Share Our Shit Saturday: I’ve Seen All Good People

Twitter shadowbans people who write about sex. They want to shut us up, and shut us down. One reaction to this is for people to share their shit: to sing out and give links to other erotic writers, usually on a Saturday.

“Shadowban” is a Twitter thing. It means that people can still post, so they think they’re still in the conversation. But other people can’t see their tweets, so they’re banned without knowing it.

A Quick Personal Note:

I have the honour to be Shadowbanned myself, though my stuff is pretty humanist and harmless. But if you’re interested in following me, and finding some bad jokes, reverse sledging (where you say nice things about people), occasional political rants, plus the tolerable erotica, I’m @jaimemortimer . Follow me!

Ok, that’s enough about me. Here are some other great erotic bloggers!

Something sexy from Sex Bog of Sorts (in Australia, a “sort” is a person you’d really want to fuck, so it’s a well named blog, antipodeally speaking):


An embellished reminiscence of posing for men’s mags, by Posy Churchgate:


And from Marie Rebelle, one of the best people on the internet, who does so much to  make us erotic writers a community, a sexy story:


A nice loving, sexy story from Asrai Devin


From the wonderful May More, who gives you more, here’s evidence that Jesus is coming:


A story from Cousin Pons, about the healing power of good people having sex:


Share our Shit Saturday: Eroticon special!

This post is several weeks overdue. But I’ve been travelling, and up to now I haven’t really had any time to write anything about Eroticon. 

Also, it was kind of overwhelming, not only because I was presenting one session, but because there was just so much happening and so many lovely warm people to meet. It takes me a while to incorporate new experience. Usually about five years, but I can see that I’ll have to be a bit more timely for Eroticon 2019.

Also, bits of it went in a blur, because I was getting ready for, or recovering from, my session, and there are meetings I must have had that I don’t remember. For example, I wanted to meet LittleSwitchBitch, and I find it hard to believe that I missed that, but the fact is that if I did I managed to lose the memory of it. So I’m just going to have to plead strung-out-ness, for managing not to get that meeting, or for blurring it in my mind. 

I really am sorry! 

Anyway, I want to highlight some people I know I met, and some people I know I must have, or else I’m an idiot for failing to rush across the room and say, “Hi!”

So… on that basis, my Share our shit Saturday, Eroticon edition, looks like this: 


Here’s the eminently civilised Molly, unleashing her inner wildness: 


Here’s the unspeakably sexy Girl on the Net writing about a topic I’ve long been interested in: how do we kinky people know, when we meet another kinky person? Mostly we’re keeping it out of sight, so what are the signs we recognise?

How did you know I was kinky?

And sub-bee, writing about good times of day to have sex:

Asleep on the job

And Marie Rebelle, on practical bedroom arrangements:


I was always going to include a picture of LittleSwitchBitch’s ass, because we should make the world as good as we can: 

Crave – SinfulSunday/FebPhotoFest


And Bibulous One, a thoughtful chap, writes here about what we know of other people’s orgasms:


And that will have to do, for today. But check these out!

Share our Shit Tuesday!

I’ve been away from the internet for a while. 

But now I’m back, and looking at what we sex bloggers have been up to. And here are five things I liked best!

From HannahLockhart: 

Game Face

A familiar longing from ConfessHannah:

To show that I read people who aren’t called Hannah, here’s titsandtesttubes, with a gorgeous pic and words:

Kinky and Perky on some of the joys of (male) submission:

And, from exposing40, some fascinating thoughts of nudity and political protest.


Share Our Shit Saturday (Saturday-ish)

Five easy pieces, for the nearest Saturday.

I’ve numbered them for clarity, but they’re in no particular order. 

1  Cara Thereon ends her writer’s block with this full hit of steam: when dom/sub gets basic.

2  Girl on the Net writes a brilliantly clear outline of the issues involved in the Presidents Club abuses. It’s not about prudery: it’s about dishonesty, abuse of power, and disgraceful, unacceptable working conditions.

The President’s Club, MeToo and a difficult conversation

3  And Kayla Lords asks all the questions that a dom really likes to hear, in this white-hot little poem:

What Do You Want to Do to Me?

4  From Remittance Girl, here’s this agreeably complex, and hot-as-fuck, discipline/love story. It was posted seven years ago, so clearly I’m either a stalker or just so far behind the times I’m even likely to think today is still Saturday:

5  And finally, a moving, but also dead sexy, piece from Confess Hannah! On the loneliness and longing of being suddenly unpartnered. 



Share Our Shit Saturday (belated)

The Share Our Shit concept, at least in relation to sex bloggers, was suggested by the wonderful Girl on the Net

It’s a way of responding to the insidious ways we are being squeezed by various internet services. For example, Twirtter is quietly blocking some people’s posts without telling them. Patreon has introduced new and stifling rules for sex bloggers.

One thing we can do, though, is Share Our Shit. We can help ex other by sharing our audience and our exposure. 

Each week (or possibly fortnight) I’m going to steer my readers in the direction of five good things written by other sex bloggers, that week. (Or maybe fortnight.) 

That way they get exposure, and you might decide to follow them, or buy their products or their books. 

The third S is SOSS stands for Saturday: Share Our Shit Saturday. This, to be honest, is not Saturday. 

I’m slow. Still I have a habit of getting there in the end. So: here are my five recommended Sex Blog pieces this week! 

1  Cara Sutra sings the praises (and considers the relationship benefits) of Selfish Sex!

2 Marie Rebelle writes about reading sex blogs (or looking at the pictures), in circumstances that would certainly suit me…

3  Cousin Pons writes an oddly moving story about anonymous commercial sex

4  May More begins a hot new story

5  Scanderella writes about the sexual tension of visiting an ex-lover…