Probation Officer #221: A night with Ana 13

A little later I knelt between Ana’s thighs. Ana took my cock in her hand as I lowered myself onto her body, and squeezed me hard enough to make me gasp before she guided me into her.

cock in cuntThough we wanted to merge, it was our first time and it had to be savoured. I stopped, just inside her, because this was a moment.

I looked down at Ana. She was darkly golden, rounded and firm, and she was looking back up at me. I can’t possibly have been as beautiful to her as she was to me, but she liked what she saw.

That mystified me, made me think I was getting away with something. But I forget that miracle a second later, as I always do, and I moved forward, taking a few more centimetres of her. Ana closed her eyes. I watched her mouth settle into what looked like a relaxed and forgiving half smile, and I felt a moment of absurd cock pride. (“This cock is making you happy. And, girl, I got more. Wait till you have all of it. Hey!” Well, I told you it was absurd.)

I’d paused, and then slipped in a little further into warm wetness. Ana shook her head gently. She said, “Oh, this is so about time.” She sounded smug.  

It’d been about eleven months, from the first time Ana and I had desired each other to this moment. That thought reminded me that there had been and still were good reasons for not fucking Ana. I said nothing, but moved forward again. Her cunt was honeyed, it held me, it was heaven. Our pubic bones touched.

All of my cock was in her. I could feel my glans pressing up against her cervix. We should be careful about that, and we wouldn’t be. We’d fuck as hard as we could, I knew that.

Ana reached up and touched my face, then put her hands above her head, reaching back for something to hold onto. She found the end slats of my bedhead and held them. I could imagine, for the time being, that her body was mine.

I moved in her. Ana sighed again. I stopped having thoughts. 

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