Probation Officer #214: A night with Ana 6

“That’s right. But when you’re a good girl, Ana, and you do as you’re told, you get rewarded. I asked you if you wanted your cunt stroked. Well, do you?”

“Mmmmmmm.” Ana arched her ass up again. Her thighs were parted so that she was practically doing the splits, her feet in the air, pointing to different continents. I pondered her little asshole. Had anyone had it yet? 

ana cuntAna said, “Ah god.” She held her clenched fists to her face. “Ah. Fuck. Fia mea.”

I put my hand back, rubbing the edge of my palm against her swollen lips. I said, “Oh, I will, little bratty goddess.” 

Ana held her breath. My hand, rubbing her cunt, was wet from my wrist to my fingertips.

I stroked for another minute, until Ana was shaking, with her clenched fists held to her face. She was making little noises through her nose. She was close to coming. 

I let her fuck the edge of my hand a few more times before I took my hand away. I smacked her. “Don’t you dare come.”

Ana said “Whaaaaaaaaa?” It was half question and half scream. 

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