Bedroom Eyes 16

Stephanie turned away from Maires to look at me and nod. She said, as if she was sorry, and her spanking was going to be a punishment, “Well, it’s time, isn’t it? I guess it has to be.”

She stood up, and looked down at my knees. And at my cock, which was in welcoming condition, happy to see her, and Maires too, of course.

Stephanie pulled a face: rueful. “You’ve smacked my arse, oh, I’ve lost count. But I’ve never put myself in the famous over the knee position, not for anyone. Never in my life.”

I smiled up at her, from my place sitting on the edge of the bed, my knees just vacated by Maires, who knelt, her arse crimson, nose to the wall. Stephanie expected that to happen to her. She wasn’t being defiant. She just wanted us to mark the milestone.

“You’ve got minx tendencies and anyway I love your arse. So it’s your first time but it won’t be the last. You lower yourself over my knees now, belly resting on my lap, bottom up. Toes and fingertips touching the carpet.”

Stephanie sighed again. She said, “I’m sorry I’m a minx, sir.” Of course my cock flicked up at that. Minxes know exactly what they’re doing. “Are you going to spank me as hard as you spanked Maires?”

I rook her hand, and pulled her closer. Then reached for her ear and pulled her down. “You’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?”

Stephanie pressed the front of her thighs against the side of mine, and lowered herself into place, following that irresistible hand holding her ear. I kept my grip on her ear, since instinct told me she liked that, and put my right hand on her pleasingly offered bottom.

I stroked her, and slipped my fingers down between her buttocks and thighs, almost but not quite touching her cunt.

The second time she made a slight protesting noise. She’d realised she was being teased.

I smacked her left cheek. Stephanie said, “Ow!” Not very convincingly. “One, sir!”

“That wasn’t one, Stephanie. I haven’t started yet. And for your first spanking, you don’t have to count. Not out loud.”

Stephanie said nothing, and her body relaxed on my knees. She was content to let me do what I wanted. I squeezed her left buttock, with its faint pink handprint, and raised my hand and brought it down, hard. Stephanie breathed through her nose. I spanked her right side, and this time I got a little gasp.

So I gave her four more, taking it slowly, while she tried to keep still and stay silent. By the sixth spank she was moving a little under the impacts, and releasing half-vocalised sighs. I paused at six. “You’re a quarter of the way through, unless you earn yourself extra. How you going, so far?”

“I know I’m a sorry girl, sir. I’m definitely going to cut down on the minxness.”

I smacked her right thigh hard, and she yelped.

“No, that one doesn’t count either. I was asking you a real question. How are you finding it, so far?”

You find me, I think. No! Sorry! Sorry! It’s making me, um, yearny: I want your cock. But I think I could do with more spanking first. That’s what you wanted to know, isn’t it?”

I rubbed her arse again, and this time touched her cunt, making her gasp. Yes, she needed attention paid. I was certain that she liked having to wait: what she wanted was ceasing to matter much. That is, her wishes on the details didn’t matter, and she liked that feeling. The bigger thing she wanted, that was what she was getting. Stephanie turned her head to look at me. We exchanged smiles, two conspirators.

Maires drew her head back so her nose no longer touched the wall. “Ah, permission to speak, Master?”

I looked over at her. She knelt with her hands clasped on her head and a blazing red bottom. She was already redder than Stephanie was going to get, and we both knew she had the second half of her punishment still to come. 

She was a beautiful sight, partly because anyone would think was Maires is beautiful, but especially so if you’re a person who thinks submission is beautiful.

“All right, Maires. Permission to speak, girl. Let’s hear from you.”

“Thank you, Master. I know that not being able to see is part of my punishment. But could you give me extra strokes, say, when you’re strapping me, and let me watch Stephanie get her first proper spanking? Please, Master?”

“All right. The privilege will cost you six strokes, but you knew that. Yes, you can watch Stephanie. She is lovely.”

Maires dropped her hands to the floor and boosted herself up. She came over and knelt again, but in front of Stephanie, and caressed her face. The two women gazed at each other. I raised my eyebrows, and my hand. “Second quarter, Stephanie.”

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Bedroom Eyes 15

I took my thumb from Stephanie’s mouth. She pouted, as if that made her sad, so I pulled her head closer, by her hair, and kissed her. “All right, Stephanie. You get to watch Maires get punished. Don’t forget you get twenty smacks too, at the halfway point, so you’d best behave yourself.”

She nodded. “I’ll try. But if you’ve already told me what I’m getting, it can’t make any difference how I behave.”

“OK. Twenty-four smacks. The number can change, and it just has. Also, hot girl, I haven’t decided yet whether I’lll use my hand or get out my belt for you.”

“Oh. The belt’s worse than your hand? I guess I’ll find out soon, won’t I? And yes, I’m not in a hurry to find out. I’ll be as good as I can.”

“All I ask. Now stay quiet, Stephanie. This is Maires’s time.” Stephanie opened her mouth, then closed it and nodded. I put the hand I’d held Stephanie with on the small of Maires’s back. Maires knew what that meant. She raised her bottom a little. She wanted to be a good girl too.

So I brought my hand down, hard, on her left cheek, getting a loud, ringing clap, and again on her right. Then we settled down, punisher and a punished girl over his knee, while I delivered a rain of open-palmed, hard smacks, too fast to count.

By the third minute Maires was getting uncomfortable. I continued, merciless, while her bottom stayed poised in place, cooperating in her own punishment, and her breathing because more audible. 

At six minutes she groaned, and then kept up a series of low, whimpering sounds while my hand heated her crimson skin. Stephanie, behind her, held me tight. I didn’t turn to look at her, but I expected her eyes were wide and her mouth open. I slowed my pace, and made the individual spanks harder, now. Maires began to move, her blazing, heated bottom and thighs rising and falling as I spanked her. Her body was no longer under her own control. 

At ten minutes Maires was crying, full-throated and uninhibited like a baby. I knew that sound, and I’d set out to make it come. I knew there’d be tears in her eyes. I stopped, and watched her.

Maires still writhed and cried. I stroked her bottom and inner thighs lightly, giving her time to settle.

Usually at that point I’d hold her in my arms while she cried into my shoulder, and then she’d show she was grateful for her lesson and she wanted to earn back good-girl points by sinking to her knees and taking my cock into her mouth. But I’d decided that Maires wasn’t going to have the sexual comforts that usually followed punishment.

I said, “Why are you being punished, Maires?”

She had to cough, twice, to produce her voice. “For missing a lecture, Master.”

“Do you doing think that was a good idea?”

“No, Master, it was seriously fucking stupid.”

“It was, Maires. Do you think you’ve learned your lesson?”

Maires reached back and touched the heated skin of her lower buttocks. She blew, as though trying to cool something down. “I’ve definitely learned, Master. That was … memorable.” 

“Good. Do you think you’re done now?”

“No Master. But I’m hoping that was at least the half-way point.”

“Good girl.” She turned her tear-stained face up and me and smiled. She liked being a good girl with a well-spanked arse, and the promise of more to come. I smiled back, then did the Serious Master face. “Missing lectures is stupid, Maires, and you’re never to do that again. And when I’ve finished, I hope you’ll get a warning from your arse, if a lecture’s about to start and you’re not in the vroom.”

“Yes, Master. I think that’s quite likely.”

“Get up, girl. Take the belt out of my jeans, and hold it in your mouth.”

Maires climbed off my knee, hissing breath in as her muscles of her buttocks worked, but got to her feet and pulled my belt free of my pants. She stood just in front of my feet, belt in her mouth, hands on her head.

Stephanie and I both gazed at her, a sleekly muscled woman with delicious thighs, adorable breasts, with a belt in her mouth and tears in her eyes.

Maires’s glamour and her personality scared a lot of men and some women, when she wasn’t in this room. 

I looked at Stephanie. “You, get down now. Kneel and kiss Maires’s cunt. You can touch her just once with your tongue, but you’re not to pleasure her. But you’ll feel how turned on she is.”

“My nose already knows. Sir. But yes, I’ll give Maires a kiss.” She slid snakelike over me, keeping her breasts, then her belly and then her legs pressed against my side. Then she got out of bed and knelt between Maires’s feet and mine.

She put her hands on Maires’s thighs as if to hold her in place, took a deep breath, and kissed those sweet and depilated lips. A second or two later she opened her mouth and Maires gasped. They stayed pressed together, Stephanie more or less obeying me by not moving.

It still counted as one kiss, one tongue touch, or so she’d argue if I challenged her. I gave them time, since they were a beautiful sight. Eventually I said, “Stephanie, little minx, it’s your turn now. Over my knee, little love.”

Bedroom Eyes 14

Maires had walked naked across the room, when Stephanie came back from ther bathroom, and knelt with her hands on her head and her nose in the corner, her arse glowing like a stop sign. It was part of her Cunning Plan.

Stephanie had joined me in the bed, and we’d held each other. She’d asked me if Maires was in trouble. Before I’d had time to answer that she’d added, “Am I in trouble?” 

I looked at her to see if she was joking. She wasn’t, or not exactly. But she knew that the question and what it conceded about her attitude would make me happy. And excited.

I kissed her. “Not exactly in trouble, Stephanie. Would you say you’ve been a good girl?”

“Depends who you ask. My Mum wouldn’t think so. She’d be horrified: what I did last night! And let you do to me! And Maires … But you … I think you’re pretty pleased with me right now? Yes?”

I pulled her close, and kissed-bit her right nipple. She put her hand in my hair and breathed. My teeth grazing along her nipples was a good thing. We’d already established that. Then I smacked her bottom lightly, and again less lightly and looked up. “Then you knew you aren’t in trouble, and you were just teasing me? What happens to girls who try teasing, Stephanie?” 

“Oh no, Sir. I’m innocent!” So that was the first time I saw her ‘innocent’ face. Eyebrows arched in appeal, eyes sparkling, mouth drooping at the corners. It didn’t look at all innocent. “I was just asking to make sure I’ve been good. That’s what a respectful girl would do, isn’t it?” She slipped her hand down between us to touch and test my cock. She said, “Uh huh.” 

“Stephanie. No, you’re not in trouble, or not exactly. But you’re a minx. While I’m punishing Maires, I’ll take time out to give you a spanking. My special minx spanking. Twelve smacks. No, twenty. And twenty kisses.”

Stephanie smiled. That didn’t sound too bad. Perhaps not even slightly bad.

Her fingers closed on my cock, which expanded in her clasp. She traced a finger down the underside, making me gasp. “Twenty kisses? Not twenty fucks?”

“Well yeah, that too. But -” I paused. It was getting hard, I mean difficult, to think. “- that’s a longer-term project.”

“But I’ll help you! Um, why is Maires going to get punished?” 

I said, “Maires?”

Maires looked at Stephanie, not trying to look or sound repentant. “I missed a lecture last week. Because I was playing Bioshock.”

I nodded solemnly at Stephanie. She looked solemnly back. But I turned away to speak to Maires. “Did I warn you what happens if you miss another lecture?”

Maires nodded, her hands slipped down to clasp behind her back. “You said you’d punish me severely, Master.”

To Stephanie she said, “Master looks after me. Makes sure I get the things I have to do done. He’s very supportive. But if I fuck up too badly … Well, here I am.”

Stephanie turned to look at me, considering Maires’s words. My cock, still in her hand, was entirely hard now. I should have been more attentive to, and grateful for, the build-up Maires was giving me. She’d thought about winning Stephanie over, obviously more intelligently than I had. But a lot of my consciousness just then was in Stephanie’s hand.

Eventually I remembered that I was supposed to be pushing this along. “And what do you think you deserve, Maires?”

“I deserve whipping, Master.” 

Stephanie looked at me, shocked. “You – you have a whip?” 

“Yeah, I do. And yes, Maires does know what it feels like. But, Maires, are you going to get whipped now?”

“I don’t think so, Master. Stephanie, he’s strict, but he takes care, too. I think he doesn’t want to shock you. He’ll do something less dramatic. I hope he makes it hard, but I’m not allowed to ask for that.”

“Maires, that’s enough out of you.” I crawled to the edge of the bed, and put my feet on the floor, so my thighs were available for occupation, for spanking purposes. “Come here, love, you know what to do.”

Maires turned, still on her knees and crawled to me. She stood when she reached my lap, and lowered herself slowly.

I loved the soft-hardness of her belly and thighs on my thighs, and her weight, and the view of her ass and thighs.

Stephanie scampered to join me and looked over my shoulder, down at Maires’s perfectly beautiful and already very red bottom and thighs. Stephanie’s breasts pressed into my back. It was impossible not to be happy.

She reached around me, but Maire’s body had blocked off access to my cock. Probably a good thing. Stephanie said, “Well, missing lectures is very bad.”

That was a request, and a surprising one. She meant I could be harsh with Maires and she wouldn’t be shocked at me. Probably.

I reached back and slaped her cheek very lightly, then thrust my thumb into her mouth. She knew what I meant. She kept her teeth clear, and sucked.

I put my other hand on Maires’s arse. She kept still, and silent. We were about to put on a show.