Masturbation Monday: The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 4

Hylas kissed Ojastara’s cunt. It was warmer than human skin should be, almost hot. And her sweat was somehow sweet. No one in Thebes had ever talked of a goddess like this one before, but she must be such, in someone’s pantheon. 

In any case he adored and kissed her cunt, worshipping with fervour, with conviction and with a hard-on. His cock had never felt so hard, so longing, or … so large. He felt as if his cock was full, not just with blood but with energy. Then he kissed her belly, her navel, and, crawling further up her body, her nipples, left then right.

He kissed them again, trying to take as much of each breast into his mouth as he could. He was rewarded when she closed her eyes and let her head fall back. He’d learned that that meant he was doing the right thing.

Her thighs lifted, so her inner thighs clasped his outer thighs, and he lowered his body so that his cock pressed, at last, against that warm wet fruit. He entered her easily, but slowly, wanting to savour every moment and every dactylos* of this new experience. 

Her cunt seemed to embrace his cock, to clasp it in a warm and wet and tight paradise. It was heaven and he was in heaven. Her arms reached up and embraced him, held him, hands stroking his back. He pressed forward then for the first time withdrew a little, and she moaned. Encouraged he pressed forward a little further, then moved back and forth, each forward thrust taking him a little deeper.

At last they met, his pelvic bone pressed hard against hers, cock fully buried in warm pleasure. He could not think; only experience. This was the most intense sensation he had ever known.

He pressed his forehead down towards hers and kissed her nose, inexpertly, then her mouth, open-mouth to open-mouth, with growing skill.

At last he couldn’t hold himself from moving in her, and he began to pump slowly. The goddess held him, with her arms, her thighs and her arms. He was imprisoned, infinitely pleasured. 

He put his hand under her, holding her buttocks, for the sensual pleasure of that, and to hold theirs bodies close. He rode.

  • A dactylos was an ancient measure, used in Thebes and elsewhere: about 19.3 millimetres.



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