Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 24

That evening Asuka arrived home after him. She was uncharacteristically quiet. When she’d let herself in she went to Seamus, where he was sitting on the couch. She knelt and kissed his feet. 

“I’m sorry I was late, Sensei. You should punish me later.” 

Seamus smiled. She was, of course, p[lay-acting. She hoped to be spanked, since she’d found she enjoyed that very much in its own right, and that it always led to very passionate sex. So he said, trying to sound stern, “Do you get to tell me what I should do, little seidoral?” He hadn’t called her that before. It meant she was his slave, kept for labour or for sexual purposes.

“No, sensei! No! I’m so sorry. Your seidorel would never tell you what to do. I meant, I humbly beg that you punish me.”

He grinned at her then, and just for a second she smiled back, before assuming a properly submissive posture and expression. “Come up and kiss me, little one. Just because you’re my slave doesn’t mean I can’t love you. Game-playing little seidorel.”

Asuka climbed up and then plonked herself onto his lap. She kissed his neck. “I like you calling me your seidorel. It feels … limitless. You can do whatever you like.”

“Except that your Dad would have me killed if you came to any harm.”

“Oh? Should I tell him you put welts on my bottom?”

“He knows, little one. He doesn’t count that as harm, I’m afraid. He told me he should have done it himself, but he never had the nerve. You’re too scary, little seidorel.”

 “Not too scary for you.”

“Oh, I’m brave, me.” He kissed her, his arms round her, and they didn’t move or speak for some time. At last, when he realised she was rubbing her bottom against his cock, getting him hard, he said, “I’ll show you. Fetch the cane, little seidorel. Come back with it, and no clothes. Now!”

He smacked her bottom, hard, and the room rang, not for the first time, with the sound of a male hand on delicate, girl, flesh. Asuka squealed, and scampered.

She was more solemn when she returned, naked, holding the cane before her with both hands. She looked at him. “How many strokes did you give Yua today?”

“One dozen in front of the class. One dozen in the storeroom. And I’m not sure I should let you two talk to each other about this. She’s a bad influence.”

“You spanked her, too. She said it’s the hardest spanking she’s ever had. And you made her come!”

“She made herself come. And I’m trying to think of a way of stopping that, next time. Anyway” – he took the cane from her hands and stood up – “you were late home without permission. And if you were gossiping with Yua, you definitely have no excuse. Assume the position, little bad seidorel.”

“Hai, darling Sensei.” She turned her back, and jackknifed her body down, so she was touching her toes.

Seamus caned her, starting from the crease of her buttocks and thighs, and slowly rising until her bottom was well striped. He gave her two dozen strokes, as he’d given Yua, but these were nowhere near as hard. The marks stood out now, but he expected they would be gone in a day or two.

When he’d finished her punishment he told her to stay in position, and went to the bedroom to get the lube. He lubed her little dark asshole thoroughly, and then his cock.

She moaned luxuriously as he pushed into her, taking her slowly but firmly until her heated bottom blared its warmth at his groin and lower belly. He’d come to love that heat; it was tactile proof, even when he couldn’t see his welts on her, that he’d marked her, taken her as his.

He pressed forward a little further, in that tight and slippery tube, Asuka tightening her rectal muscles on his cock. She bent even tighter, and kept her ass firmly against him. Then they started to rock together, a sensuous, unhurried fuck.

At exactly six there was a tap at their door. Asuka shouted, “Come in!”

“What the fuck?” Seamus withdrew his cock, and grabbed at his shirt to cover it.

“Please sensei, don’t stop.”

He said, “Bloody hell, Asuka.” The door opened. It was Yua.


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