Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 14

[Jaime stands behind Gem and presses forward, his thighs pressed against her presented buttocks. She reaches back and guides his cock, and they join, focused on sensation.  

[There is warmth and wet, and there is hardness in softness. Then he is deeper, and Gem holds herself completely still, also silent, letting him move for them both. Time is slow, or he is. Sensitive centimeters. He is buried in Gem. He hears her take a breath, her first in a while. He remembers to breathe too. 

[They move. You know what fucking is like. They fuck. Good, isn’t it? I mean, fucking. It’s good. Not so much else to be said. Time passes. Until:]

A hotel door, with a cleaner behind it: Knock-knock! Knock-knock!

Gem: Oh no. No.

[But she does not stop. She does not want to stop, she cannot stop. Jaime leans forward, and whispers in her ear.]

Jaime: Tell them to come back later, because you’re getting fucked.

Gem: No!

[Gem is a well brought up girl. What she’s just been told to say is true, and hardly shocking. But she will find it hard. She still has her core of primness, mixed from her respectable girls’ school, her soft left university politics – you surely don’t say rude words to workers – and having been a princess. Jaime smiles, though she cannot see his face. He pauses, cock poised just inside her. Gem expects a thrust that does not come, and her noise of protest is like someone who trod on a step that turned out not to be there.]

Gem: Oh, please don’t make me … No, just fuck me. No please.

Jaime: [There is an edge to his voice that she has not heard before. It is the command voice.] Gem, tell them to come back later. Because. You’re. Getting. Fucked.

A hotel door: Knock-knock?

{To be continued]

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