“On your back: get your knees up, keep them spread”: Doms giving oral sex 2

When a dom gives oral sex to their submissive, the submissive isn’t in control. They may be enjoying themselves, but they’re still subjected. They serve by giving over their body for the dom to lick them or suck them, but they do that to provide a conduit for the dom’s pleasure. 

Woman dom gets oral sex from male submissive: the dom is in charge

Woman dom gets oral sex from male submissive: the dom is in charge

When the submissive gives their dom oral sex, the submissive is serving. Their kneeling or otherwise subservient position, their wearing of a collar or a leash, their nudity while the dom may be partly clothed, all signal their submissive status.

The odd thing, in bdsm, is that when the dom gives their submissive oral sex, the submissive is still serving.

The submissive provides his or her body for the dom’s use. It’s a more indulgent use of the submissive’s body than some of the things a dom may do to their submissive, but it’s still use.

The male dom licks the submissive woman's cunt. And the dom, as ever, is in charge

Male dom licks submissive woman’s cunt. The dom, as ever, is in charge

The submissive’s reactions – whether or not they will get to come, for example – are controlled by their dom.

Their posture, their movements and their breathing are all controlled by the dam’s instructions, and by the pressure and the withdrawal of the dom’s mouth on the most sensitive parts of the submissive’s body.

The submissive’s body is the dom’s tongue-puppet.  

I’m mainly talking about symbolism and rhetoric, which are unusually important in bdsm compared to other sexualities. The truth is that when I go down on my slavegirl, my main motivations are that I like her cunt and I love her, and I want her to feel good. But it’s hotter for both of us if she can submit to me as well as submitting to her physical pleasure. 

So doms and submissives may perform exactly the same actions, and yet the imagery and meaning will be utterly different. There’s nothing either dom or sub, my mom would have said, but thinking makes it so. 

[That’s the end of the bdsm and oral sex sequence. We’ll be getting back to the Raylene saga soon. Will she get more of the strap? Will she get publicly humiliated? Will she get that cup of tea she asked for? Watch this space.]

“On your back, knees up, keep them spread”: Doms giving oral sex

But most doms want to lick their submissive’s cunt, or suck his cock, from time to time, for its own sake. Well, if you don’t like your submissive’s genitals a lot, what are you doing in a relationship? 

When doms use their mouths on their submissive’s bits, some things will be different – compared to non-bdsm oral sex – about the physical arrangement of their bodies.

A woman dom dodging the whole, "Can I do my slave and still stay dolly?" issue.

A woman dom dodging the whole, “Can I do my slave and still stay domly?” issue.

For example, I suspect that not many doms will drop to their knees to pleasure their submissive. For a dom, getting on your knees is a step too far. I like my metaphors mixed,  don’t you?

So doms will push or command their submissives onto their backs, and usually keep their heads higher than the submissive’s body. Or most of their heads.

Even when they’re giving good head, de-doop de-doop de-doop woooo…  

A dom who worries about bdsm symbolism can do extra things, like inserting a plug in the submissive’s ass, tying their arms to the bed frame, or giving them a long painful discipline session beforehand so that pain and its delicious aftermath precede pleasure.

Those things all help to set the mood for the submissive’s little treat.

slave presenting herself to be lickedI’m more likely just to use the soft, growly version of the command voice to set the mood and help the submissive feel she’s in her proper place. The commands I give are for her to lie on her back, lift her knees and keep them wide apart, and present her cunt forward as hard as she can. That helps set it within the dom/submissive framework, and allows us the freedom to act naturally from there on.

Speaking of “act naturally”, some Christians, like the voters of the State of Georgia, where oral sex is still a crime, think of it as an unnatural vice. But they should ask a zoologist about that. Don’t tell ISIS, but they’re going to have to behead one hell of a lot of animals if they want a purer world. May have wandered off the point, there. Hope no-one noticed.

More on oral sex and bdsm shortly. 

“Kneel!” Oral sex and bdsm 3

He's standing, and clothed, and free, being sucked. She's kneeling, naked, bound, and never too far from her next whipping. A non-bdsm observer would understand why he's happy, but not why she's in ecstasy too.

He’s standing, and clothed, and free, being sucked. She’s kneeling, naked, bound, and never too far from her next whipping: and she serves him. A non-bdsm observer would understand why he’s happy, but not why she’s in ecstasy too.

So a submissive giving oral sex may have bound wrists and ankles, or have his or her ass glowing from a recent paddling, and may know that the dom they’re pleasuring will take a riding crop or other implement of punishment to them, passionately and fiercely, if they make a mistake or show any lack of enthusiasm. These things aren’t true of non-bdsm oral sex.

There are subtler differences. The absence of the expectation that the person who serves will get their turn is one. That’s up to the dom, who may decide – for disciplinary reasons or just for the mischief of it – that the submissive doesn’t get to come at all.

It always feels a little wrong to me, if I refuse orgasm to a submissive girl who’s pleasured me so sweetly. But these days when I decide she’s not going to be allowed her own release, it feels like the fun kind of wrong. She’s frustrated, humiliated and turned on, and I feel a kind of glee. It’s good, not to be a gentleman dom: not all the time. It’s good to be king, too.

He's happy too.

He’s happy too.

So there’s no way, when a submissive sucks or licks her or his dom to orgasm, that the partners feel like they’re equals. Oral sex, in bdsm, seems as though it was especially designed to emphasise the power imbalance between them, the dom’s conquest and the submissive’s surrender. 

It’s these symbolic things that give oral sex its special significance in bdsm.

But … what happens to all that symbolic meaning when the dom decides to suck or lick his or her submissive?

“Kneel!” Oral sex and bdsm 2

In non-bdsm oral sex there’s an expectation that the partners will do each other, taking a roughly equal number of turns to give and receive. In bdsm oral sex, there are no expectations except that what the dom says is how it is. The submissive does what he or she is told and earns no reward points for that, except perhaps for the relief of not being punished when he or she performs well.

Not quite what I meant by "taking turns".

Not quite what I meant by “taking turns”.

If you’re going to have a sort of orgasmic equality, then you will generally need to take turns. Even women – and I suppose men – who really love to suck cock can seldom come from that alone. Once I’d have said never: but then I encountered a woman who could come, with nothing touching her cunt but the air, at the moment I released into her mouth and she swallowed. So it can be done.

These days, if I want the submissive to come while she’s sucking me, I’ll lie on my back with my legs open. She lies on her front, with her mouth on my cock and her legs straddling my right leg, with her cunt pressed against my knee. If she’s a good girl and a good rider, then I’ll let her get herself off while she works on my cock. 

My instinct, usually, is to make the woman come after serving me, because I like the sight and sounds and smells of female orgasm, and why should I deny myself that? Anyway, after an orgasm I’m generally in a benevolent mood. But I came to realise that I shouldn’t always succumb to that kindly meant impulse. Cruel can be kinder.

When denying a submissive an orgasm, always be mindful of the safety of your own genitals

When denying a submissive an orgasm, always be mindful of the safety of your own genitals

I’ll never forget the first time I came in a submissive girl’s mouth and then – once she’d cleaned me, still sucking – put my cock back inside my pants and zipped up. Her expression of shocked disbelief was priceless. But before that moment we’d talked a lot about how her role in life was to serve me, and that what she desired didn’t matter or count at all. She’d loved being told that, and she found it a very sexy idea, but it wasn’t until I denied her the orgasm she’d expected that it felt real to her.

Orgasm denial’s a very intimate control over a submissive which, in my experience, most submissives hate but also love. It makes the submissive very aware, over a long period, of their submission, especially when they’re pleasuring their master or mistress, and dealing with their owner’s orgasm while knowing they won’t be allowed any release themselves.

That combination of sexual yearning and self-awareness of their own submission is, it’s always seemed to me, one of a submissive’s key pleasures. One-sided, blatantly unfair oral sex is one good way to drive that awareness home. The dom’s duty is to give his or her submissive plenty of opportunities to feel sexually needing, and subordinate.  

More to come, on bdsm and oral sex.

“Kneel!” Oral sex and bdsm 1

Obviously, lots of people love oral sex without being at all interested in bdsm. I even suppose it’s possible to be into bdsm and not care much about oral sex. They’re not the same thing.

On the other hand, when oral sex happens in a bdsm context and framework, it adopts bdsm symbolism and meaning very, very easily and naturally. The partner on their knees, busy licking and sucking, serves their dom’s pleasure. They’ve got no guarantee of sexual release or even reward for themselves, except the pleasure of pleasing.

Almost no adjustment is needed to make cock-sucking or cunt-licking into a supremely submissive act.

The wait is over. Humble servitude and likely pain now begin. But it's a relief.

The wait is over. Humble servitude and likely pain now begin. But it’s a relief.

Still, when a submissive girl is sucking my cock, I do a number of things calculated to emphasise to her just how submissive she’s being.

If I’m coming to visit her, or she lives with me and I’m coming home, I’ll let her know it’s time to start waiting. That means she has to get naked and kneel facing the front door with her mouth wide open. I let myself in with a key. I don’t tell her exactly how long she has to wait.

But once I’m there, time shifts from endlessly slow to ruthlessly fast. I’ll have my hand in her hair and my cock in her mouth, fucking her throat, before we’ve said hello. I’ll be fully dressed,and standing, just to heighten the contrast between her abject status, and my status as the free, clothed, standing man who owns her.

Usually, especially when I’m standing above her, I’ll take my belt out of my pants, and let the leather hang over her shoulder, down to her bottom. That, again, is to remind her of her status.

Flogger works just as well as a belt

Flogger works just as well as a belt

Usually she’ll already have been told that she needs to devote her full attention to pleasing me when she sucks my cock. Because if she lets my cock slip out of her mouth, or if I feel that she’s not trying hard enough, then I will whip her back and her ass. 

I’ll have explained that failing to serve me properly when I’m already excited has unusually harsh consequences. Not because of justice but because of my excitement.

I’ll use the belt on her harder than I usually do. After a couple of times through this ritual, she will have learned that this is true: she does her best to please, or her ass, back and sides will take my belt until she’s very, very sore and sorry.

suck eye contacxt 1There’s another thing: eye contact. The eye contact thing seems to have come out of internet porn. I’ve mostly never cared where the submissive was looking when she sucks me. I’d expect that she was usually looking at my shoes, or my inner thighs if we’ve gone to bed together, or she had her eyes closed. But porn taught submissive women to look up, making adoring eye contact while they pleasure their dom. Submissives in turn taught me to expect it. I decided that it’s hot, and now I require it. I punish any breaking of eye contact. 

More to come on oral sex and bdsm.

“Kneel!” The semiotics of bdsm oral sex

I wrote here (towards the end of the Qing saga) that “in oral sex it usually seems – and usually is – that one person serves and the other is served. That could be why it’s so very popular in bdsm, and why male doms tend to be so keen to get their submissives onto their knees with a mouthful of cock.” 

She's wearing less than she needs to, strictly speaking, for the purpose.

She’s wearing less than she needs to, strictly speaking, for the purpose.

That is, the one who gives oral sex is serving, and symbolically submissive. Their subservient status is often emphasised, even in non-bdsm contexts. They kneel while their lover stands, they work at the other’s pleasure while their lover relaxes. They’re often naked while their lover may be fully clothed with only his fly unzipped, or her dress/skirt lifted and knickers pushed aside.

So symbolically it’s about submission, and therefore dominance as well, and that’s why we doms tend to make it a priority.

Leaving aside the Orientalist fantasy aspect of it, that's most succulent subservience. And I want his hat.

Leaving aside the Orientalist fantasy aspect of it, that’s most succulent subservience. And I want his outfit.

A clever girl wrote in to argue that there’s a simpler explanation. That is, oral sex feels good, and most men like to have their cock sucked. A dom is one of the few men who can simply order their partner to suck their cocks, other than (perhaps, but not always) a john, the customer of a sex worker.

Likewise, a woman dom can simply tell her submissive to get to work, and punish him or her (not necessarily physically) if they don’t show enough enthusiasm or technique.

So doms get all the oral sex they want, which isn’t true of most people. 

I should say that I’ve put her case in an exaggerated way, to clarify the distinction between her view and mine. Actually, both of us agree that doms get lots of oral sex because they can. And that there are symbolic aspects to oral sex that make it extra attractive to we bdsm perverts.  


I’m off to an outdoor performance of An Ideal Husband in a few minutes. I’m not sure an outdoor performance of such an urbane play will work, but anyway I’m going to support it. But that does mean that I’m out of time.

To be continued, soon.  


Mouth to mouth 12: “Ropes? There are ropes on this bed?”

I didn’t know what woke me. Not at first. Qing slept beside me, her tiny body coiled, with her head half under her pillow and her little ass pushed back at me for her comfort and mine. A cord I’d noticed before we slept, one of the four tied to the bedends, lay on the sheet near her mouth, wet with her drool. Another comforter, I supposed. When she slept alone.

sleeperI lay on my side behind her, my arm over her shoulder resting on the swelling of her left breast. In the times I was awake and hard, I’d enjoyed its insistent arousal in my palm.

Through the night I’d listened to her sleeping breathing, with my cock sometimes hard in the warm, comfortable gap between the top of her thighs. 

Sometimes I’d soften and drift towards sleep, but whenever she moved I’d wake up  and my cock would straighten, wanting her.

(That gap at the top of the thighs: it’s the sub-pudendal inter-gracile fossa. The name for that part of the body is my contribution to medical science. It may be useless – I mean my contribution – but it‘s sexy.)

But I must have slept for few hours, eventually, because some time after four in the morning I woke up. Qing had reached back to hold and enclose my cock in her right hand. I could feel my heart-beat, held inside that little cage of fingers.

There were no curtains on her window, and outside I could see light in the gaps between the trees. There’d be birdsong soon. But in her room it was still dark and quiet. I watched her shoulder rise and fall with her breathing. Qing must have sensed that I’d woken up, because although she didn’t move at first, she made a satisfied, happy noise, and stroked the underside of my cock with her thumb.

I sucked in a breath, intending her to hear and understand that I was awake, and that it was okay for her to know it. I wanted her to feel certain that I was pleased to find myself in her bed, and to find her wanton again. Qing ran her thumb up and down the underside of my cock, still holding me lightly with her fingers, until the sensation was almost unbearable. Whenever she touched me my cock jumped like a salmon climbing a rapid.

She turned over at last, and kissed my belly. I said, “ahh..” But she moved lower, down the bed. 

qing and my cockI suspected that I should stop her. Or I kind of did. I was sure I’d come far too soon if she sucked me. And while coming in Qing’s mouth wasn’t the worst thing I could think of, I’d prefer to delay a bit longer. 

But she took the head of my cock in her mouth, and I no longer had the willpower to tell her to stop. I let her please me. If she’d been mine and submissive I’d have trained her a little more: teaching her how to suck as hard as I want without getting her teeth in the way, and I’d have wanted to make my points with the help of a rope’s end.

Still, I don’t think it’s possible for a man not to be pleased with a woman with her mouth full with his cock.

But I remembered that rope’s end, the cords that had been in her mouth while she slept. I found that they stretched as far as the cleft between her buttocks, and I gave her a series of light strokes across the near half of her ass, to encourage her.

qing's smacked bumQing frowned. I doubted that she’d ever been whipped before. But the strokes were light-ish – the way she’d soaked the end with her drool helped to make it land across her skin a little harder – and they helped her with rhythm.

I hoped she also felt the strokes were interestingly, enjoyably perverse. She seemed to be happy, so I kept her whipping going. Then I made the strokes harder, and Qing came up for air. She was hesitant about speaking. She was trying to remember something. 

“You’d asked me about these, when I was drifting off, didn’t you?”

The phrasing told me what was missing. “Jaime. I’m Jaime,” I said. And to show off, I added, “And you’re Qing.”

“Jaime, sorry. Anyway, you’re only more or less righ’ with my name. You don’t qui’e get the ‘chj’ sound. So: Jaime.”

“C’est moi. Anyway, I thought this” – I whacked her ass again with the cords – “was interesting. Not every girl has ropes tied onto her bedends?” 

“Well, not every boy pays any attention to them. You’re the first, actually. An’ … I didn’t put them there. I just – what’s the word? – inhabited? No, inherent?” 


“Ah-yuh. I inherited the bed when I took the room. And the ropes were already there. I just never took them off. It was too hard.” 

qingI had a little pile of things I’d taken from my pockets when I’d undressed: the condoms, but also my phone, keys, some cash and my Swiss Army knife. I held up the knife, with all blades closed. “Really? You couldn’t get them off, and that’s why they’re still here? It’s very easy to fix that. I can cut them off right now if you like.” 

“No! It’s ok!” She was trying to sound casual. She didn’t remotely succeed. 

So I said, “Well, whether they stay or go, would you like to try them on? Now?” 

Qing dropped her head and licked my cock again. She busied herself with that project, and said nothing. 

“Qing, I can’t do anything unless you say the magic word.”


“Okay, magic words: say, ‘yes, please’.

“‘Yes, please’.”

“Not quite yet. First I tell you that I’ll put you on your tummy. And that I’ll tie your feet apart, and your hands together behind your back. And among other things, I’ll fuck you while you can’t move.”

“Tha’ would be your turn-on, would it?”

“I’d enjoy m’self, for sure. But the question’s what you want. Now: ‘yes, please’, or ‘no thanks’?”

“Ah… And how do -“

I don’t know what she was going to ask, but I know delaying tactics when I hear them. So I smacked her bottom with her saliva-soaked cord again. She said, “Aa-aiie!”

I smiled at her, as though I were a reasonable man. “So that’s a ‘no, thanks’?”

“No.” That sounded considered. “I mean, it’s not ‘no thanks’. It is ‘yes, please’. If you promise to remember tha’ I haven’t done this before.”

“Good girl. Very good girl.” I put my hand on the small of her back. “Now spread your legs.”