Schoolgirl spanking story 3

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Cindy felt proud. She wanted his praise. It was good to earn it. He took away the hand that had supported hers. “You won’t take your hand away, will you, Cindy?”

Cindy shook her head. “Oh no, Sir.” 

better girl“Good. Because if you do I’ll cane you, Cindy. Before school, and again after school, every day for a week. Is that clear?” 

“Yes, Sir.” 

“That what’ll happen to you, if you move your hand. But I don’t expect to have to do it. The point is that you’re being taught obedience, and I don’t want you to fail your first lesson. That’s why it’s important enough to cane you for it, and to warn you in advance. So don’t disobey me.” 

Cindy thought about that. Her instincts would make her want to move her hand away. He was giving her a reason, a good reason, to override her instincts and use her self-discipline. The harshness of the threat would protect her from getting any extra punishment at all…

 Cindy said, “You won’t have to punish me, Sir. I’ll keep my hand out.” 

“Exactly. So you will.” He smacked Cindy’s hand again, his palm giving hers a rough kiss. And again.

That was four smacks, and her palm was stinging. But it somehow felt sweet. And her pussy was in bliss. 

 The Master smiled at her. “That was good behaviour, girl. You can rub your hands now.” 

Cindy frowned. “Aren’t you going to smack my other hand, Sir?” 

The Master laughed, a warm sound. “Not at the moment, girl. Now, do you know why you just got smacked?” 

Cindy thought. He’d asked her why she was there, in his office. She’d said it was to collect her panties. Yes, she could see, now, that that was the wrong answer. 

 “You smacked my hand because I didn’t say the real reason why I’m here. I’ve been late to school, I’ve been cheeky to my teachers, and my work is not … going well. So I’m here to have the second session of my punishment.” 


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