Probation Officer #220: A night with Ana 12

I finished taking my pants off, and then put my knees on the edge of the bed. I leaned forward and put my hands under Ana’s ass, and lifted her a few centimetres. 

Ana made a little strangled noise. I suppose she may have thought I intended to use my belt on her inner thighs. I edged further forward, pulling her down the bed so that my face and her cunt met like a greedy man and a quarter of watermelon. Ana snorted through her nose when my tongue entered her, and her head fell back onto the bedcovers. 

lickFor a while she lay passive while I tongued her, and it wasn’t until she began to make answering micro-movements of her hips that I rewarded her by putting two knuckles inside her cunt, and concentrated my tonguing on and around her clitoris. With that she wax roused and rutting, fucking my face with some desperation and determination.

Shj\e made the sound of a woman yowling with a leather belt in her mouth. I stayed with her while her movements sped up, and her stomach muscles tightened, and the yowling intensified, and took a questioning tone. I realised, when everything seemed to be moving fast and wetly all around me, that I’d told her not to come without permission, and also that I’d told her not to speak.

I said, “Yes, little Ana love, yes, of course you – ”

That was all I needed to say on that topic. Ana’s thighs closed on my face, held me hard and then opened as wide as she could. I put my hands back under her buttocks and squeezed as hard as I could, meaning to hurt her a little. Her orgasm was muffled by the belt, but it shook her hard.

Ana lay back, puffing, with her mouth open, and the belt staying in place because of gravity more than anything else. Still, it hadn’t left her mouth.  I kissed sweet skin just beside her cunt. I grinned, immensely pleased with her. “Good girl.”

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