The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 6

Hylas knew that Ojastara was watching him, though the room was perfectly black. So was she, but she seemed somehow to glow, so he could see her as well.

Hylas also knew, perhaps for the first time in his privileged life, that he was responsible, accountable, to another person. He was accountable to Ojastara at any rate, though he wasn’t certain that she was a person and not a goddess.

It wasn’t just her beauty that made him think of her as a goddess: it was the way she seemed to have stopped time so that nothing in the house was moving, outside this room. If, when she appeared to him, a cat had jumped off a table in pursuit of a rat, that cat, he was sure, would remain suspended in mid-air until Ojastara had gone.

He knew, too, that her beauty was greater than humanly possible, and that her cunt was hotter than human body temperature.

And when he had first looked closely at her centre, because he was worshipping her with his tongue and his mouth, it had seemed to be emitting light.

Now she was not pleased with him. She had let him fuck her, the first time in his life he had come inside a woman. It had been wonderful, but he had come, and she had not. And the last thing he had said was, “Punish me, Teacher.”

She was smiling, considering him, while those words hung in the air.

At last she said, “You do not let your selfish desires lead you, when you are pleasuring a woman. You will made Phyrne happy when you fuck her, and you will take better care of her than you just took of me. Do you understand?”

His hair hung over his eyes, as he looked down in shame. “Yes, Teacher.”

“No, boy, you don’t. You will after I’ve punished you. I’m going to hurt you, boy, to make sure you remember. Now, get out of bed and stand in the middle of the room, feet well apart.”

Hylas obeyed.He stood naked, with his legs spread, hands at his sides. Ojastara smiled and picked up the cane. She stood and turned her back to him. “Now, I expect you to stay in position, Hylas. Exactly in position. If you clench your cheeks while I’m caning you, I’ll finish your punishment, and then deliver it all over again until you learn. So none of this.”

She clenched her bottom, and then relaxed. Then she repeated.

Red-faced, and knowing she could see that despite the darkness of the rom, Hylas said, “Yes. I will not clench, Teacher.” But he knew his cock was awake again, at the spectacular sight of a goddess posing for him.”

“And none of this.” She demonstrated pelvic thrusts for him. “You hold your bottom out for me till I’ve finished. You don’t try to dodge the strokes. Any flinching, boy, and you’ll get the stroke again, and have one added to your total.”

Then she turned, and smiled at his half-hard cock. “The thought of being punished makes you hard, doesn’t it?”

“It wasn’t…” Hylas gasped, when her hand took his cock, gave a light squeeze, and stroked its length.

She smiled at the fully-erect Hylas. “Good boy. And never be embarrassed by what turns you on. There isn’t enough pleasure in the world. You should never reject yours. And, yes, I’m also pleased you like my ass.”

“Thank you, Teacher. You are beautiful.”

“Now bend over, Hylas, and touch your toes. I’m going to enjoy punishing you. And it will mean you remember not to displease Phyrne. But when we’re done, I expect you hard enough to fuck me again.”

Hylas, who was already erect and yearning for her clasping, soft, wet, wonderfully warm cunt, gasped, “Yes, Ojastara.”

He felt her slap his bottom with her hand, and then she stepped back and lined the cane across the fullest part of his buttocks. A second or two later the cane was gone.

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