Masturbation Monday: The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 4

Ojastara swallowed Hylas’s come, and smiled. “That was lovely, little student.” She took the cane back from Hylas’s listless hand. He seemed drained, as in a way he was. “Now you’re going to fuck me.”

Hylas looked at her and then, reflexively, down at his cock, slick with saliva and traces of his own come, but shrunken. Ojastara took that wet cock in her left hand, and used the cane to strike the inside of his left thigh. Then she did the same on his right thigh, and then repeated the dose. The cock in her hand was awakening, slowly starting to fill with blood again, and expand.

“I’m going to have to tell Phyrne about this, aren’t I? So she knows how to get you hard.” She struck him twice more, now stroking the shaft of his cock. He was fully erect in her hand. Hard.

She smiled again. “You’re going to fuck me twice, Hylas. The first time, you’re going to do it the way you want. What comes naturally to you. Understood?”

“Yes, Ojastara.”

The cane whizzed in the air and struck his hip. “I think you’ll go back to calling me Teacher, for now. Now, is that understood?”

“Yes, Teacher.”

“That’s better. After you’ve put more of your lovely come in me, I’m going to explain all the things you did wrong, for pleasing a woman, and then you’re going to fuck me again, properly. By the way, how do you expect that I’ll point out your mistakes, Hylas?”

He blushed. He was seen, and he knew it. “With the cane, Teacher. And that will make me hard enough to fuck you again.”

“Clever, darling boy.” She leaned forward, her face just a hand’s width from his. “Kiss me.”

Hylas put his hand on the back of her head, and leaned up and kissed her, his mouth to hers. There was fear in his eyes. He opened his mouth and she explored him, his teeth, his tongue, with hers. He sighed, pleasured, and closed his eyes. At last, after a blissful eternity, at least, had passed, Ojastara slapped his cheek lightly.

“Now get up, boy. We’re going to start your lessons with me lying on my back, and you mounting me. It won’t always be that way, not even with Phyrne, but it’s a place to start.” Ojastara, beautiful, and blacker than jet, lay herself down on his bed, on her back, thighs parted, knees up.

Hylas stared at Ojastara’s cunt. His eyes were getting used to the darkness, but that cunt seemed to glow faintly, as if lit by some internal fire. What was this woman? 

He put his knees between hers, cock erect and hneedy. But first he lowered himself and kissed that cunt again. Almost as worship.

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