Sinful Sunday: Corner Time – humbling or humiliating?

She knows she disobeyed a clear order from her Master. It concerned study, so the order was given for her own good, and she knows that, too.

She knows her Master is angry with her, and He is going to punish her severely. There’s a riding crop on the bench, and she knows she’s not just going to feel its tassel. But that’s in perhaps another hour’s time. 

In the meantime she has to wait in the corner, hands on head. Facing the room so she has to look Him in the eye whenever He passes. Wearing a sign that names the offence she’s going to be punished for.

She feels … small. She feels sorry; she cannot believe, now, that she didn’t prepare for the exam, as He told her to do. What was she thinking?  

No one is going to see her, while she waits, but Master. She knows that in His current mood, if He could bring in witnesses to watch her flogging, He would.

She wonders how that would feel, to get her flogging in public. Just as painful, of course. But humiliating.

She’d say, if asked, that she’s not into humiliation. But there is something in that thought – the watching crowd, all of them knowing that she’s a bad girl who has to be punished – that seems arousing. She’s already aroused and wet: part of her is going to love her flogging, riding on waves of pain and expiation, knowing that Master will be hard for her during, and especially afterwards. 

Right now she feels … humbled. Is that the same as humiliation, or is it something different?



11 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Corner Time – humbling or humiliating?

    • Thank you!

      I find that the two times when a master and slave are closest in communication, almost to the point of telepathy, are when fucking, and when punishment is being delivered. Corner-time before the actual flogging is called “waiting”, but of course it’s actually part of the punishment.

    • Whoever got that first use of a whip on you was unspeakably lucky, and I hope they knew it.

      But yes, the crop is interesting, because you can use the tassel just to apply light songs here and there – I love the way it’s so precise, used that way.

      But you can also use the shaft like a very whippy cane, and leave marks that last over a week. Even if the submissive finds that’s arousing, it’s still punishing. Things can be both at once.

    • So long as they know they’re good girls, really.

      Sometimes a master has to work to find the good girl. Some masters – I’m one – enjoy their work, though.

    • It’s complex, how she felt about punishment. Especially the more severe kind.

      As far as I can tell, it’s like this: something like a stroke of the riding crop hurts, and does nothing but hurt, for three to five seconds. Then it gets achey, which is something she’s used to feeling good about, physically/sexually.

      Emotionally, it’s a transition from angry-Master to forgiving and comforting Master, and there’s a wonderful sort of intimacy and closeness in that.

      I think being about to be punished is both scary and also good, because it’s nice that her Master cares and will stay in control of her, and there’s some sexual promise in what’s coming. But best of all is just having been punished, because the feeling in her ass, the emotional tone, and the sexiness all get better from then on.

      So… mixed emotions, but part of her loving the experience.

      She does indeed look lovely!

  1. Reading your responses in the comments was as interesting as reading the post itself. The whole thing is very hot and sweet which is a good combination.

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