Sinful Sunday: Tip toes

There are lots of things a submissive woman can do, when her Sir is in that most imperious, imperative mood. 

Obviously, doing as she’s told is paramount. But, as is so often the case in interaction between Sir and girl, it’s the details that carry so much erotic heft. 

He watches his girl. But though he loves her, and her body, and her desire to obey and please him, it’s the details he’s learned to notice. She holds herself on tip-toes. 

He wonders why that detail is so significant. It’s partly that she wants to place her body to advantage visually, since she knows he will be watching her closely while he punishes her.

She gives up control once she’s on tip toes for him. She doesn’t have her feet on the ground. And so she’s on his ground.

Sinful Sunday: Soulful stripes

There comes a time when punishment is over. Time moves fast during a caning, and then, when the last stroke is delivered, it slows down. Nearly to a stop. There is pain, and there is peace.

She’d been warned about consequences of not doing university work before, and she knows that the punishment was an act of love, and she deserved it. No matter how much it hurt. 

But she knows, too, that he still has the cane in his hand, as a badge of office, almost. Justice is one of the strongest ties between master and willing slave. And, justice or not, she knows he’s hard for her. 

In a moment he’s going to hold her. And kiss her, and tell her she’s good, and he’ll help her get the overdue assignment finished. But for now, the assignment isn’t what matters. His need for her, and hers for him; that matters. In a few seconds, no more, they’ll be fucking. 

Sinful Sunday: Glowing

After a really long, hard, spanking, the only thing a girl can reasonably do is stand in the corner, with her arse on display, radiating colour and heat, until it cools down a little. 

Or until her spanker says, “Come here.”

And, being a sensible dom (sometimes), he devotes himself to proving that life is better when she does as she’s told. 

Sinful Sunday: That colour (and that ass)


Discipline is an energy transfer. Giving a spanking takes power and force. Receiving a spanking takes control and endurance, and alchemy: transferring pain into pleasure.

(Even when some dom insists it’s a punishment and it’s not supposed to feel good. There’s a kind of internal dissent that neither a submissive nor a dom can suppress: pleasure will out.)

But when the spanking’s done, and her ass glows, radiating red heat, she lights her dom’s heart. And she lights the room.