The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 5

Hylas was worshipping the woman, if that’s what she was, Ojastara. His buttocks palely thrust and plunged between her thighs, which were soft, black and immensely strong. He was in a world of pleasure like nothing he had ever known. His cock had never been inside a woman before, and he now knew why his older brothers had spoken so much of that pleasure, and mocked him for his shyness.

She held him tight, and her cunt seemed to squeeze his cock as it moved inside her. Her cunt was tightly clasping, wet and infinitely smoothe, and oddly warm. He tightened his hands on her buttocks as he rode her, and she smiled up at him.

She whispered, “My darling boy, you’re doing well. But don’t you come, not till I have.”

He replied only by kissing her neck, her shoulder and her cheek. Then he felt that sweet force building in him, and realised he had to stop it somehow. Perhaps he’d been excited when she used the word “come”; it would be the first time he gave his seed to a woman, and he was certain it would be the best moment of his life, up to then. To stop himself he  thrust his cock as hard and far inside her as he could, his pubic bone tight against hers, then froze as still as he could manage, trembling with the effort of control.

He heard her laughed lazily, pleased with him, and she began to move under him, as if he weighed no more than a kitten. She raised her thighs, folding herself, and he felt her feet resting on his arse. He made a savage, throaty noise, and pumped her, hard and fast. She’d awakened something in him, and its passion and need could not be stopped. He dropped his head and kissed, then bit, her breasts, his whole body pummelling her, cock harder and it seemed bigger than it had ever been. 

She smacked his arse in warning, with her right hand. “Careful.” 

But that impact was his trigger and his end. He gasped, “Please come! I can’t -“

And then his whole body seemed to release. He felt the pulses of his orgasm, as he came into her. He cried out without words; it was a high, lost sound, like some wild bird, and then he growled like a bear as he understood that he had taken her. He had fucked a woman, or goddess, for the first time. 

Ojastara took his head in both her hands and pressed him into the fleshy valley between her breasts, fondling his ears though his hair. He felt a wave of relief. He thought he’d come before her. But perhaps she’d come and he hadn’t noticed. Or she’d forgiven him. Ojastara hummed as he kissed the inner slopes of her breasts. At last she said, “But I don’t tolerate disobedience. What sort of teacher would I be, if I allowed that?”

Hylas said, “Oh…”

“So what am I going to do?”

“Punish me, Teacher.” He wasn’t sure if he was answering her question, or begging her. 

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