking down at her hands, bottom arched up. She’s teasing him, of course, but it’s the fifth time she’s said a variant of ‘bend over’. He decides that if she says it a sixth time, he really is going to spank her. Not hard, but she’s going to experience a real spanking, just the same. Enough to colour her skin.]

Jaime: Minx. But yeah, you’ve got my tastes worked out. 

[His jeans are in a pile on the floor and there are condoms in the back pocket. He opens the packet with his teeth, and puts the bloody thing on.]

Gem [very slowly and deliberately]: Fuck. Me. Please.

[To be continued]

Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 12

[Gem straightens her legs, arching her bottom up a little further. She says nothing, since that movement said everything. She’s back in the moment. Jaime steps behind her and puts his feet between hers. He put his right hand on her hip and moves forward so that his erection noses between soft skin, the little gap at the top of her thighs, under her buttocks. Gem sighs, and moves her left foot so that her thighs are a little further apart. Her bottom presses back against the front of his thighs.]

Gem: Ur-hunk.

[Gem holds the head of Jaime’s cock between soft, damp girlskin. She is very aware of how close he is to her cunt, how wet she is, and how easy it would be for him to move into her. She knows Jaime’s aware of this too. She can feel him shaking slightly, with the effort of not entering her. He leans forward, letting her take more of his weight. She raises her body a little when she feels his hands under her arms. He holds her breasts, still teasing her cunt, keeping his cock just, just out of her. Gem doesn’t expect that he will be able to stay out of her much longer.]

Gem: Ur-hunk.

[Jaime pinches her nipples, not very hard, then again in fond farewell. he reaches under her belly, and strokes until she moves again, riding his hand. Time passes, timelessly, while Gem rides Jaime’s hand again, her thighs softly holding his cock.

[From her breathing he feels that Banbury is near; his fingers tell him that Banbury is wetland. Once he allows the upper side of his cock to press up and touch her lips. She pushes back immediately, wetly kissing his cock and trying to get it inside. But he does not enter. When being so close to her cunt becomes dangerous he moves back a little, but puts four fingers inside her cunt to compensate.}

Gem: [Very slowly and deliberately at first] Oh, yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yerr. Yerr. Yerr. Yerr. Yerr. [Repeat, speeded up. And repeat speeded up again. The pitch will rise. That’s OK.]

[To be continued.]

Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 11

Gem: Jaime, this is being hot and everything. But if you’re planning to, well, suddenly give me a spanking and hope that it’ll turn me on, I really don’t think it’ll work.

Jaime: No. I don’t think that’d work so well either. It isn’t what I have in mind.

[This is true, but it’s no fun having to say so. Her uncertainty, and her acceptance of it, was sexier. For her too, he’s sure. Jaime needs the momentum back. He puts a finger under her chin and lifts her face so that she looks him in the eyes. She regards him gravely.]

Jaime: Then don’t put your hands on the bed. But do turn around, though.

Gem: [She smiles, forgiving him for something or other. For no obvious reason she says:] Ur-hunk.

[Gem turns to face the end of the bed. She has her hands at her sides, and her feet together. It is not a submissive posture.]

Jaime: That’s good, love.

[However, Gem knows that Jaime loves her arse, and she can’t help showing off. After a few seconds she puts her feet apart and arches her back, just a bit. She sighs and leans forward, and put her palms and her breasts flat on the bed. She waits, thus displayed. Now it’s a very submissive posture, and her inner primate knows it.]

Jaime: Oh okay. That’s incredibly good. 

[To be continued.]

Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 10

[Gem had been expecting to come, eyes closed, leaning against Jaime. The sudden withdrawal of his fingers jolts her like a missed step. Her eyes open, horrified and indignant.]

Gem: No! Oo-ah? No, Jaime, please?

Jaime: I’ll look after you, little lamb. You’ll be okay. But turn around now. And put your hands on the bed.

Gem: [Frowns] Turn around and put my hands on the bed? You’re serious? Jaime, that’s the same as saying “bend over”, isn’t it? Were you thinking that I wouldn’t notice?

Jaime: No, it’s not the same. It doesn’t mean the same.

Gem: [She has taken a step away from him.] Oh? If I turned my back on you and put my hands on the bed, in what way have I not bent over?

Jaime: Okay, if I say ‘bend over’, I mean if I say it to a submissive woman and not some completely straight girl like you, darling, then it means much more than just the words. It means she should put herself in a particular position, obviously, but it means more than that. It means she’s got to do as she’s told and I don’t have to ask nicely. And the words tell her why she’s got to bend over. I mean what for.

Gem: ‘Bend over’ means she’s going to get a spanking. From you.

[Jaime notices that Gem has said “bend over” three times so far, and she seems to like saying it. On the other hand he knows that she isn’t comfortable about thinking of her lover as a man who smacks women, even for their pleasure. He lets it pass for now.]

Jaime: If she had an arse like yours I’d fuck her. Well, yeah, I’d spank her too. But the  point is that whatever happens, it’s not her choice. She does as she’s told, and I decide. That’s very sexy. Well, it is between me and a submissive woman. But if I only say, “turn around, and put your hands on the bed” to you, then –

Gem: Okay, then it wouldn’t be about me bending over. It’s only about posture. 

[That’s four times Gem’s said “bend over”, Jaime notes.]

Jaime: That’s right. It’s just a posture. So now: turn around and put your hands on the bed.

[A pause.]

Jaime: Please.

[To be continued.]