A schoolgirl spanking story 10

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I’m taking a break from the Raylene story. This is something different; it’s a riff on one of the most common bdsm fantasy scenarios. It’s not my usual style, because these things have a specific style of their own. It’s a sort of genre exercise. It’s the last, or most recent, instalment of a series I wrote on request a while back. I didn’t get round to posting it at the time.

You can find the first nine episodes under the tag “Cindy’s school story”. And you can find some discussion about the special diction, and the sexual politics, of schoolgirl spanking stories, under the tag “schoolgirl spanking stories”. 

Schoolgirl spanking story

The Master pushed his chair away from his desk. He looked up at Cindy and patted his thighs, indicating where she was to place her body. 

Cindy walked round the desk, and stood beside him. He smiled. “I suppose you haven’t done this before. You’ll get used to it soon enough. Bend at the waist, and lie over my lap so that your bottom is the highest part of your body.”

Cindy bit her lip. This was exquisitely personal. She knew she was blushing furiously. And she knew that any delay would be dangerous. He’d said that if she didn’t do as she was told he’d take her out into the corridor, naked as she was, and cane her where people could watch. Would he carry out that threat? She didn’t doubt it for a second.

spanks teachShe bent over his knee quickly, and put her hands on the floor on the far side of his chair. Feeling intense shame, she lowered her weight onto his lap, knowing she was giving him a view of her entire body. She had to wriggle forward a little to get her bottom right up as he’d ordered her. She felt his thing then, hard, pressed against her side.

 But his voice was calm. “Good girl. Now open your legs. Feet right apart, wide as you can.”

Cindy moved her feet about half a meter apart. She was aware of her pussy, wetter than she wanted him to see. And she knew her other, tighter, hole was exposed to him. With a little gasp of dismay, she tried to move her feet just a centimeter or two closer.

“Stupid girl!” The Master’s hand landed on the back of her right thigh, hard and sharp. The sound of the smack seemed to fill the room, like a pistol shot. Cindy gasped, but managed not to cry out.

“Get your legs apart, girl.” He smacked her left thigh, just as hard. Cindy writhed, biting her lip.

Another hard smack landed, and Cindy couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Yeeeow! Oh, Sir! Ow!”

His voice was harsh. “You are not allowed modesty in this room.” The smacks continued, and Cindy cried out each time she felt his hand, landing hot and hard on the backs of her thighs. 

spanks teach 2After twelve spanks he stopped, though Cindy still flopped on his lap like a caught fish. She cried like a baby. The strapping she’d taken that morning, bending over his desk, had hurt more, she guessed. But it wasn’t so shameful and intimate as being spanked naked over his knee, while she writhed and shook all her most private, feminine parts under his nose.

But he slipped his hand between those glowing, smarting thighs and stroked her pussy, slipping one finger between her lips, stroking up, then down, just inside. Cindy wanted more, but she knew she wasn’t allowed to speak. If she asked for anything, she’d just get her thighs smacked again.

So she sighed and let him pleasure her, too excited to worry about what he must think of her, a girl who got wetter the more he punished her. Her pain was forgotten, or rather it had turned into pleasure.

spanks teach 1Then he stopped suddenly, and pressed the lips of her pussy between his thumb and forefinger. Cindy breathed hard. It should hurt, she knew, but everything, every touch felt good. 

He pressed his thumb lightly against her little hole. Cindy squealed. But she fought the urge to close her legs. She arched her bottom up for him, to show she was a good girl.

She heard him grunt, pleased with her. “When I punish you, Cindy, you won’t have any modesty, so you can forget about being shy.”

“Yes Sir. I’m sorry. I’m just not used to … Well, the things you do to me.”

“Perhaps the best thing for you is to think that when you’re with me this pretty little pussy doesn’t belong to you. Actually you belong to the school, while you’re here. Your whole body, all of it,” – again that pressure on her little hole; this time she did not squeal – “is school property. Do you understand?”

“Sir?” But he would only smack her harder if she argued. Anyway, in a sense it was true. The school was in loco parentis, and if he was in charge of the school, he was in charge of her. She was his, and she was helpless. “Yes, sir.” 

“Good. You’re a silly, ignorant girl, with a lot to learn. And I find I even have to teach you to do as you’re told.” He pushed his thumb harder against that littler hole. Cindy could feel herself about to open. The idea terrified her. But she was also too frightened to resist him. Mercifully the pressure relented. “And the first thing you need to understand is that you do as I tell you. What do you need me to teach you?”

“I need you to teach me to do what you tell me, Sir.” Cindy opened her legs as wide as she could, now. She wanted him to be proud of her. 

“Then you’re a good girl. Though it always seems to take you a spanking or two before you remember that. Now, keep your hands and toes touching the floor, and your bottom arched just like that. We’re going to begin your spanking properly now.”

And he put his hand on her bottom and rubbed her affectionately. But she knew that the next time his hand landed on her bottom, it was going to hurt, and that he wouldn’t stop until she was bright red and hot. Cindy whimpered.


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Schoolgirl spanking story 9

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Cindy sighed. It had to be. She undid the buttons of her shirt. She started from the top. The Headmaster tapped the table with his finger, and so Cindy removed the shirt, folded it and put in on the table. Then she reached for the catch of her skirt. 

 “No, girl. The bra next.” Cindy, red-faced, leaned forward and took off her bra. She was naked from the waist up. She was proud of her breasts. Boys were in awe of her breasts, but the Master had no comment. She put the bra on the table, on her shirt. 

schoolg stripsCindy reached again for the catch of her little skirt and undid it. It dropped to her feet before she could catch it, and she stood for a second, knowing she was entirely open to his silent gaze. Her panties, she guessed, were in the drawer of his desk.

She bent down to retrieve her skirt, knowing how she must look to him. Blushing furiously, she put the the skirt on his desk, and turned to face him.

“I said naked, girl. Are you deliberately disobeying me?”

“Oh, sir. Sorry, sir.”

Cindy bent and took off her shoes and socks, working as quickly as she could. She was very aware of him watching her. It was not a graceful position. 

 “Good girl. Well, fairly good. Now get yourself over my knee.”


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Schoolgirl spanking story 8

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The fourth smack landed, and Cindy guessed it was over. She’d gasped once, but she hadn’t bitten. When she had her breath back she took his finger between her lips, and suckled it, moving her lips up and down. He took his finger and thumb out of her mouth and held her face again. The fingers were wet with her saliva. 

“Do you know why I punished you, Cindy?”

Cindy shook her head. “I’m sorry, Sir. I’m trying to be a good girl.” 

“You said I was asking you to take your clothes off. There was no ‘asking’, little one. I was telling you. And it’s none of your business why I give you an order. Your job is just to do as you’re told. If I want your comments I’ll ask for them.” 

Cindy said, “sorry, Sir.” 

Then she frowned. She’d run out of reasons to delay. But if she didn’t delay, she’d have to strip for him. And she’d be naked over his knee. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHis look seemed to read her, again. He knew. “Do you remember what happened, after I’d strapped you, Cindy?” While you were over my desk.” 

Cindy blushed furiously. “You … you fucked me, Sir.” 

“That’s right. And do you think I looked at your pretty pussy before I took it?”  


“It’s a simple question, girl. Do you think I’ve already seen your bottom, and your pussy?” 

 “Ah. Ah, yes, you have, Sir.” 

“So you don’t have a lot of secrets to cover up. So strip this instant, Cindy. If there’s any more delay I’ll cane you.” 


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Schoolgirl spanking story 7

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Cindy obeyed, surprised. His thumb and forefinger entered her. She couldn’t help running her tongue along the underside of his thumb. To show him he was welcome to her mouth. At last he smiled. “That’s right, girl. Show me how nicely you can suck my fingers while I smack you. And if you bite…”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was a question. Cindy found it hard to speak while his finger occupied her mouth. She said, “Urb. If I bib you, you’b cane me?” 

“That’s right, girl. Twice a day. For a week.”

Cindy sighed. She wondered how that would be. On the fourth day, to bend over for him, her bottom already striped from the previous days’ caning.

Would he be merciful, or would he be excited by the state of her bottom when she lifted her skirt,  and cane her even harder?

She’d get his hard thing in her pussy afterwards, she knew that. Maybe she’d want him to cane her hard. It was so confusing. 

But he’d raised his other hand. He smacked her hand hard, giving her about twenty seconds after each smack, to let her absorb all of the sensation. And time to lick and suck at his thumb, in her mouth. She knew she was being shameless, and telling him how much she wanted him, and how much she wanted him to discipline her, even while she licked him. 


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Schoolgirl spanking story 6

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Cindy said, “you’re asking me, seriously, to strip naked? So you can spank my bottom?” 

Now that she’d said it, it did sound hot. 

hand againThis time the Master didn’t smile. “Hold out your other hand, Cindy.” 

Cindy hesitated. She wasn’t going to be spanked. Not without a fight. But she’d already held her hand out for him to smack her. 

It’d be silly to make a fuss, when it was only the other hand. And she could feel her pussy again, throbbing, wanting his touch. Even – or especially – if it hurt.

 He watched her, without commenting. He knew what she was thinking. She was sure of it. He knew that her pussy was wet, too. Shyly, knowing she was admitting too much about herself, she held out her hand. Palm upwards, so that he could smack her. 

The Master stood up. He lifted her hand a little, and nodded. But he didn’t smile. Or praise her. Cindy missed his approval. Its absence punished her much worse than the smacking she was about to get. Then, unexpectedly, he touched her face. Cindy felt unreasonably happy at the gentleness in his touch. He did like her. 

But his face was still stern. “Look into my eyes while I smack you, Cindy.” 

“Yes, Sir.” She thought he’d like to hear her say that. But her voice sounded odd to her. It was a breathless little squeak. 

“And open your mouth.” 


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Schoolgirl spanking story 5

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Finally, she remembered the attitude that had got her into so much trouble. So much delicious trouble. She stamped her foot. “You can’t spank me.”  

“Oh, you know that I can spank you, Cindy. And that I will.”


drop “Take your clothes off, Cindy.” 

She was shocked. “What?”

“I don’t spank school skirts. I spank naughty girls. On their skin. On your bare bottom, Cindy. When I’ve finished you’ll look like you’re wearing red lycra.” 

 “Take my skirt off?” 

“Everything, girl. You don’t have the right to wear clothes in this office again, until I tell you. Get naked, Cindy. Take off every stitch. Off! Now.” 


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Schoolgirl spanking story 4

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“You’re a clever girl, aren’t you, Cindy? When you try to be.”   

“If you say so, Sir.”

 He smiled again. “Well, that’s a good answer. Now, we’ve got more time in this session, you and I, because it’s after school. We’ll use our time together to see if we can’t turn you into a better girl. How would you think I’m going to teach you that lesson?”

Cindy looked at the cane on his desk. It looked innocent, and not so innocent at all. She drew in a breath.  

“Oh, no, Cindy. Not the cane.”

“Thank you, Sir. Thank you -” 

nude-girl-otk-spanking“Not yet, anyway.” Cindy swallowed. “No, we’re going to start with you getting a long overdue spanking.” 

Cindy blushed. That was a child’s punishment. “A spanking, Sir?”  

“Yes. A good long spanking. On your bare bottom. Over my knee.” 

 Cindy felt herself trembling. It wasn’t fear. It was … something else. Her pussy was flowing. Her panties would have been wet, if she’d been wearing any. She wanted this. It was something she’d longed for, from the Headmaster. She feared it, too. He’d see everything; he’d know how excited her pussy was. And it would still hurt. His hand landing on her palm had taught her that. He spanked hard. 


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Schoolgirl spanking story 3

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Cindy felt proud. She wanted his praise. It was good to earn it. He took away the hand that had supported hers. “You won’t take your hand away, will you, Cindy?”

Cindy shook her head. “Oh no, Sir.” 

better girl“Good. Because if you do I’ll cane you, Cindy. Before school, and again after school, every day for a week. Is that clear?” 

“Yes, Sir.” 

“That what’ll happen to you, if you move your hand. But I don’t expect to have to do it. The point is that you’re being taught obedience, and I don’t want you to fail your first lesson. That’s why it’s important enough to cane you for it, and to warn you in advance. So don’t disobey me.” 

Cindy thought about that. Her instincts would make her want to move her hand away. He was giving her a reason, a good reason, to override her instincts and use her self-discipline. The harshness of the threat would protect her from getting any extra punishment at all…

 Cindy said, “You won’t have to punish me, Sir. I’ll keep my hand out.” 

“Exactly. So you will.” He smacked Cindy’s hand again, his palm giving hers a rough kiss. And again.

That was four smacks, and her palm was stinging. But it somehow felt sweet. And her pussy was in bliss. 

 The Master smiled at her. “That was good behaviour, girl. You can rub your hands now.” 

Cindy frowned. “Aren’t you going to smack my other hand, Sir?” 

The Master laughed, a warm sound. “Not at the moment, girl. Now, do you know why you just got smacked?” 

Cindy thought. He’d asked her why she was there, in his office. She’d said it was to collect her panties. Yes, she could see, now, that that was the wrong answer. 

 “You smacked my hand because I didn’t say the real reason why I’m here. I’ve been late to school, I’ve been cheeky to my teachers, and my work is not … going well. So I’m here to have the second session of my punishment.” 


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Schoolgirl spanking story 2

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Finally the Master looked up. “Why are you here, Cindy?”

Cindy thought. She wanted to give a safe answer, that wouldn’t lead to more trouble for her. She tried, “To get my panties back? You said I could collect them after school?”

The Master smiled. “Hold out your hand. Straight out. Your left hand, with your palm upwards. Nice and flat. Now!”

Cindy obeyed. It felt so strange. She was bare-bottomed, and obeying the man who only this morning had stripped, strapped and fucked her. And yet she wasn’t frightened, not really. All she could feel was desire. Her pussy was so wet. She wanted him to hurt her hand, her bottom, wherever he liked. So long as he fucked her afterwards. 

handThe Master took her hand in both of his. His hands were warm, and strong. He smiled at her again, but it was different, more consoling. He was pleased with her.  He said, “Good girl. Now, you can be brave and obedient for me, can’t you?” 

Cindy felt her heart pounding. Yes, that was right. She wanted to show him her bravery and obedience. He would see it, and be pleased with her. She was born to be a good girl. “Oh yes, Sir. I’ll do as I’m told.”

The Master let one hand under hers, holding and supporting her. He raised his other hand, and brought it down on her palm. “Oh!” Cindy squeaked. It stung. 

He lifted his hand, looking into her eyes so that she had to gaze at his, and smacked her again. Cindy gasped this time, but didn’t make any vocal noise. The Master nodded. “Good girl,” he said again. 


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A schoolgirl spanking story 1

Something very traditional, this. And not entirely uncheesy. But I do like an adult schoolgirl, and this is by request. Enjoy!

Cindy and the Head 1

Cindy tapped on the Master’s door. She tapped timidly, hoping he might not hear. Or he’d be too busy. Or he’d be out. She felt very strange, with her bottom still hot from her strapping, and her uniform skirt brushing against her bottom, She’d never had to go without panties for a day before, and it somehow felt more naked than if she really had had to take the skirt off too. It was the way the material touched her. 

Some of the other teachers seem to have known that she was bare under her skirt. And that her bottom would be striped and hot. The news that she’d been to see the Headmaster was out, and people made their guesses. 

She remembered how hard she’d screamed, when she’d come for him, helpless over his desk. Maybe people had thought she was getting the cane; maybe they didn’t know she’d had the strap and liked it, and then … Then his hard thing all the way inside her. 

waitingWell, if she stood outside his door all afternoon, people would see her. She knocked a little harder. 

At last she heard his voice, through the panels. “Come!” 

She smiled for a second. That wave of pleasure she’d had over his desk. The one that had made her scream: she’d heard that was called “coming”. If he was telling her to do that again, she’d love to obey him. 

She opened the door. The Headmaster didn’t look up, so she shuffled to his desk and stood there, waiting.  

She looked down at his desk. the strap had gone, mercifully. But the cane was still there, and so was that pink cylindrical thing. She was puzzled by that. It was, surely smaller than his own “thing”, that he’d put inside her. Why would he have something else, something smaller, to put inside her? The ghost of an answer occurred to her, and she abruptly made herself stop thinking about it. 

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