Wicked Wednesday: A Glass of Water

I gave her the robe to carry, and said, “Follow me.” I took her to the door that led into the living room. She looked around, still wide-eyed. It was a comfortable room, the furnishings and paintings old-fashioned, and not, apparently, having any sexual or disciplinary purpose. Two leather armchairs, with rolled arms, faced the fireplace. Mine was an innocent living room, and yet she knew she was not in here for any innocent purposes.

I smacked her ass again and turned her to face the corridor. “Drop to your hands and knees, Claire. Crawl. The bedroom’s second on the right.”

Wicked Wednesday: Owned like a table. Or car.

While we drove to my house I said, “Have you ever had a butt-plug in you before, Claire?”

Her face was already red. She knew she’d chosen whatever happened from this point, and believed that only a shameless woman would do that. “No, Master. It feels strange.”

I smiled. “It makes you very aware of yourself. As a possession, not an independent person, all alone.”

Claire considered that. “I don’t think I can say how I feel, Master.  But…. I’m very happy so far. Even though my ass hurts.”

Wicked Wednesday: A Vibrant, Silent, Presence

I considered asking Claire her opinion on whether I should allow Maddie to give her another spanking. I expected Claire would be beautifully, blushingly confused about whether that would be a wonderful thing or a terrible thing. But there was plenty of time to explore Maddie’s obvious attraction to Claire.

Claire’s attitude was less obvious. She found Maddie’s interest flattering, and flustering. I said, “Sorry, Maddie, Claire’s been a good girl for, oh, minutes at a time now. So no, you can’t. But if that changes, of course I’ll allow you.”

 “Sir.” Maddie straightened up. She wanted to be obedient and winsome. And she wanted to compete, sexually, with Claire.

Wicked Wednesday: Punishment robe

The punishment robe seemed to be a garment designed for humiliation. It was sleeveless, and it would come about halfway down the thighs of most people who wore it. The hang of the fabric meant it would hug the figure of the wearer. The beige colour was neutral, neither flattering nor ugly. I nodded. “Put that robe on the hook on the clothes rack, Maddie. And take all Claire’s clothing and put it into a bag, would you?”

Claire, nose to the wall, straightened up when she heard that, but she already knew better than to protest. Maddie gathered the clothes Claire had shed, panties, pantyhose, shoes, skirt, blouse and jacket, and put them in a blue velvet bag, which she left on my desk. She hung the flimsy robe on a hook near Claire. She looked at me. “She looks perfectly delightful, Master. And she’s being a good girl, now. But may I spank her one more time, Master?”



Wicked Wednesday: Pretty stripes on display

“if I do hear you guilt-tripping again, then you’ll be back here.”

“I do understand, Master.”

“Or I’ll deal with you at my home. I don’t make empty threats.” But I held her tight against me. I was hard for her now.

“Will you fuck me, Master? Please. I need your cock in me. Including where … that glass thing is.”

 “I think I can safely promise that. I want you very much.” I checked my watch. It was only ten to three. So very much had happened, so very quickly.

Wicked Wednesday: Message received

Claire said, “I wish… I wish you’d be mine. I mean my Master. Even if only for a while. But I need someone guiding me at the moment. Standing behind me. For me. I’ve gone so wrong.”

I said, “Then you’re under me, until further notice. You may call me Master. And your first order is to remember that your past is paid for. In full. If I hear you express any guilt about fucking that guy, ever again, we’ll go through this once more. Understood?”

Claire closed her eyes. At last she said, “Understood. Master.”

Wicked Wednesday: Claire, paid in full

So I kissed her mouth, and we held each other like lovers. She could feel me hardening for her. Because the sexiest thing, between her and I, as the punished and the punisher, was not her beautiful naked body.

Nor her helpless presentation over my desk, or her gasps and stripes as the cane did its work, wonderfully hot though those things all were, but her acceptance and submission. We were going to take each other, fiercely, s soon as possible after this had finished. I knew she felt that desire too, that powerful sexual heat from her own submission. We didn’t speak about it.

Wicked Wednesday: Back to Claire in the headmaster’s office

But before Claire could forgive herself, she needed to feel she’d done something genuinely challenging. And she couldn’t believe she was a good mother to Tara, I also suspected, until that self-forgiveness came. So I took no break. I only said, “Hold Claire down, Maddie. She is not to get up until I say.”

Wicked Wednesday: She squealed sweetly


Maddie stepped behind Claire, and patted her bottom fondly. She said, “Keep still, Claire”, and pushed the buttplug against Claire’s tight little entrance. That muscled circle suddenly gave, and Claire squealed as the plug entered her, half alarmed and half submissively aroused. Maddie pushed firmly, letting the thickest part of the plug enter Claire’s anal tube, until her muscle closed again on the thinner part of the plug.

She gave Claire a sharp smack and said, “There. Good girl, Claire.” A red jewel peeked back at us, from between Claire’s buttocks. 

Wicked Wednesday: Hugs and plugs

Claire seemed to look inside herself, while she considered. “It was okay. No, sometimes it felt perfect: just right. You know, not most of the time. They were just boys. But sometimes it just reached into me. Still, once I’d had vaginal, I, um, never looked back.”

“Maddie. The buttplug. Medium one. Get it out and lube it, please.”