Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 10

[Gem had been expecting to come, eyes closed, leaning against Jaime. The sudden withdrawal of his fingers jolts her like a missed step. Her eyes open, horrified and indignant.]

Gem: No! Oo-ah? No, Jaime, please?

Jaime: I’ll look after you, little lamb. You’ll be okay. But turn around now. And put your hands on the bed.

Gem: [Frowns] Turn around and put my hands on the bed? You’re serious? Jaime, that’s the same as saying “bend over”, isn’t it? Were you thinking that I wouldn’t notice?

Jaime: No, it’s not the same. It doesn’t mean the same.

Gem: [She has taken a step away from him.] Oh? If I turned my back on you and put my hands on the bed, in what way have I not bent over?

Jaime: Okay, if I say ‘bend over’, I mean if I say it to a submissive woman and not some completely straight girl like you, darling, then it means much more than just the words. It means she should put herself in a particular position, obviously, but it means more than that. It means she’s got to do as she’s told and I don’t have to ask nicely. And the words tell her why she’s got to bend over. I mean what for.

Gem: ‘Bend over’ means she’s going to get a spanking. From you.

[Jaime notices that Gem has said “bend over” three times so far, and she seems to like saying it. On the other hand he knows that she isn’t comfortable about thinking of her lover as a man who smacks women, even for their pleasure. He lets it pass for now.]

Jaime: If she had an arse like yours I’d fuck her. Well, yeah, I’d spank her too. But the  point is that whatever happens, it’s not her choice. She does as she’s told, and I decide. That’s very sexy. Well, it is between me and a submissive woman. But if I only say, “turn around, and put your hands on the bed” to you, then –

Gem: Okay, then it wouldn’t be about me bending over. It’s only about posture. 

[That’s four times Gem’s said “bend over”, Jaime notes.]

Jaime: That’s right. It’s just a posture. So now: turn around and put your hands on the bed.

[A pause.]

Jaime: Please.

[To be continued.]   

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