Probation Officer #223: A night with Ana 15

Ana looked at me querulously. A red stripe was forming down her left buttock. “What was that for?”

“Warning for you. If you let my cock slip out of your mouth before I’ve come, I’ll give you, I don’t know, a least a dozen before you get my cock back. Understood?”

“Um. Oh-kay…”

“And when I come, you’re going to..?”

“Swallow it all.”

“Good girl. Course you are. And if you didn’t, what would you get?”

“Your belt.” 

I lowered her head onto my cock. It was a perfect world, her mouth and tongue. We’d had a busy night, but this was the first time she’d had her mouth on my cock.

Except, maybe, for that night with Sa’afia. I shook my head. I didn’t know what had happened that night, and maybe I never would.

Ana looked up at me and smiled, keeping her mouth, technically speaking, on my cock. “Your belt across my bum. You’re a mean man.”

Ana brought her arms forward, resting her upper body on her elbows and caressing the shaft of my cock with her fingers, while her lips took care of the head. Her mouth was still slightly cool from the ice-cream. I said, “That’s right.”  


Probation Officer #222: A night with Ana 14

Ana had cushions under her hips, keeping her ass in the air. Her hands were tied behind her back, with my belt. She could probably get out of that, if she tried. It was the position she’d been in when we’d last fucked. That was about midnight. It was one in the morning. 

I was feeding her strawberries and ice-cream – with my hands – and she was hungry, so she had no reason to try to move. All good things were coming to her.  

We hadn’t stopped to have dinner, and now we weren’t going to. Eventually she finished the plate I’d brought her. I said, “good girl.” I’d checked with her, that she liked being told she was good, when she was. She was good, when she wanted to be, and she liked my approval. 

I held her wineglass – filled with water, now – to her lips and tilted. Ana drank. Eventually she nodded her head, so that water spilled down over the pillow. I smacked her bottom, because of the spillage, and then gave her my hand to lick clean.

She spent a long time on my fingers, once she’d got the white mess of my palm. There was symbolism going on there. Ana was demonstrating a skill.

I said, “All right.” I reached over and undid the belt, freeing her hands. Ana made a small protesting noise. She’d liked being tied. I said, “you’ll need your hands.”


I put my knees on the pillow, on either side of Ana’s face. I took a handful of hair and pulled her head up. Ana opened wide, without being told. But I smacked her bottom with the belt anyway. Hard enough to fill the room with impact noise and make her left buttock shake. 

Probation Officer #221: A night with Ana 13

A little later I knelt between Ana’s thighs. Ana took my cock in her hand as I lowered myself onto her body, and squeezed me hard enough to make me gasp before she guided me into her.

cock in cuntThough we wanted to merge, it was our first time and it had to be savoured. I stopped, just inside her, because this was a moment.

I looked down at Ana. She was darkly golden, rounded and firm, and she was looking back up at me. I can’t possibly have been as beautiful to her as she was to me, but she liked what she saw.

That mystified me, made me think I was getting away with something. But I forget that miracle a second later, as I always do, and I moved forward, taking a few more centimetres of her. Ana closed her eyes. I watched her mouth settle into what looked like a relaxed and forgiving half smile, and I felt a moment of absurd cock pride. (“This cock is making you happy. And, girl, I got more. Wait till you have all of it. Hey!” Well, I told you it was absurd.)

I’d paused, and then slipped in a little further into warm wetness. Ana shook her head gently. She said, “Oh, this is so about time.” She sounded smug.  

It’d been about eleven months, from the first time Ana and I had desired each other to this moment. That thought reminded me that there had been and still were good reasons for not fucking Ana. I said nothing, but moved forward again. Her cunt was honeyed, it held me, it was heaven. Our pubic bones touched.

All of my cock was in her. I could feel my glans pressing up against her cervix. We should be careful about that, and we wouldn’t be. We’d fuck as hard as we could, I knew that.

Ana reached up and touched my face, then put her hands above her head, reaching back for something to hold onto. She found the end slats of my bedhead and held them. I could imagine, for the time being, that her body was mine.

I moved in her. Ana sighed again. I stopped having thoughts. 

Probation Officer #220: A night with Ana 12

I finished taking my pants off, and then put my knees on the edge of the bed. I leaned forward and put my hands under Ana’s ass, and lifted her a few centimetres. 

Ana made a little strangled noise. I suppose she may have thought I intended to use my belt on her inner thighs. I edged further forward, pulling her down the bed so that my face and her cunt met like a greedy man and a quarter of watermelon. Ana snorted through her nose when my tongue entered her, and her head fell back onto the bedcovers. 

lickFor a while she lay passive while I tongued her, and it wasn’t until she began to make answering micro-movements of her hips that I rewarded her by putting two knuckles inside her cunt, and concentrated my tonguing on and around her clitoris. With that she wax roused and rutting, fucking my face with some desperation and determination.

Shj\e made the sound of a woman yowling with a leather belt in her mouth. I stayed with her while her movements sped up, and her stomach muscles tightened, and the yowling intensified, and took a questioning tone. I realised, when everything seemed to be moving fast and wetly all around me, that I’d told her not to come without permission, and also that I’d told her not to speak.

I said, “Yes, little Ana love, yes, of course you – ”

That was all I needed to say on that topic. Ana’s thighs closed on my face, held me hard and then opened as wide as she could. I put my hands back under her buttocks and squeezed as hard as I could, meaning to hurt her a little. Her orgasm was muffled by the belt, but it shook her hard.

Ana lay back, puffing, with her mouth open, and the belt staying in place because of gravity more than anything else. Still, it hadn’t left her mouth.  I kissed sweet skin just beside her cunt. I grinned, immensely pleased with her. “Good girl.”

Probation Officer #219: A night with Ana 11

“In case you don’t behave.” 

Ana frowned, looking up at me, then at the belt, then at me. Eventually she nodded. She believed that if she displeased me I’d strap her, and for the time being she thought that was sexy, if not exactly reasonable. Sex is strange, and so is politics.

When I’d thrown the belt I hadn’t meant much by it – when you take off a belt it has to go somewhere – but Ana had made it an item with meaning. So I had to come up with a use for it, short of walloping her with it. 

I said, “Take the belt and hold it in your mouth. Still folded. Like a dog fetching a leash.”

Ana complied. It took her a couple of tries, but she found it easier once I told her she wouldn’t need to speak.  

“Good girl. Now, would you like a really hard whipping, one that’s no fun at all?” 

Ana’s eyes were wide, and she shook her head emphatically, the buckle rattling as it waggled from side to side. 

“Good choice. Then don’t let the belt slip out of your mouth. And don’t bite on it. No toothmarks, or I’ll be … cross. It stays in your mouth until I need it, or I say you can take it out. Understood, girl?”

Ana’s mouth worked for a second, before she remembered to nod rather than try to speak. I smiled at her. “Good girl. Now spread your legs.” 

Probation Officer #218: A night with Ana 10

Eventually she turned her head to look up at me. “My god. Fuck. What the hell was that?”

I didn’t answer, because there were things I could say about what had happened, but they were technical, boring and out of place. Instead I pulled at her right hip. She understood and turned, so she sprawled face up in my lap, though we were still a shambles.

carryI gathered her up in my arms, and she put her arms round my neck and said, “carry, carry” while I took her to my bed, and deposited her onto her back.

She looked up at me, only raising her head. “God, you’re still dressed. Hadn’t you better..?”

“Ah.” I took off my tie and worked my way down my shirt buttons.

She watched me with apparent critical interest, her spirit returned. She was trying to make me feel uncomfortable.

I undid my pants and took my belt off, looking back at her. I folded the belt double, and tossed it so it lay beside her. She regarded it with the wariness with which she might look at a snake. 

Probation Officer #217: A night with Ana 9

I don’t know how long we stayed in this communion, though Ana’s excellent little arse had been smacked a bright, tomato red, and her skin blazed heat under my hand. She showed no discomfort at all. Eventually I stopped the spanking, and pressed the thumb of the hand I’d been spanking her with against her asshole. I said, “Now, Ana, come now. Good girl. Come.” 

Ana made a gutteral, throaty noise, and worked herself on my hand. I smacked her again, hard, because she would want to feel more, more of everything, and after a few seconds she remembered to say, “please, please may I come please may I come please.”

I’d already given her permission, but I was pleased she couldn’t think straight or remember a few seconds back. (And I could have quibbled since she hadn’t said sir, but that would be stupid. She’d done well.) “Yes, girl. Go. Now.”

head downA few seconds later Ana screamed. Her head and hands lifted from the floor and she shook her head furiously and screamed again.

I held her tight so she could feel me and know she was safe from falling, and she breathed, making a sound that was something like “og og ogogogog,” and then she screamed again, the loudest of all.

Then she collapsed, flopped back over my knee with her head hanging down, her hair a few inches from the carpet. 

Probation Officer #216: A night with Ana 8

ana otkAna shrilled, “Pleeeese.” It was nearly a scream. I took my hand away from her cunt, and stopped her spanking.

“Not yet, girl. Stay on the edge, stay ready. But don’t you dare come, or I’ll take my belt to you.” 

“Oh.” Her head drooped. Her body shone with sweat. She panted with the effort of holding back that orgasm.

“Good girl. It’s good for you, doing as you’re told.”

We say things like this, we doms, because we don’t have a script and the material we come up with while we’re focussed on bodies is not always good. Fortunately, submissives want us to succeed and not to be ridiculous. I wasn’t sure if Ana was a submissive, though I was sure that she was enjoying the experiment of submission. Still, she was an uncritical audience, deliberately so. 

Her hips moved again, as if my hand was still there to push against. “Oh please. Jaime, please. I need to come.”

I put that thumb back in her cunt, with her clitoris held in the palm of my hand. And I resumed her spanking, firmly but not too hard. I kept the smacks regular, and unhurried, and soon she was drifting again, her hips rising and falling.

She pressed her cunt against my hand. Some fluid had leaked past my fingers, wetting a patch in my suit pants.

Probation Officer #215: A night with Ana 7

I said, “No, Ana, hold still.” I pushed her ass down and held it there. “You can’t come without my permission. That’s a rule. From now on. Understood?” 

Ana breathed hard. She’d been shocked. Eventually she said, “Yes.” 

“Yes, sir.”

There was a pause. Ana probably had called a man sir before, but ut had probably been a teacher. It hadn’t been a man who’d stripped her of all her clothes and most of her dignity, and who was about to celebrate by fucking her. But she’d heard about sex that went like this, so it made sense. I raised my hand again, and she hurriedly said, “Yes sir.” 

I put my thumb in her cunt and caressed her clitoris, stroking and occasionally smacking, until she was floating again, her body rising and falling on my knee, hovering somewhere near an orgasm. Still stroking her, I spanked her with my other hand, firmly enough for her to feel it, but not hard enough to hurt.

orgasmAna’s breath came harsher, and faster. I sped up the stroking, and made the spanks harder, and her nasal noises started again. I said, “Ask permission first.”

“Please may I come?”

“‘Please may I come’ what?” 

“Muh? Wha? Ah, sir! Sir! Please may I come, sir?”

“Would you like to come?”

“SIR! Please.

“Stay on the edge, Ana. But not yet.”

Probation Officer #214: A night with Ana 6

“That’s right. But when you’re a good girl, Ana, and you do as you’re told, you get rewarded. I asked you if you wanted your cunt stroked. Well, do you?”

“Mmmmmmm.” Ana arched her ass up again. Her thighs were parted so that she was practically doing the splits, her feet in the air, pointing to different continents. I pondered her little asshole. Had anyone had it yet? 

ana cuntAna said, “Ah god.” She held her clenched fists to her face. “Ah. Fuck. Fia mea.”

I put my hand back, rubbing the edge of my palm against her swollen lips. I said, “Oh, I will, little bratty goddess.” 

Ana held her breath. My hand, rubbing her cunt, was wet from my wrist to my fingertips.

I stroked for another minute, until Ana was shaking, with her clenched fists held to her face. She was making little noises through her nose. She was close to coming. 

I let her fuck the edge of my hand a few more times before I took my hand away. I smacked her. “Don’t you dare come.”

Ana said “Whaaaaaaaaa?” It was half question and half scream.