Probation Officer #219: A night with Ana 11

“In case you don’t behave.” 

Ana frowned, looking up at me, then at the belt, then at me. Eventually she nodded. She believed that if she displeased me I’d strap her, and for the time being she thought that was sexy, if not exactly reasonable. Sex is strange, and so is politics.

When I’d thrown the belt I hadn’t meant much by it – when you take off a belt it has to go somewhere – but Ana had made it an item with meaning. So I had to come up with a use for it, short of walloping her with it. 

I said, “Take the belt and hold it in your mouth. Still folded. Like a dog fetching a leash.”

Ana complied. It took her a couple of tries, but she found it easier once I told her she wouldn’t need to speak.  

“Good girl. Now, would you like a really hard whipping, one that’s no fun at all?” 

Ana’s eyes were wide, and she shook her head emphatically, the buckle rattling as it waggled from side to side. 

“Good choice. Then don’t let the belt slip out of your mouth. And don’t bite on it. No toothmarks, or I’ll be … cross. It stays in your mouth until I need it, or I say you can take it out. Understood, girl?”

Ana’s mouth worked for a second, before she remembered to nod rather than try to speak. I smiled at her. “Good girl. Now spread your legs.” 

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