A schoolgirl spanking story 1

Something very traditional, this. And not entirely uncheesy. But I do like an adult schoolgirl, and this is by request. Enjoy!

Cindy and the Head 1

Cindy tapped on the Master’s door. She tapped timidly, hoping he might not hear. Or he’d be too busy. Or he’d be out. She felt very strange, with her bottom still hot from her strapping, and her uniform skirt brushing against her bottom, She’d never had to go without panties for a day before, and it somehow felt more naked than if she really had had to take the skirt off too. It was the way the material touched her. 

Some of the other teachers seem to have known that she was bare under her skirt. And that her bottom would be striped and hot. The news that she’d been to see the Headmaster was out, and people made their guesses. 

She remembered how hard she’d screamed, when she’d come for him, helpless over his desk. Maybe people had thought she was getting the cane; maybe they didn’t know she’d had the strap and liked it, and then … Then his hard thing all the way inside her. 

waitingWell, if she stood outside his door all afternoon, people would see her. She knocked a little harder. 

At last she heard his voice, through the panels. “Come!” 

She smiled for a second. That wave of pleasure she’d had over his desk. The one that had made her scream: she’d heard that was called “coming”. If he was telling her to do that again, she’d love to obey him. 

She opened the door. The Headmaster didn’t look up, so she shuffled to his desk and stood there, waiting.  

She looked down at his desk. the strap had gone, mercifully. But the cane was still there, and so was that pink cylindrical thing. She was puzzled by that. It was, surely smaller than his own “thing”, that he’d put inside her. Why would he have something else, something smaller, to put inside her? The ghost of an answer occurred to her, and she abruptly made herself stop thinking about it. 

The next episode is here.

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