Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 11

Gem: Jaime, this is being hot and everything. But if you’re planning to, well, suddenly give me a spanking and hope that it’ll turn me on, I really don’t think it’ll work.

Jaime: No. I don’t think that’d work so well either. It isn’t what I have in mind.

[This is true, but it’s no fun having to say so. Her uncertainty, and her acceptance of it, was sexier. For her too, he’s sure. Jaime needs the momentum back. He puts a finger under her chin and lifts her face so that she looks him in the eyes. She regards him gravely.]

Jaime: Then don’t put your hands on the bed. But do turn around, though.

Gem: [She smiles, forgiving him for something or other. For no obvious reason she says:] Ur-hunk.

[Gem turns to face the end of the bed. She has her hands at her sides, and her feet together. It is not a submissive posture.]

Jaime: That’s good, love.

[However, Gem knows that Jaime loves her arse, and she can’t help showing off. After a few seconds she puts her feet apart and arches her back, just a bit. She sighs and leans forward, and put her palms and her breasts flat on the bed. She waits, thus displayed. Now it’s a very submissive posture, and her inner primate knows it.]

Jaime: Oh okay. That’s incredibly good. 

[To be continued.]

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