Probation Officer #216: A night with Ana 8

ana otkAna shrilled, “Pleeeese.” It was nearly a scream. I took my hand away from her cunt, and stopped her spanking.

“Not yet, girl. Stay on the edge, stay ready. But don’t you dare come, or I’ll take my belt to you.” 

“Oh.” Her head drooped. Her body shone with sweat. She panted with the effort of holding back that orgasm.

“Good girl. It’s good for you, doing as you’re told.”

We say things like this, we doms, because we don’t have a script and the material we come up with while we’re focussed on bodies is not always good. Fortunately, submissives want us to succeed and not to be ridiculous. I wasn’t sure if Ana was a submissive, though I was sure that she was enjoying the experiment of submission. Still, she was an uncritical audience, deliberately so. 

Her hips moved again, as if my hand was still there to push against. “Oh please. Jaime, please. I need to come.”

I put that thumb back in her cunt, with her clitoris held in the palm of my hand. And I resumed her spanking, firmly but not too hard. I kept the smacks regular, and unhurried, and soon she was drifting again, her hips rising and falling.

She pressed her cunt against my hand. Some fluid had leaked past my fingers, wetting a patch in my suit pants.

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