Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 13

[Jaime pushes Gem’s feet further apart, and, distracted, she accommodates him. She is still standing, being pleasured, her cunt moving on his slick-wet hand, trying to get his cock into her. Jaime hears the sound of cleaners, arriving on their floor. It must be time to vacate their room.]

Gem: [Steadily faster, and rising in pitch]: Yer. Yer. Yeh. Yeh. Ye. Ye. Y’. Y’.

[At this point transcription becomes completely impossible. But Gem likes to be vocal when she’s excited.]

Jaime: Hang on. Condom. Fucking condom. Hang on.

[He steps back so his cock is free, then removes his hand, gently. He presses against her in farewell.]

Gem: K.

Jaime: And Gemma, you keep your arse up, and keep your damn hands on the bed. 

[Sometimes when Jaime’s very aroused he forgets who is a submissive woman and who isn’t. But Gem keeps her place.]

Gem: You mean, you want me bent over?

[Jaime stops for a second and stares at Gem. She’s still in position, looking down at her hands, bottom arched up. She’s teasing him, of course, but it’s the fifth time she’s said a variant of ‘bend over’. He decides that if she says it a sixth time, he really is going to spank her. Not hard, but she’s going to experience a real spanking, just the same. Enough to colour her skin.]

Jaime: Minx. But yeah, you’ve got my tastes worked out. 

[His jeans are in a pile on the floor and there are condoms in the back pocket. He opens the packet with his teeth, and puts the bloody thing on.]

Gem [very slowly and deliberately]: Fuck. Me. Please.

[To be continued]

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