Probation Officer #218: A night with Ana 10

Eventually she turned her head to look up at me. “My god. Fuck. What the hell was that?”

I didn’t answer, because there were things I could say about what had happened, but they were technical, boring and out of place. Instead I pulled at her right hip. She understood and turned, so she sprawled face up in my lap, though we were still a shambles.

carryI gathered her up in my arms, and she put her arms round my neck and said, “carry, carry” while I took her to my bed, and deposited her onto her back.

She looked up at me, only raising her head. “God, you’re still dressed. Hadn’t you better..?”

“Ah.” I took off my tie and worked my way down my shirt buttons.

She watched me with apparent critical interest, her spirit returned. She was trying to make me feel uncomfortable.

I undid my pants and took my belt off, looking back at her. I folded the belt double, and tossed it so it lay beside her. She regarded it with the wariness with which she might look at a snake. 

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