Gem thinks about her cunt while waiting to be leathered Part 15

I’d intended to have Gem imagine what hearing a command might be like, and how it would feel for her to imagine what it would feel like to have to obey. We’d moved on faster than I’d have thought possible, without having negotiated or even discussed it. We hadn’t talked danger areas or limits. Now I was explicitly giving her orders, and expecting her to follow them.

Worse, I’d decided that if she said “bend over”, or any variant, one more time she was going to get a spanking, without my asking permission. I knew that in her present mood that would be shocking and utterly, overwhelmingly, sexy.

By my own lights I was behaving badly. Of course Gem could stop at any moment. I wasn’t forcing her. But the standard should be higher than that. I knew more about this than she did, and I should be leading her more cautiously.

But the moment was urgent because we had so little time left and her response was so much hotter than either of us had expected. Gem didn’t want to stop. I still had to be careful with her, but I didn’t want to stop either. And so it came to following my own rules, or following the lust. I went with what was hot. 

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