Masturbation Monday: The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 2

The night was black, and yet the woman Hylas called “Teacher” was visible, a darker, intenser black. At this moment she lay naked on his bed, leaning back against his wall. Her right hand was at her side, lightly holding her length of bamboo. 

Hylas was hoding her thighs, and licking the lush, plumelike mound of his Teacher’s cunt. His buttocks buzzed warmly, as she used the cane, lightly, to indicate to him that he was licking too fast, or too slow.

Four vertical stripes of actual pain reminded him not to show any sign of distraction, or less than full effort. 

At last she moaned, and pressed a hand on the back of his head, pushing him deeper. His nose was in her, and wet. “Good boy. Now keep exactly this speed. Don’t speed up. And if you slacken you know how I’ll punish you.” 

Hylas said nothing. His lips and tongue were buried, busy, and even if he could speak there was nothing he could think of to say that didn’t seem ill-advised. So he followed his teacher’s instructions, his cock hard and pressed against his bed. 

He was an aristocrat, and not accustomed to doing as women say, let alone fearing one of them, but he had to admit that he was more aroused than he had ever been in his life before. He knew this lesson was being given him, for Phyrne’s benefit. When he passed these lessons on to her, he would perhaps be in charge again. 

Then the cane landed on his buttocks again, four more hard strokes, left then right. “Incentive,” his Teacher said.

Then she held his shoulders hard and began to move her hips underneath him, riding his mouth, using him for her pleasure. AIt was like being on a boat being buffeted by a storm. At last the woman wailed, loud as any storm, and then then sighed with deep satisfaction.

Her hand, now gripping his wet hair, now felt affectionate. She said, “Good boy, good boy. I knew you could learn.”

Eventually he looked up at her, and tried a compliment, as he knew a man should give a woman. “You taste as beautiful as you look.” 

He saw her teeth then. “A good first try, boy. And thank you. I believe you are right.” The hand that had been holding his hair patted his face, fondly. “Now, little man. Are you ready for another lesson?”

Hylas had to hold himself still, at that mention of more lessons. He was close to coming, but he knew that if he spurted before she’d given permission, he’d be punished very painfully indeed. Worse, he knew that that punishment would probably make him hard again. He didn’t want the pain (or did he?), or the humiliation of her discovering that. 

So he controlled himself and said, “Yes, my Teacher. Of course.”




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