Mouth to mouth 13: Qing Bound and…

I tugged Qing’s right foot over the the edge of the bed closest to the wall, and ran the rope twice around her ankle, then tied a knot. It wasn’t a Shibari knot, or anything even remotely elegant in one of the Japanese bondage styles.

It was an ugly but effective knot I’d learned while I worked on garbage trucks to earn some money for my first year at university. I don’t even know what it’s called, but anything I tied with it would stay on the truck.

Once I’d tied Qing’s foot she tugged at the ropes, experimentally at first, then trying harder to escape. As I said, it’s an effective knot. I tighted the rope at the end connected to the bed, so she soon had little room for movement any more. Her struggles when she understood what I’d done were more determined; I knelt beside her foot and watched the muscles in her ass and her upper thighs flex and un-flex.

qingbackHer cunt sometimes seemed to open a little with her effort. So it seemed from my perspective, looking up at her from between her ankles, admiring her buttocks and that sweet little slit. Her display was beautiful, and reminded me how much I wanted to fuck her again.

That’s the thing about writhing about. If your partner is any good with rope at all, it’s not going to get you loose. On the other hand, you will be turning him, or her, on. So it’s excellent for getting you fucked enthusiastically, but doesn’t have many other uses. 

But she was passive and complaisant as I took her left foot and pulled it over to the left side of the bed. That made sense: she never tried to escape, only to to struggle against her bonds after I’d tied her.

Once her left ankle was secure, and I was confident the knot would stand up to anything Qing’s slender legs, now widely spread, would manage, I left her go.

She pulled against her new bonds, twisting her upper body while her legs and feel remained tightly held and immovable. She was experiencing and demonstrating, emphatically, her sexual helplessness. Because I am who I am, that made me hard and pitiless. I like helplessness, and I love female wriggling. Especially if it has urgency, as Qing’s did. I’d untie her if she asked, but it’d be boring. I hoped she wouldn’t. In my mood I wanted to believe that I could take what I wanted.

spank againI came up the bed a little and smacked her bottom again, so she knew where I was. I tied her wrists and hands together, behind her back as I’d promised her. Her struggles inspired in me the affection with which a lion watches a lamb. She’d fall still and rest every thirty seconds or so. She didn’t have a lot of strength, or stamina.

I slipped two fingers into her slippery wet cunt, and Qing lifted her bottom in surprise and then pleasure, clear of the bed. She had little freedom of movement but I knew that control of her cunt, which I had, meant control of any movements she did make, and of her breathing.

My finger were making her breathe hard and fast, close to orgasm, when I rolled onto her back, my cock pushed against the feminine softness of her ass and my knees between hers. My toes and knees pressed into the bed, just like hers. I let her feel my weight on her. and smacked the side of her bottom. Qing’s skin was pale in the night air, but she was warm for my hands.

Her eyes widened when my hand landed, and she celebrated or complained about the pain with a little vocal noise that sounded a bit like a hiccough. I smacked her three more times. The spanks weren’t hard, but they meant Qing had experienced something new: she’d had an adventure. Then I kissed the back of her neck.

Qing smiled, and I remembered the lion-and-lamb metaphor again. I bit her neck, then kissed the spot better. My cock pressed against her, just above her cunt.

assupdocI growled in her ear: “Get your ass up” – another smack – “girl!”

“Wha’ you say? Jaime, it’s funny; I don’t seem to mind you spanking me… How weird is?”

“I’m going to fuck you now, Qing.” But since she’d mentioned it, I smacked her left flank, just below my own thigh.

While Qing dealt with the pain, small but enough to be worth paying attention to, I bit her ear and kissed it. I thought I might as well: it had worked for her neck.

“You’re going to get your ass up so I can fuck you. Now.”

“Ah… Why do you want..?” I missed the significance of her question. I thought I’d been clear enough, so this must be more Qing-delaying tactics. So I smacked her, and she dropped her question.

I smacked her again. “So I can fuck you, Qing. Why else? Now,” – I gave her a taste of my command voice – “get that ass UP.”

I waited.

Mouth to mouth 12: “Ropes? There are ropes on this bed?”

I didn’t know what woke me. Not at first. Qing slept beside me, her tiny body coiled, with her head half under her pillow and her little ass pushed back at me for her comfort and mine. A cord I’d noticed before we slept, one of the four tied to the bedends, lay on the sheet near her mouth, wet with her drool. Another comforter, I supposed. When she slept alone.

sleeperI lay on my side behind her, my arm over her shoulder resting on the swelling of her left breast. In the times I was awake and hard, I’d enjoyed its insistent arousal in my palm.

Through the night I’d listened to her sleeping breathing, with my cock sometimes hard in the warm, comfortable gap between the top of her thighs. 

Sometimes I’d soften and drift towards sleep, but whenever she moved I’d wake up  and my cock would straighten, wanting her.

(That gap at the top of the thighs: it’s the sub-pudendal inter-gracile fossa. The name for that part of the body is my contribution to medical science. It may be useless – I mean my contribution – but it‘s sexy.)

But I must have slept for few hours, eventually, because some time after four in the morning I woke up. Qing had reached back to hold and enclose my cock in her right hand. I could feel my heart-beat, held inside that little cage of fingers.

There were no curtains on her window, and outside I could see light in the gaps between the trees. There’d be birdsong soon. But in her room it was still dark and quiet. I watched her shoulder rise and fall with her breathing. Qing must have sensed that I’d woken up, because although she didn’t move at first, she made a satisfied, happy noise, and stroked the underside of my cock with her thumb.

I sucked in a breath, intending her to hear and understand that I was awake, and that it was okay for her to know it. I wanted her to feel certain that I was pleased to find myself in her bed, and to find her wanton again. Qing ran her thumb up and down the underside of my cock, still holding me lightly with her fingers, until the sensation was almost unbearable. Whenever she touched me my cock jumped like a salmon climbing a rapid.

She turned over at last, and kissed my belly. I said, “ahh..” But she moved lower, down the bed. 

qing and my cockI suspected that I should stop her. Or I kind of did. I was sure I’d come far too soon if she sucked me. And while coming in Qing’s mouth wasn’t the worst thing I could think of, I’d prefer to delay a bit longer. 

But she took the head of my cock in her mouth, and I no longer had the willpower to tell her to stop. I let her please me. If she’d been mine and submissive I’d have trained her a little more: teaching her how to suck as hard as I want without getting her teeth in the way, and I’d have wanted to make my points with the help of a rope’s end.

Still, I don’t think it’s possible for a man not to be pleased with a woman with her mouth full with his cock.

But I remembered that rope’s end, the cords that had been in her mouth while she slept. I found that they stretched as far as the cleft between her buttocks, and I gave her a series of light strokes across the near half of her ass, to encourage her.

qing's smacked bumQing frowned. I doubted that she’d ever been whipped before. But the strokes were light-ish – the way she’d soaked the end with her drool helped to make it land across her skin a little harder – and they helped her with rhythm.

I hoped she also felt the strokes were interestingly, enjoyably perverse. She seemed to be happy, so I kept her whipping going. Then I made the strokes harder, and Qing came up for air. She was hesitant about speaking. She was trying to remember something. 

“You’d asked me about these, when I was drifting off, didn’t you?”

The phrasing told me what was missing. “Jaime. I’m Jaime,” I said. And to show off, I added, “And you’re Qing.”

“Jaime, sorry. Anyway, you’re only more or less righ’ with my name. You don’t qui’e get the ‘chj’ sound. So: Jaime.”

“C’est moi. Anyway, I thought this” – I whacked her ass again with the cords – “was interesting. Not every girl has ropes tied onto her bedends?” 

“Well, not every boy pays any attention to them. You’re the first, actually. An’ … I didn’t put them there. I just – what’s the word? – inhabited? No, inherent?” 


“Ah-yuh. I inherited the bed when I took the room. And the ropes were already there. I just never took them off. It was too hard.” 

qingI had a little pile of things I’d taken from my pockets when I’d undressed: the condoms, but also my phone, keys, some cash and my Swiss Army knife. I held up the knife, with all blades closed. “Really? You couldn’t get them off, and that’s why they’re still here? It’s very easy to fix that. I can cut them off right now if you like.” 

“No! It’s ok!” She was trying to sound casual. She didn’t remotely succeed. 

So I said, “Well, whether they stay or go, would you like to try them on? Now?” 

Qing dropped her head and licked my cock again. She busied herself with that project, and said nothing. 

“Qing, I can’t do anything unless you say the magic word.”


“Okay, magic words: say, ‘yes, please’.

“‘Yes, please’.”

“Not quite yet. First I tell you that I’ll put you on your tummy. And that I’ll tie your feet apart, and your hands together behind your back. And among other things, I’ll fuck you while you can’t move.”

“Tha’ would be your turn-on, would it?”

“I’d enjoy m’self, for sure. But the question’s what you want. Now: ‘yes, please’, or ‘no thanks’?”

“Ah… And how do -“

I don’t know what she was going to ask, but I know delaying tactics when I hear them. So I smacked her bottom with her saliva-soaked cord again. She said, “Aa-aiie!”

I smiled at her, as though I were a reasonable man. “So that’s a ‘no, thanks’?”

“No.” That sounded considered. “I mean, it’s not ‘no thanks’. It is ‘yes, please’. If you promise to remember tha’ I haven’t done this before.”

“Good girl. Very good girl.” I put my hand on the small of her back. “Now spread your legs.”

Mouth to mouth 11: Ropes for Qing?

qing lovingQing made a little noise of satisfaction, and we started to move together. After a while we sped up, and I found that I’d hit an obstruction inside her. It hurt. I thought that maybe I’d hit her spine, since she really was a slender girl and there didn’t seem much room inside her for my cock to go.

But it’d been her cervix. I changed my angle slightly and it didn’t happen again. Qing hadn’t noticed, as far as I could tell.

Her face was contorted in an extreme version of her pleasured expression, and she was making a sound I didn’t understand. (She was saying “cao wo”, meaning “fuck me”, but I didn’t know that till much later.)

Other things were clear enough without language, though, and I let her have my weight for a few minutes while I reached under her to grab her ass. I pulled her cheeks apart, and squeezed her hard, hoping to cause mild pain while she was close to coming.

qing loving 2In a minute or two, Qing opened her legs wide and put her feet on my arse. I sped up, hoping she’d come before I did, and put my right forefinger into her ass, up to the first knuckle. That did it: Qing stopped muttering cap wo. She screamed it, as if she was in a panic.

She wrapped her arms around me, so she was clinging like an octopus on eccy. She had three more orgasms, each a little calmer than the one before. I let myself come in her for the last one.

 Qing sank back, arms and legs flat on the bed. I rolled off her, to lie on my side with my left leg over her. She said, “Well. You’re a dark horse. I didn’t think you even liked me.”

“Oh, I liked you. I just thought that guy was your boyfriend.”

“So does he, half the time. But he’s just a dickhead.”


qing asleepQing was falling asleep. I guessed I’d do the same, so I pulled some of the duvet away from the wall.

I found ties on the side of the bed, made of soft, furry rope. I could see knots on the other side of the bed, now that I was looking for them. 

Four ties, near the bed corners. You could use that to hold someone spread-eagled and immobile.

I said “Qing? These ties … Is this something you’re into?”

But I was too late. She was asleep. 

Mouth to mouth 10: In Qing’s petite cunt

There are things you can’t do, when you’re a Dom about to have sex with a vanilla woman. You can’t whack her arse if she’s awkward or displeases you. You can’t haul her into the position you want her, because a vanilla girl expects to be asked, or at least not pushed and pulled into place like an artist’s dummy. You can’t give her orders or else she’ll get stubborn, not obedient.. 

I’ve developed a style for vanilla fucking that’s unlikely to trigger any sort of anti-bdsm response. I take the lead but every so often I ask for permission. It doesn’t matter what for. I just ask her something from time to time but not so often that it becomes annoying. There are some other things, but that’ll have to be a different post. 

qing outercoursedSo I was on my knees, sliding the underside of my cock along Qing’s slippery and wet groove, while she’d bent double, her knees almost touching her nipples. Qing’s face when she was being pleasured was absurdly happy.

I hadn’t seen that expression on her before. I leaned down and kissed her; it wasn’t something anyone could not do. 

She kissed me back, and then caught my cock with her hand. I stopped, letting her capture me. That’s another difference. In vanilla sex I let that sort of thing pass, but in bdsm sex I’d have been genuinely shocked if a submissive girl had done that. I’ve have pulled her up from the bed and walloped her ass hard, until I figured I’d done enough to make her cry. (The idea is to be fair to women who don’t cry at the same stage when other women are likely to be weeping.)

qing fuckedSo, in a vanilla bed, I let Qing line my cock up so the head pressed against her cunt. I’d intended to tease her longer, but that invitation, and her soft, sleek folds were too much to resist. 

I pushed forward and though she was a tight girl she felt warm and wet around my glans. Qing frowned once, and said, “uh”.

“We’ll be fine. I’ll take care. And let me know if it’s too much.” And, because that seemed vanilla enough for a while, I pushed down on her shoulders so she couldn’t move. I took her nipples in my mouth one by one, and kissed then gently bit. Qing had closed her eyes and stopped breathing, by the time I’d repeated this.

I pushed forward, and though she was still tight on me, she was slickly, sweetly wet. I pulled back a little and pushed forward again, and she clasped my cock warmly, using her vaginal muscles to point out that I was welcome. I slipped forward, the way becoming easier as we joined, until our pelvic bones met, and I was fully lodged in her.

Mouth to mouth 9: In Qing’s bed

Qing was slender with small and perfect breasts and nipples the colour and to some extent the shape of olives. Because of the sheer drabness of the pyjamas, I’d expected to find a huge, thick, metal-reinforced bra under her pyjama top. But if she had one she wasn’t wearing it.

I’d also expected her to close in for a hug, because she’d figure that if we were cuddling she could keep her modesty, since I wouldn’t be able to look at her breasts. So she’d surprised me when she’d stood there, letting me look at her.

Shenzhen in the smog

Shenzhen in the smog

Qing seemed to be an odd mix of mainland Chinese dowdiness and diaspora Chinese sophistication. She’d said that she grew up in Shenzen, a hideous industrial town, Shenzhen, all smoke, rubbish, noise and steel. Then she’d taken the university path as her ticket the hell out of there. That was why her English, and her lack of accent, were so unusually good.

So was the sight of her, waiting bare-breasted for me to show some appreciation. I’d decided that my choices amounted to kissing her nipples, which would be vanilla and possibly a little staid for a girl who seemed to be wanting a bit of adventure, or using my thumb and forefingers to pinch those nipples until her face showed pain and her breathing quickened. While that wouldn’t be boring it could easily be the wrong kind of painful, and slightly annoying. I could annoy my way right out of Qing’s bedroom.

So I put my hands on her hips, with my thumbs inside the pyjama bottoms so that I felt like a mild-ish sexual threat. I leaned forward and kissed her left nipple, adding special effects like sometimes trying to suck her entire breast into my mouth, and sometimes lifting my head so the cold night air caught her wet olive. She whined when I took my mouth away, so I was doing the right thing. 

asian-girl 1I kissed and sucked her breasts for some time, and then turned my face from side to side, letting my teeth graze along her rubber-hard nipples. I glanced up to find Qing’s fiercely concentrating face, eyes closed. 

So I pushed her pyjama bottoms down over her hips. Underneath she turned out to be wearing knickers with a pattern of smiley frogs joining hands and kicking like a chorus line. I ripped them down too. They might have been sexy on a less girly girl than Qing, but on her they were just too much.

Qing sat on her bed, almost naked, with her legs out and her pyjamas bunched below her knees.

I tugged the pyjamas and knickers all the way off, and she lifted her knees to help me. And to present her tiny cunt, between her raised, open thighs. She watched me as I got on my hands and knees and crawled up her white sheets towards that little cunt, like a wolf who sees a baby in the snow. 

Mouth to mouth 8: In Qing’s room

Qing’s place was an old wooden house with a couch mouldering on the verandah. It had four bedrooms, and Qing shared it with five other students. Qing’s was a tiny room in a three bedroom house she shared with four other students.

In the kitchen she skillfully ducked my attempt to put my arms around her, but took my hand and half-led, half pulled me down a short corridor to her door.

Once we were in her room and I’d shut the door behind us, she did a spin with her arms close to her body but her hands at shoulder height, palms upwards. “Well, home swee home. So welcome, hey.”

She’d said her room was tiny but it seemed even smaller than that: spare, sparse and Spartan. Her only furniture was a small double bed, a work desk and a chair made of three-ply and metal tubing. The books on her desk were about accounting and business management. The most frivolous volume was something called The Seven Habits of Successful Companies.

Some landlord, long ago, had painted the walls the colour of mushroom soup. It looked like there’d been an explosion in a paté factory. There were no pictures on her walls.

Qing saw me looking around. She shrugged. “It’s what I can afford. It’s ugly but it’s got a bed and a desk.”

qing“I’ll beautify it.” I meant the room would look better if she was naked. But it was a bit obscure: Qing frowned, not getting me. But I took the top buttons of her pyjama top and fumbled with them. I stopped for a second and looked questioningly into her eyes. She gave a tiny, dismissive nod, as if I shouldn’t have stopped or asked her. Buttons were being too hard and too slow, so I pulled her top up, away from the pyjama bottoms.

She put her arms up. I pulled the top free and dropped it on her chair.

Her breasts were small and perfect, nipples hard as bullets in the cold. I could warm them with my mouth. Or I could pinch her and make the cold irrelevant with my fingertips. Qing stood with her hip slung forward, watching me. It was my decision.

Mouth to mouth 7: Squeezing a small girl’s ass

We walked together in clear, chill moonlight, Qing leading the way, through various people’s backyards. Qing sometimes suffered me to have an arm round her waist but mostly she walked beside me. Separately.

Her apparent stand-offishness puzzled me. She’d said she was about to fuck me. She could change her mind, but I couldn’t see any reason why she would. Yet. I hadn’t had time do something stupid and repulsive enough to change her mind.

kiss kissAs far as I could tell, we were still heading for her bed. But the emotional ambience just wasn’t very sexy. 

So I stopped and pointed out the moonlight shining through the trees, like an idiot. Then I kissed her, less stupidly. She smiled and kissed back, with something that felt like passion, pushing her breasts against the bottom of my rib cage.

Then she broke away from me. But afterwards we walked closer together.

It seemed that when I wasn’t actively pushing her sexually she’d start to lose interest, but that she liked it when I did push her barriers. So I slid my hand down the back of her pyjamas, and let my fingers explore under her knickers.

qing grabassEventually I had my hand on the skin of her left buttock, which was as apple-like, with that concavity at the side, as I’d guessed. Qing was firm in my hand, and once she’d started walking I could enjoy the movement of her muscles.

Qing said, “okay, you do fancy me. And I bet you did follow my ass out the door.”

“I did. I said so. But I’d have followed you if you’d walked out backwards. Or, I don’t know, on skates. Sideways.”

“Fair enough. My place is … Unhh!”

The ‘Unhh’ was because I’d slid my fingertips between her buttocks. And stroked her cunt. My fingers had found soft, petalled folds, and stroked and slid along them. Qing was gloriously wet.

Mouth to Mouth 6: Walk with me

Qing was poised in the front door, ready to leave. She didn’t seem to be in the same mood as when she’d offered to fuck anyone who was at the party. I wanted her back in that mood. I couldn’t tell if I was losing ground or doing reasonably well. Anyway, I’d got a smile for honest lust. “Yeah. Your bum is way cute.” She didn’t like ‘cute’. “I mean it’s hot. And, well, like two apples.”

“Apples? Tha’s your guess? You sure?”

qing jammies“Well, apples with dimples at the side. No, more than dimples. Concavities. I’d have to get rid of those pyjamas to be sure, of course.”

She frowned, considering that, then nodded judiciously. “All right.”

So I took a step closer, like a man getting within stroking range of a spooked cat. Carefully. “And I followed your bum out of the room, didn’t I?”

But that annoyed her. “Well, you didn’ seem very keen before.”

“Qing. Course I was keen. More than keen. But I thought you were hanging out with your boyfriend. I didn’t want to get in your way. That’s completely the only reason I haven’t spent this evening talking with you. Um, and trying to fuck you.”

“Ok. Then why didn’ you get up, in the lounge? If you were so keen?”

That was too sharp a question, and the truth (cowardice, insecurity, etc) just wouldn’t do. “I had some guy sitting on my feet. And someone’s legs in my lap. I had to push them out of the way before I could get to you. You got to do that sort of thing carefully.”

“Mmmm.” But she was pretending not to smile, now. “Well, maybe you waited too long. The momen’s gone.”  

I laughed. “Nah, we’ve just wasted some time, is all. But it was a waste. So we should go to bed, right now. Really quickly. Your bed, wherever the hell that is.”

“Okay. You can walk me home. And fuck me.”

Mouth to mouth 5: I like your tits

Qing was in the corridor, about to open the front door. She heard me coming and looked over at me. She didn’t react. I had no idea if she was pleased or disappointed that it was me. I said, “I’m Jaime. We were talking in that … revolving barrel thing in the park.”

“Yeah, why’d you leave all of a sudden?” The tone wasn’t friendly.

I took another step closer. “That guy, who grabbed you. Back in the park. I thought he was your boyfriend. So I left you to it.”

“Ah, you idiot.” Women sometimes say that with affection. This wasn’t. And she wasn’t going to explain what had really been happening, either.

Oh, _those_ tits.

Oh, _those_ tits.

I said, “Well, I got it wrong, but I had the sense to be sad about the idea of you having a boyfriend.”

She frowned sceptically. “Were you?”

Another step. She opened the front door, letting in a whoosh of cold air. “I was absolutely sad. Cause I really liked you.” Her face fell. She didn’t like, trust or respect that sort of statement. Not from men.

I corrected myself. “Liked your tits. Loved your tits, when we were face to face. Nice and biteable. And just now, when you were walking away…”

I got my first smile. “You liked my bum, la?”

Mouth to mouth 4: Cute ass in pyjamas

Qing stood by the door, not wanting to come all the way into the lounge. She looked around. I hoped she was looking for me, so I made a “great to see you” face and waved, a wavelet really, with movement only from the wrist.

At the time I thought she was ignoring me. More likely, though, she couldn’t see me through the fug of marijuana smoke that swirled between us, underlit by the green and red glow of two coloured lamps. They were the room’s only light.

She frowned and said, “Well, it’s been a good par-ry. Thank you for a grea evening. But I’m going home to bed.”

I wondered if I should get up and say goodbye to her, try to get her number, try to walk her home, try to get into her bed with her, and that sort of thing. But I’d only had the start of a conversation with her, because we were interrupted before we’d got far with it. I didn’t feel that I had enough of a basis for doing that. So I sat where I was.

Qing looked back at the door she’d come through, and then at the room again.

“But. If anyone wants to come to bed with me… Well, I think I’d like to be fucked. Or fuck someone. Anyone here. Anyone?”

I don’t know what you’d expect to happen, if a pretty woman makes that offer to an entire room, or to anyone who happened to be in it. From a sample of one – I’ve never seen something like that happen again – the answer is that nothing at all happens. People didn’t look at each other, or smile, or make “you go” gestures to a friend, or put their hands up.

No-one moved. Including me.

So Qing shrugged. “Oh well, then.” She opened the door. “Good night.”

jammiesAnd she left. Various people said good night in return, but most were still a bit non-plussed by her offer. They could have thought it was gauche, but instead they knew it had been brave enough to be cool. But their reaction hadn’t been cool, and that had also worried them. They were cool too, weren’t they? And yet they’d reacted like a grimace of maiden aunts.

I was still thinking. I didn’t care about being cool. No-one there knew me, and nothing they said or thought could be as important as Qing and her bed.

It was her skinny but cute pajamaed bum that decided me. That bum was about to wiggle out of the room, on its way to a lonely bed. Well, that would be just a waste. A stupid waste.

So I got up, finally, and walked over people’s legs and belongings, until I’d reached the door. The corridor was dark. “Qing?”