Sinful Sunday: Left and right

















It was the first time Arethusa was ever seriously punished. We both knew it was a milestone for us, and we both wanted a record. 

Arethusa turned out to have a three-stage reaction to punishment, especially when it involved the cane.

  1.  Ouch! The pain is fierce and hot, and your own mind is not in control of your body, or even of your mind. 
  2. There’s a period of quiet thoughtfulness afterwards. She’d lie in my arm, and later she’d sometimes have to stand facing the wall, while she thought about her misbehaviour.
  3. That seemed to flow and merge into a state of extreme horniness. A caned girl, having absorbed the punishment and accepted that it was justified but now it’s over, needs to be fucked. 

Sinful Sunday: Ever so sorry


“You’re just paddling me because you like my arse!” 

She made that sound very, very wrong. I said, “Have you been an absolute little brat, all day today?” 


“I’m going to keep paddling you until you say you’re sorry and you’re going to behave yourself.”

“Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!”

“Oh, yeah. Also, I have to believe you. Shall we continue?”

She had no answer for that. A little later she squealed.



Sinful Sunday: Throwing in the Towel

The main reason I like this image so much is, of course, the lovely Zoë leaning over the bed, with her bottom beautifully decorated by my very best efforts.

As is fitting, since this was taken in my native New Zealand, I used the flat of a Maori weapon, the patu (pictured), to do the warming and decoration. 

But there’s something else: I just love that elegant towel pulled aside to allow that spanking to be delivered. Its lines, especially the flare where it’s pulled away from her bottom, just perfect this picture for me. 

Note: I chose a favourite pic because this is the 500th Sinful Sunday! My congratulations and thanks to Molly for managing this meme so well and for so long!


Sinful Sunday: Implausibly tawsible girl

I’ve only known one girl who genuinely, without mixed feelings, loved the tawse. That is, applied hard. 

The deterrent effect was somewhere below zero. When it came to cheek, mischief and disrespect, it somehow seems to have been some sort of incentive. 

So the wise Master wouldn’t use it, would he? Except that the tawse makes a wonderful sound on impact, and leaves a warm, increasingly lusty girl with a fresh, beautiful stripe.   

Also, he’s quite fond of her mischief, and he’d never want to turn that off. So the tawse doesn’t keep this household in order, but it does a pretty good job of keeping it happy.



Sinful Sunday: Stand and deliver

So I said, “I want to you stand there and think about what you’ve done. I’ll be back to deal with you.”

What she’d done, as far as I was concerned, was be too ridiculously cute not to spank firmly before boarding. But from her point of view, well, she had been late to work, for the third day in a row, and that was bad.

Though it was largely my fault. I found it possible to order her to get up and shower and get dressed, but actually kicking her out of bed was more than her Master had had the will-power to do.

So she was standing obediently and waiting, but I expect she knew that this wasn’t going to be one of the world’s most successful disciplinary interventions. Instead it was going to get us both back in bed in no time flat, once I’d re-entered the room. 

Ah, the Master/slave dynamic. It can be a terribly, terribly, tough life.

Sinful Sunday: Bound to be Good

Arethusa tied to the table, her bottom stripy and very warm to my touch. It feels hot to her too, in both obvious senses of the word.

Usually we’d fuck very soon – seconds – after I’d put the cane down, but this time I left time for her to savour the afterglow while still tied down. And the expectation of sex, also still bound over that table.

 It took Arethusa far too long to get her Master to fully understand just how much she liked being bound. By which I mean I was shamefully slow to realise it.




Sinful Sunday: Burning Man (guest edit)

This one’s me for a change, running naked round a fire. The original pic is my Twitter avatar. This version has been tormented by the person who took that photo. Very Burning Man! 

If passengers will turn to the left (and you should; America, we’re counting on you! Dump Trump’s Rump!), you’ll see a thumbnail of the original pic. 



Sinful Sunday: Assuming the position

Sophia is not the most trusting submissive in the world. She knows what that frame is for, and what the cane is for. The cane, in fact, is for her. 

But though she’s been told to look straight ahead, she hears the sounds of her Sir getting undressed. This one glance will cost her bottom dearly, but it also shows her that the frame she’s bending over has two uses.

Sir is blatantly enthusiastic about both uses.