Sinful Sunday: Wild justice

Revenge is a kind of wild justice, but not all wild justice is revenge.

Generally, when I’m laying on the cane for disciplinary purposes, I like to make the cane stripes straight, close but not overlapping, and neat. That seems to go with the word, “discipline”. 

But on this occasion the girl Arethusa was being punished for chaotic behaviour. I won’t say what it was, but it was the general equivalent of getting drunk at a party and screaming abuse at her best friend, before kissing said friend and insisting that she loved her, then throwing up on her. It was that level of public chaos. 

So I deliberately laid on the strokes from many different directions. It wasn’t really chaotic, but it was as chaotic as I get. I never caned her in quite that way again, because chaos wasn’t really something she perpetrated often. But I just love the marks that caning left.

11 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Wild justice

    • I promise you each stroke was thoroughly deserved. And Arethusa knew it, and wouldn’t have been happy if they weren’t delivered.

    • Yes, I’d say she did. It didn’t happen again, anyway.

      She still had the cane in her life, as she should, but not quite like that.

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