Probation Officer #223: A night with Ana 15

Ana looked at me querulously. A red stripe was forming down her left buttock. “What was that for?”

“Warning for you. If you let my cock slip out of your mouth before I’ve come, I’ll give you, I don’t know, a least a dozen before you get my cock back. Understood?”

“Um. Oh-kay…”

“And when I come, you’re going to..?”

“Swallow it all.”

“Good girl. Course you are. And if you didn’t, what would you get?”

“Your belt.” 

I lowered her head onto my cock. It was a perfect world, her mouth and tongue. We’d had a busy night, but this was the first time she’d had her mouth on my cock.

Except, maybe, for that night with Sa’afia. I shook my head. I didn’t know what had happened that night, and maybe I never would.

Ana looked up at me and smiled, keeping her mouth, technically speaking, on my cock. “Your belt across my bum. You’re a mean man.”

Ana brought her arms forward, resting her upper body on her elbows and caressing the shaft of my cock with her fingers, while her lips took care of the head. Her mouth was still slightly cool from the ice-cream. I said, “That’s right.”  


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