Sinful Sunday: Assuming the position

Sophia is not the most trusting submissive in the world. She knows what that frame is for, and what the cane is for. The cane, in fact, is for her. 

But though she’s been told to look straight ahead, she hears the sounds of her Sir getting undressed. This one glance will cost her bottom dearly, but it also shows her that the frame she’s bending over has two uses.

Sir is blatantly enthusiastic about both uses.   



Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 29

Seamus recognised the signs, the little gasps and the tightening of her stomach muscles that told him Asuka was close to coming. He had Yua’s hand, reaching between his thighs and stroking his bollocks, and he was in danger of coming before Asuka was ready.

He bit his own tongue, hard enough to hurt and delay his own orgasm for the few more seconds Asuka needed.

Asuka was usually a screamer when she came. This time she closed her eyes, raised her thighs to hold him, and made only a soft moan, then another, before her body relaxed under him as if she had fainted. He wondered if he’d failed her in some way, but Asuka eventually opened her eyes.

She reached up to stroke his face. “Oh, Seamus. Lovely. That was … ” Asuka didn’t produce a word, but clearly she was serenely happy, and so he was too. 

Yua crawled over his body, which was a notably enjoyable experience, for Seamus. She kissed him on the cheek, and then kissed Asuka’s mouth. She said, “I know where you went. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

Asuka smiled at her friend, but said nothing. Then she rolled over to cuddle Seamus. He’d done something splendid, it seemed. Anyway, she was happy and loving, and she seemed likely to fall asleep soon. So Seamus rolled onto his back, holding Asuka close, and then put his arm round Yua so she didn’t feel left out.

But Yua wasn’t tired yet. She kissed Seamus passionately, and kissed Asuka gently, not disturbing a girl on the verge of sleep. She slipped down his body, and licked his cock. Then she took it in her mouth, and moved along his mostly soft cock, tasting and cleaning Asuka’s and his sexual fluids. 

Seamus didn’t expect she’d have much luck getting him hard for another hour or so. They’d kept him busy, peniley speaking. But her soft, wet, lightly sucking after-care was still pleasant. He felt vaguely proud and happy that Yua liked his cock, and his come.

He hadn’t expected to feel fond of Yua. He’d been irritated with her from the first time she came up with a stupid excuse for not doing her homework, until … Well, he probably stopped being irritated with her when he had his cock in her ass. And when she’d licked his cock and made him hard again after their bath, he’d started to feel affection. He decided that he was a very simple system. He put his free hand on Yua’s head, to stroke her scalp and rub behind her ear while she served him.

She looked up at him, his soft cock still in her mouth, and smiled. He murmured, trying not to wake Asuka, “Good girl, Yua. But come up now.”

So she wriggled up his body until she faced Asuka, across his chest. She whispered, “Fuck me again soon?”

Seamus nodded. “I’m certain. But Asuka’s down, and I’m going to be asleep soon. So you may as well rest too.”

She said, “Tomorrow’s Saturday. We’re not getting out of bed, yes?”

“Not til Sunday lunchtime, I think, little one. Except for baths. And food. You can be the table, and Asuka and I will eat off you.”

Her eyes lit up. “Like nyotaimori? Oh, I’ve always wanted.”

“I guess you get your chance, if you’re good. But yes, we’ll stay home and fuck.”

Yua said, “Perfect. ”   

Seamus closed his eyes. Asuka’s soft and regular breath was affecting him. As he relaxed into sleep, he felt Yua take his cock in her hand, and then she cuddled against him too.


Sinful Sunday: Sleep

Sometimes it’s the Master who’s the brat. “Come on, Arethusa, I wanna play!” 

“I’m sleepy.”

“Mmmph. I’m not.”

Master goes off, makes a cup of tea. It turns out not to be as good as sex. 

Master picks up the cane. He knows how to wake Arethusa. 

But at this last second he takes this pic, of resting peace. Then …

Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 28


This story is set in a small Japanese city in 1982. There are no cellphones, and no internet. There’s also no genital herpes (at least it hadn’t yet been heard of) and no AIDS. Some of the protection-less sex in this episode would be wildly irresponsible if it happened now, but at the time the main threat from unprotected intercourse was pregnancy. The contraceptive pill was used to prevent conception.

People about to have threesomes, now, are advised to be scrupulous with using and changing condoms, or else to find a time machine back to a period of lesser risk.

In the Realm of the Sensei 

“I want you to fuck me now, and Yua too. Both of us, together.” Asuka had said. Seamus had objected, he thought reasonably, that he didn’t have two cocks, and Asuka had laughed at him. 

She edged to be closer to Yua’s side, and put her leg over Yua’s, presenting him with two deliciously pretty pussies.

She said, “No, you can’t be in both of us at exactly the same time. But you can be fucking us both at once. Put your cock in Yua for long enough that she looks happy, and then you pull out and move your cock about … ” – she pretended to consider – “eleven inches to your left and put it in me and make me happy. Then Yua’s turn again. And so on. Do you think you can do that? Sensei?”

Yua nodded enthusiastically. That was all right with her. Seamus, a man with only one penis, but with the undivided attention and desire of two pretty girls, smiled. Happiness, he thought, not for the first time, is easy. He put his knees between Yua’s. She raised and parted her knees a little further, to welcome him. Then he felt his cock clamped in Asuka’s hand, and she pinched him painfully tight at the base. “Yikes. The fuck you do that for, girl?”

Asuka said, “I read it delays your orgasm. And you’re going to be in man-heaven. Double heaven. So you need to last.”

“Warned you. After this, Yua’s going to be able to film you getting the spanking of your life.”

Asuka grinned. That was hardly a threat. She said, “Hai, sensei,” with her best possible impersonation of meekness.

Then he felt Yua’s hand on his cock, soft, stroking. “I’d never hurt that lovely cock, sensei. So please fuck me now. In my cunt.”

Seamus leaned down, closing the distance between them, still with Yua’s hand light on his cock. She guided him to her pussy, and closed her eyes and sighed as he entered her slowly. He thought it odd that though he’d buggered her and she’d taken his cock in her mouth this was the first time he’d entered her pussy. Those events didn’t usually occur in that order.

She was a wet girl, and once he’d pressed forward all the way into her, their pelvic bones pressed together, she began to work his cock with a series of firm and rapid muscular constrictions.

Seamus kissed her, and she put her hands on his shoulders. She closed her eyes and squirmed while he pressed into her, then slowly withdrew and then claimed her again. She sighed and dug her nails into his skin. He smiled at her and smacked her face lightly. Then he held her face in his right hand. Her eyes opened. “I hurt you, Yua, whenever I like. And you do as you’re told. That’s the deal. You agree, Yua?”

“Hai, hai, hai, sensei …” Yua’s eyes closed again; he hadn’t stopped moving in her. It was too sweet, too warm, and wet and slippery and tight, and he couldn’t make himself stop if he wanted to.

“So you don’t scratch my back, Yua. You remember when I spanked you, with my hand, after I’d caned you?”

“Sensei.” She sounded reproachful. “You were so cruel.”

“And you came, little hypocrite. Anyway, if you scratch me, draw blood, you’ll get that again. But I won’t be letting you come, this time. So … don’t!”

“I don’t want to hurt you, sensei. But sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing. You’re good at making me know nothing. Teacher.” She let her head fall back, offered him her throat. Seamus kissed her neck, feeling an urge to bite, as she’d probably anticipated.  

Yua put her arms around his back, and raised her thighs, so her body was nearly folded in two. She put her feet on his buttocks. “Fuck me, sensei.”

The possibility of coming in her alarmed him, and he concentrated for a second or two on his sensations, thinking about them analytically and therefore more distantly, until he felt that orgasm back off.

Yua had eyes closed still, and her mouth open. She made little high-pitched sounds.

Seamus rocked slowly to a stop, and she opened her eyes, as he withdrew gently. She breathed, “Umai sensei.”

He smiled as a man will when a woman calls him wonderful, and said, “Good girl. Back soon.” He put his leg over Asuka’s and Yua’s, and then both knees between Asuka’s thighs. He took Asuka hard, in a single and sudden thrust, and watched her face, wide-eyed, while he fucked her fast and rough.

He took a handful of her hair and pulled, hard. She showed her teeth; she liked that. As he took her, fiercely remorseless, she said, “What you – What are you doing to me?”    

He didn’t answer, except to pull her hair harder, until pain showed in her eyes. She seemed utterly happy, though. So was he.

Then suddenly he smacked Asuka’s face, as he had Yua’s, and he withdrew suddenly, and climbed over and plunged into Yua.

Yua said, “It’s like both Asuka and you are fucking me.”He suspected that she’d prepared that. He plunged in her, pushing deep and hard, trying to hurt her, She said, when they’d moved together for a minute or so, “Yes-yes-hai, sensei, harder, sensei, fuck me.” That sounded less rehearsed. He kissed her.

He slowed down after a while, so they fucked sensually and affectionately. Perhaps lovingly, though that wasn’t a word he’d expected to apply to Yua. She rolled her eyes up and concentrated for several moment and then the contraction of her cunt resumed.

She was, perhaps, trying to show him she knew ways of serving that Asuka didn’t. He didn’t mind or care. Now he’d had the opportunity to make a direct comparison, he thought Yua’s pussy was perfect. So was Asuka’s. There were no comparisons to be made. It was true, and a safe thing to tell them when they asked, as he was sure they would.

Riding in the soft and perfect saddle of her spread inner thighs he pressed his cock deep so their pubic bones met again, and then simply applied constant pressure while he moved his hips, side to side, and higher, as far as possible while keeping his cock in place.  

Yua said, “Uh!” She was lost. Things were building inside her. He kept up the pressure while barely moving his cock, and she said, “Uh,” again, and then made a series of nasal noises, and then lifted her pelvis from the bed, taking him with her, and wailed. Seamus fought for control, and managed not to come. He pressed the flat of his hand to her face where he’d slapped her, but now it was a gentle touch, in blessing.

Yua turned onto her side to watch as he lay between Asuka’s thigh’s and she began to sigh and squeak as he slid into her, her wet, slippery self welcoming him. As he began to pump his loved girl he felt Yua’s hand on his ass, pressing into the skin just behind his bollocks.



Sinful Sunday: The comfy bed

The greatest scene in the history of movie-making (I’m with Noot, who said, “Oh, I am enjoying this!) is the one that ends with a zillion Scots girls pretending to be virgins, who shout, “And after the Spanking … the Oral Sex!” 

But while that’s generally a sound approach to life, you need to have just one thing intervene between the two: the comfy bed!

(Thanks as always to my model the lovely Zoë.)

Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 27

Yua came, wailing noisily, with Seamus’s cock in her ass and Asuka’s tongue busy licking up at her pussy. Asuka had crawled between Yua’s legs while they were fucking, as Yua had done for Asuka. Seamus suspected she took less pleasure from that than Yua had taken from licking her pussy.

Yua was, sexually, into anything that moved, while Asuka seemed to like men, and only one of them at a time. But she felt she should repay her friend. 

Afterwards, when Yua and Seamus had both come, and he was slowly softening, still in her ass, Asuka went to ran a deep bath. She came back and took the other twoby the hand and pulled them into the bathroom. The three of them, undressed, washed, and climbed into the tub.

In the tub the two girls insisted on continuing to wash Seamus’s cock very slowly and with great solemnity, only partly spoiled by occasional outbreaks of giggles. Seamus didn’t mind. He knew they were trying to get him hard, and while he also knew there was no serious chance they would succeed, at least for another half an hour or so, he couldn’t deny that their ministrations felt good.

At last, after perhaps an hour of soapy, slippery bodies sliding together, there was a knock at the door. Asuka got out, wrapped herself in a towel, and answered it. Yua and Seamus left the bath more slowly. Yua knelt before him to embrace and dry his feet, his legs and then licked his cock, without taking it into her mouth. This time she achieved better results, and it rose and pointed somewhere over her forehead. 

Asuka returned with bento (she must have called a local restaurant while she was running the bath, Seamus decided).

She sat Seamus at their table, wrapped in a great robe, while his two-girl harem stayed naked and beautiful, fussing over and feeding him, occasionally taking pieces of eel or shrimp for themselves.

That night, in bed with the two of them, he found himself holding Yua’s buttocks, still heated from the caning he’d given her that day, and lifting her slightly from the bed while he tongued her sweet, plump and depilated pussy. She squirmed and squealed appreciatively, her hands on his shoulders sometimes caressing and sometimes gripping him with all her might.

Asuka, deprived of access to his cock while he lay on his front, kissed the side of his face, then lay back beside Yua, thighs well spread, stroking her pussy. Seamus pushed his knuckle into Yua’s luscious cunt, and sped up, applying more pressure.

Her squeals dropped in pitch to become guttural and grunty, and at last, her hands now tangled in his hair and at risk of pulling clumps out, she came, crying “Waaa-haa, waaa-haa!” like a very upset baby. Then her grip on his hair relaxed, and he let her sink back to the bed.

Yua left her hand on his shoulder, affectionately, when he edged over to hold and tongue Asuka. But Asuka said, “No, sensei. I want you to fuck me now. And Yua too. Both of us, together.”

Seamus frowned. “Well, that sounds good. But I don’t actually have two cocks.”

“Silly Sensei! It’s easy! You just-”   


Sinful Sunday: Life is not black and white

Keli had not, in fact, ever been spanked before. Or given commands by someone who expected her to do as she was told. She contacted me, through this fine website, to point out this tragic fact and see if I might help. 

So we talked. It turned out that she lived over seventy miles away. The rules of first meetings, in bdsm, are black and white: I gave her my details and told her to check them, and give them to a friend, and proposed that we meet for the first time in some safe public place. Then, if all went well, I could take her to my place or hers. That second rendezvous probably to be at a later date.

But Keli wasn’t interested. She gave me her address, said she was alone and that I should get there, now. It was an emergency!

So I packed a basic tool kit and drove. When I found the place (I mean her house), we were both a little on the impatient side. This photo was taken within about three minutes of our meeting for the first time.  

People don’t always act sensibly. Neither of us were. Still, sometimes, not being sensible turns out wonderfully. Like here. 


Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 26

Yua kept her position, tightly bent, feet wide, holding her ankles, while Asuka pressed two well-lubricated fingers against her asshole. Then Asuka pushed, more ruthlessly than Seamus would have, and Yua cried out a little. Asuka’s fingers worked inside her.

Asuka looked at Seamus. “She’s a silly girl. You caned her much harder than me, and she still makes a fuss.” It was true. Yua’s stripes across her buttocks and upper thighs were red, and black in spots, while Asuka’s were a lighter, pretty, pink. “Would you spank her, Sensei, if she makes more fuss? You’d spank me if I did.” 

Seamus kept his face straight. “Certainly I will.” He stood to Yua’s side and smacked her left cheek, not very hard. A warning. “Yua, keep quiet, and stay in position. Asuka, you won’t mind if I use your cane on this girl as well?”

“Of course not, Master. Anyway, that cane is yours. I gave it to you to do with as you want. Same as me. And now you own this girl.” She withdrew her fingers and coated them again, liberally, with lube.

This time she thrust three fingers into Yua’s ass, again without gentleness.

Yua, her head near her feet, blew out a breath as she was entered, but was careful to make no sound.

Asuka said, “She’s trying to be a good girl, sensei. I think she’s ready for you now.”

“No, Asuka. I used more than that on you. Do it again.”

Asuka again coated her fingers, then pressed her forefinger and index fingers together, and poured a little more onto them. She turned and thrust three fingers into Yua, still not gently, and revolved her fingers inside her, spread the lube evenly, at the entrance and inside. Yua’s face, upside down and between her shins, was fixed in a determined expression. Clearly it had hurt her a little, but she was determined to make no sign in front of her friend. Seamus suspected she’d all protests, wails and tears, if only he were there.   

Asuka withdrew her fingers slowly, this time, and Yua moved, to follow those fingers, as though she wanted their presence to continue. Asuka, her hand free, looked enquiringly at Seamus. “Sensei?” 

“A bit more on me, Asuka. Especially at the head.” Asuka obeyed, and coated the head and shaft of his cock with more of the lube, and then stroked the head, sensual, smiling at him. He suspected that if he came in her hand, and disappointed her friend, at least until he recovered, she would find that endlessly amusing.

Seamus growled, “That’s enough, Asuka. Now go and stand in front of your friend.”

Asuka said, “Hai, sensei.” When she was in place, so that she and Seamus could kiss, with Yua’s body submissively bent between them, Seamus said, “Now take her cheeks, Asuka, and pull them wide apart.”

Yua’s tiny asshole was already perfectly available. He’d given Asuka the order mainly to humble her a little. While his girl spread Yua for him he stepped close behind, his cock slippery between her buttocks. Yua froze. She did not breath.

Seamus positioned his cock against her tight little entrance, and applied a little pressure. She didn’t open, so he pressed a little harder, and she opened to him suddenly, holding his glans inside. Yua gasped. Though he’d been gentler than Asuka, he’d hurt her a little.

He paused and put his hands on her narrow waist. “Just relax, Yua. It’s a new sensation, I know, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it.” He held still, though his body urgently wanted to take more territory. Yua trembled, and that was a sweet sensation, to his sensitive glans. 

At last he heard Yua breathe, and take a breath, and he pressed forward again. She made a little cry as she found herself taken further, but it didn’t sound like pain. Seamus gave her a few more seconds to get used to this deeper intrusion, and then pressed forward again. Yua said, “Ah, sensei.” He wasn’t sure if that expressed pain or appreciation.

In any case he withdrew a little, for the first time, and then pressed forward, still deeper. He continued, each withdrawal ceding less territory, each forward stroke going deeper, until at last his thighs and groin pressed tight against Yua’s well-striped, still-warm, ass. He held that position for what seemed a long time, while Yua waited, not breathing, feeling herself fully invaded, filled. he leaned forward to kiss Asuka. That movement meant he was just a millimetre or two deeper. 

Asuka grinned suddenly. “May I film you, sensei? While you fuck my friend?”

Seamus considered. “No showing it round your friends.”

“Of course not, sensei.”

He wondered about that. But he said, “Yes. All right.”

“Thank you, sensei!” She scampered off, and returned with a little video camera, sold in some Tokyo shops almost as toys. 

Asuka filmed in silence for a while, as Yua began to meet his thrusts. She said, like a television reporter, “Is she tight, sensei? Does she feel as good as me?”

Seamus grinned. He said, “She’s tight, yes, and delicious. But If you ask me for praise again, at the expense of your friend, she’ll get to film me caning you.”

Asuka’s brows raised. She said quickly, “Sorry, sensei.”

Seamus smacked Yua’s tightly bent bottom. “I’m going to fuck you harder you now, Yua. Be a good girl for me, or you’ll both be getting the cane.” 

Yua said nothing. She didn’t think she had the right to speak, and in that she was correct.

Seamus put his hands back on the narrowest part of her waist, held tight, and began to fuck the girl, slowly and deep.